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Stephanie King
· March 16, 2018
I like Double Diamond. We’ve been members for over 3 years. My kids are learning to swim and I get some time to myself to work out! But multiple things have happened during our tenure that make me cau...tion people to joining. The most recent being swim lessons being cancelled tonight with no notification. The cancelled group x classes were posted on Facebook but we found out about lessons from a sign on the door once we arrived specifically for them. The excuse given was that they didn’t think anyone would show up (due to the weather even though by 4, the roads were pretty much clear and the snow had stopped). We, as members, are required to sign up for lessons up to 3 weeks in advance to get a time slot that works for us. If something comes up and we can’t attend, we have to cancel or risk being charged. Why don’t you have the same requirements? Why can’t we be notified like everyone else? It’s very frustrating. Also there were 2 other kids there at the same time we were and I spoke with the mother of another in the parking lot so obviously people were showing up. See More
Steve Schrader
· September 26, 2017
We should go there more! Isn't that what all of us say about the gym.

I am going to say good things about the gym and the items below sours it for us. The layout is great and variety of apparatus... is good. The equipment is always clean, rare I find broken equipment. It isn't overly crowded in the evenings when we go which is very nice. We use to go to a gym up the road that was standing room only most of the time in the sauna. So this is much nicer. I like the "you set locker combo" instead of having to bring a lock, but a number seem to be always locked even when the gym is about empty, or maybe they are non-functional.

One item missing in the changing room is an impeller bathing suit dryer.

The reasons we don't go more, & might make us cancel our membership when our commitment is up are two items. Both are related to weekend family swim.
-We can take our 3 year old daughter. However the drop-in fee to bring her for a couple hours a day 2 times a week are we could BUY HER A FULL MEMBERSHIP that she can't/wouldn't use. It should be that A paid adult can bring one free dependent, not just anyone but the person must be registered as your family on your membership for FAMILY swim time. This way each parent could bring in a child and pay for extra after that. When we signed up we asked about passes and were given a few but they quickly ran out and asked for more and we were told no.
-The last item is that some parent, the exception not the rule, treat family swim as "Time I DON'T Have To Babysit." Some repeat parents don't pay attention to their kids when in the pool area and they run amok. I have no problem with kids being kids in the pool and splashing and playing but it is more than that.

I would probably raise it to four stars if those items were resolved. Five stars would be a couple perks, such as free towels to use, not pool-towels but gym/shower. Get one as you come in at the front desk if needed.
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Andrew Trott
· July 27, 2017
I can still powerlift have chawk and my kids have an awsome daycare teacher I do wish they would extend till 8pm but that's ok I'm giveing 4 stars due to some of the equipment has been broken since I ...joined (update 10/18/17 equipment has been fixed for a while now) 5 stars now See More
Krystal Peters
· October 3, 2015
Just renewed my membership after 3 years with DDAC and I am JUST as satisfied.... Maybe even more so! I have two children (3 year old and 3 month old) who have been going to Kids Klub since they were ...6 weeks old. Kids Klub not only accommodates us on a daily basis but they treat my children with love and patience, giving me a much needed respite. Jen keeps everything running smooth and maintains a staff of truly wonderful care providers. Not only is Kids Klub amazing, the front desk staff is always friendly and go above and beyond there duties... Finding me a tool to fix my spin shoes, a spoon when I forget one and even glad to sign me in when my hands are full with bags and babies. Thank you DDAC for all you do to keep my family happy and healthy!!!! See More
Melissa Campau
· February 3, 2016
Amazing staff! I've worked out at another gym for years and Double Diamond won me over the second I walked in. Everyone working there seemed happy to be there and went out of their way to help out. Ve...ry clean and worth every penny! See More
Niklaus Vohnson
· September 19, 2016
I love the yoga instructor she has the best classes! I look forward to the classes all week long. I'm huge on cleanliness, it's always impeccable. Never too busy, and it's down the street from my house.
Charles Gill Osf
February 7, 2012
You will love this place. When you walk in, you will be greeted by friendly staff. John and Peppermint will be glad to show you around. Sandon will be glad to show you how to use the equipment, as wil...l all the trainers. The equipment all works well, as Double Diamond has staff almost constantly on site, making sure all works well. Again, you will love this place. See More
Janice Pruzensky
· September 19, 2016
DDAC is my home away from home. Everyone is encouraging, helpful, and motivating. The classes are amazing and I've seen great results!
Denise Pauline Johnson
· March 16, 2017
I really enjoy going to DDAC. Staff is nice and equipment is always available. Very clean and lots to do there.
Jennie Jadotte-Kanonu
· August 21, 2015
Visiting from Cajun Fitness in Rayne, Louisiana, I was welcomed from the greeting at the front desk all the way to the cool down an RPM!! #Tr1be!! One Love!!
Marie Kerr
November 22, 2012
I've been going to Double Diamond for three years now. They have the best exercise classes in town. The sauna and steam room are wonderfully relaxing, and the kids' programs are top notch!
Susie Hendrix Mason
· May 31, 2013
Randy and I have been members since the opening of the club. It is a great place to work out....seriously work out.....and support so many great causes in the community. Way to go Mike!!!
Judy Meikle Crawford
· March 26, 2014
Melissa's new circuit fit class on Wednesday and Fridays are hardcore. One of the best classes I have ever done at DDAC. Just a super hard workout with minimal breaks.
Paul T. Shirley
· December 22, 2013
Fantastic club...owner is super, along with the staff. Would not join any other club.
Steve Hon
· September 25, 2015
The people that work there are super nice and they have all the machines you could want plus a pool!
Lisa Jandro
· September 15, 2016
The only gym to be a member of....You will see what I mean once you go ����
Nathan Castillo
· October 13, 2015
I go there to get therapy with a good therapist
And her crew and sum employees that work there good sprites keep it up
David Caylor
· August 12, 2016
A top-notch, elite workout facility that cares about their members and helps/supports with 'BrainNevada' and 'Because I Can'
Eloy Vega
· June 13, 2017
Love this club !! Just what I need. Thanx Double Diamond.
Julie Ishtiwi
· September 21, 2016
I LOVE THIS GYM AND ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WORK HERE! I toured the other gym down the street and the vibe there was not very welcoming. I also was denied a military discount. I went to Double Diamond the crowd was much more my speed. Joe was great and he showed me around and was more than willing to give me and my husband the military discount. The girls in the Kids Klub LOVE my baby daughter and she absolutely LOVES THEM! I go to pick her up and she pushes me away because she knows I'm gonna take her home. She just loves it there. Going to Double Diamond gym is the highlight of my day. I actually look forward to all of my classes and seeing the smiling faces of the staff at DDAC! See More
Santa brought gifts to 40 kids of Local Military Veterans. Thanks to all Members and Staff who helped!
Thanks to Rudy and Cuyler for SWEET drone shots of the Gym!
John Knott arrives at the State Capitol at 12 noon with Mike Shirley and his Mother Liz. 36 miles. HUA

***ATTENTION MEMBERS*** ALL GROUPX CLASSES 9:30-10:45a ARE CANCELLED!! No Pump, Cycle, SS Yoga, or reg Yoga! Sorry for any inconvenience. Please stay safe.