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Mindfulness helps couple recover intimacy after prostate cancer @ubcshl @ubcmedicine @prostatecancerC

Rob and Diane Kikkert have rekindled their intimate relationship with the help of a UBC pilot programme.

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.@UHN_News CEO Dr. Charlie Chan introducing Minister @DrEricHoskins for today’s announcement at Toronto Western Hospital


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6 #GLLP today .. all discharged home and all #anatomical#pvp .. very efficient if done systematically #reproducible #safesurgery #greenlight

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We asked patients how surgeons can enhance their surgical experience. Here are their #top5 recommendations! #qualityimprovement #bestpractice

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Proud to be among the first Canadian sites with @DrDeanElterman and @larrygoldenberg to treat men with @Aquablation for #bph#prostate 80-150cc in #WATER2 study. Largest Canadian enrolment @chum. #procept

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On #GivingTuesday Consider supporting an important @UofTSurgery @uoftmedicine #GlobalSurgery initiative to develop a #Urology and #MensHealth program in #malawi @uoftalumni @UofTNews #globalhealth #hcldr #hcsmca More here:

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Heart breaking piece @60Minutes on Assad bombing of hospitals...many American docs volunteering and doing amazing things #syriangenocide

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Read these Don Coffey's sayings as related by @pienta_brady in an appreciation in Cancer Letters:

Donald S. Coffey, Ph.D., cancer warrior, humanist, mentor to hundreds of researchers and physicians, friend to countless people, was filled with a burning curiosity to understand the world and to know personally everyone he came in contact with.

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EP862: @calwynshurgold @123marley123 @datametrex @DrDeanElterman @ED1000Can @ShirleyGnome @dpare @jarrettcampbell @FMaritoL & @Danguiry w/ @iamToddyTickles

Countdown to #prostatechecks live on @ToddShapiroShow to promote #menshealth #prostatecancer awareness. Thanks to @MovemberCA @UHN_News

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November 22nd from 4-6pm EST on @siriusxmcanada @canadalaughs #SXM168 @iamToddyTickles w/ @jarrettcampbell @FMaritoL @dpare @RobPue_ @Danguiry & @DrDeanElterman @ED1000Can

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My worlds are colliding! Great to see @UHN_News' @DrDeanElterman surgical playlist as part of a @TorontoStar piece bouncing off a previous @Figure1-led story

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Nice piece by @Megan_Ogilvie @TorontoStar on value of music in the operating room. @MGHToronto surgeons firmly approve! cc @DrGroll @SurgeryMGH #hcldr #hcsm #meded

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What about BEAST MODE on #Spotify

“These are the songs playing in your hospital’s operating room, including mine. via @torontostar @UHN_News #Playlist”

These are the songs playing in your hospital’s operating room, including mine. via @torontostar @UHN_News #Playlist

Playlists are becoming a crucial part of doctors’ surgical routines, with many surgeons saying music boosts morale and concentration in the operating room.

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Really great job @DrDeanElterman ! The message for men - guys, make time for your health or else you have to make time for illness 😷

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ICYMI catch Toronto Western Hospital's @DrDeanElterman on last night's show - #Movember and men's health among the topics of discussion with @spaikin

His life’s work and philanthropy have made #Toronto a better place.

Koffler, an Officer of the Order of Canada, was the retail visionary who founded Shoppers Drug Mart, and was a committed philanthropist.