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Kelly Payne
· January 14, 2018
Dr Dick is simply amazing! He did more good for my son in one appointment then scores of others have done in countless visits. He has an incredible gift to listen to what your body is telling him an...d work with it to offer relief from any misalignments. Noel is gifted as well- she has selflessly shared so much healing information with our family. Definitely not your ordinary Chiropractic office- with Dick and Noel, it’s extraordinary. We look forward to our future visits. See More
Jamie Renee Lashbrook
· December 21, 2017
The treatments by Dr. Shepard truly inspire the body to learn how to heal itself again. Holistic and intuitive. I have suffered some highly stressful situations in the recent years that have led to ...pain and chronic stress in my body. Through only a handful of sessions I am much more balanced and- dare I say- mostly pain free. Something deep has shifted. Thank you. See More
Ariana Langdon
· February 13, 2017
I have been receiving care from Dr. Shepard for years now. Whether its physical pain, anxiety, or lack of mental clarity, I always come away with less pain, more serenity and heightened focus. This my self-care sanctuary. Noel is the other reason I rely on this clinic for care. Her devotion to health and wellness reverberates through her kindness, concern and enthusiasm for the wide world of medicine. I am so thankful to have them nearby and so attuned to my health. See More
Emily Downward
· August 6, 2014
Dr. Dick and Noel Shepard provide a truly unique healing experience. Dr. Shepard truly is "not your ordinary chiropractor." If you are looking for a deeper level of healing that uses energy and light ...touch to help you achieve a profound shift physically, emotionally and spiritually, then you really must visit them. Noel and Dr. Shepard provide such a calming and safe environment, I immediately felt at ease.

I have been dealing with chronic pain for some time, and the care I have received here has been the most gentle AND the most transformative. I can't recommend them enough.
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Kimberly Wolfe
· April 13, 2016
I first found out about Dr. Dick Shepard from a friend who had benefited from his care. Her husband, who was very skeptical, saw the change in her and decided to go too. His aches & pains & problems... of many years, slowly disappeared over the next 6 months. I became very excited about the possibilities and called to schedule a 1st appointment. Imagine my surprise when I was screened to see if I was a “fit” for them. Most businesses wouldn’t ever be that concerned about setting your expectations as to how you might or might not benefit from their care or screening you out if you aren’t a fit. They want to be very transparent and make sure you have the best possibility of recovery.

Now, after going for a couple months, I’m beginning to see results. It has been a subtle blooming, that takes a bit to notice. Then, you realize everything is better and can see your progress. This Re-organizational Healing (which is also called Network Care, or originally Network Spinal Analysis) is getting at what I would call my “cell memory”, and gradually my body has become less guarded and able to relax and let healing come. It's like parts of me that have been closed off have woken up and re-connected to other parts of me.

My takeaway? Try it – you’ll like it.
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Natalie Baumgartner
· April 13, 2016
What enjoyable and uniquely empowering sessions my daughter and I had with Dr. Dick and Noel Shepard today. I wish that I didn't live so far away (remote village in Alaska) and that I come to them for... regular healing sessions. I look forward to your next visit to the Seattle area to visit our daughter and her family and my next appointment with them. And, for everyone following Anthony William's MEDICAL MEDIUM - Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How Heal, be sure to see Dr. Dick Shepard's endorsement in his book and consider making an appointment with him whenever you are in or near Seattle. See More
Patrick Hom
· May 14, 2014
I found Network Chiropractic Care in Boise Idaho by Dr Terri Gibb back in the 1990's. I was thrilled to connect with Dr Shepard when I moved to Seattle. The energy work he does on the body works wond...ers, and the healing space is my own Spa Day with the Crystal Bed to complete my visit. I feel renewed and ready to carry on in the go go world of a busy Hospital. Thank you so much for all you and Noel do for your clients well being. See More
Emily Lauderback
· October 26, 2013
I have been receiving regular chiropractic care from Dr. Shepard since 2010 and have literally had miraculous results! Through his application of Network Spinal Analysis, he intuitively feels where a...djustments need to be made that not only relieve pain, but also heal old traumas stored energetically in the body. I have come to understand my body in a completely different way, where western medicine's approach and treatment does not make sense to me at all anymore. I have experienced spontaneous healing of ailments that MD's told me would require surgery or ongoing medication. By receiving weekly sessions, not only does my body feel good, I also feel more relaxed and emotionally at peace. Dr. Shepard's work allows the energy in my body to flow naturally, which enables it to heal itself. Often when we get "sick," it is our body's release of toxins, which no longer serve us. If we allow this natural release process, the body can heal itself.

In addition to the amazing care Dr. Shepard provides, the office is a tranquil and beautiful environment that is nourishing to visit in and of itself. Dr. Shepard's wife Noel manages the office. Her delightful disposition and knowledge of alternative healing modalities means that I always learn something new when I am there. She also manages appointments to receive healing on a unique Crystal Bed. She acquired the Crystal Bed after visiting John of God in Brazil numerous times and having treatments there. John of God has been featured on Oprah and is truly demonstrating that healing and "medicine" is not what we westerners have been trained to think. Ask Noel about her trips there. Fascinating!
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Jean Albrecht
· May 2, 2014
I came to Dr. Shepard at the end of March. I noticed changes in my body from the very first treatment. Not only did the treatment calm down my entire nervous system, but I am sleeping much better, fe...el way more energetic, and my presenting symptoms have been greatly reduced. I highly recommend this talented health practitioner. See More
Broehe Karpenko
· January 16, 2014
I've been looking for work like this for a while. "Not your ordinary chiropractor" is right! Since receiving treatments the range of motion in my neck and thoracic spine are improved and the mobility ...that's returned to me is so appreciated. Please check them out if you have any health or musculo-skeletal concern. Not only does the work actually work, but Dr. Shepard empowers rather than corrects: and helps your body to learn to reset itself - not what you usually find. See More
Julie Harmsen
· September 16, 2013
I just got home from a session with Dr. Dick & Noel Shepard and it's always a pleasure to spend some time on the table and start my week off with a relaxed body and clear mind. We first met on my out to Seattle 7 years ago for a job interview and it was absolute serendipity that our paths crossed. They're such a big part of my Seattle journey and I'm so grateful for all that they've done for me. See More
Satya Jaech
· February 7, 2016
I travel 1 hour 15 minutes each way to see Dr. Shepard and Noel. There are few people I've met who work as skillfully with the body as Dr. Shepard. And Noel is a healer in her own right. I always f...eel uplifted when I leave, and my breath and spine are noticeably freer. This is healing at a very refined and integrated level. If you're thinking of making an appointment, I'd highly recommend it! See More
Susan Howard
· October 26, 2013
I have used chiropractic care since I was very young, usually getting relief for neck or back pain but I never liked the “cracking” part. Network Spinal Care is very different and the relief I have f...ound for the pain in my knees due to arthritis has been amazing!
Their office in the Crown Hill area of Seattle is truly a place of healing, never pushy, always compassionate and caring. Whether you are lucky enough to get a free initial consultation or not, take the opportunity visit them. It is a wonderful chance to talk with Dr. Shepard one-on-one, discuss your needs, and find out about his unique approach.
Susan Shrewsbury, Licensed Massage Therapist
PS I loved their intake form, it really made me think!
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Sylvia Henderson
· September 29, 2014
Dr. Shepard and Noel are both amazing! Dr. Shepard is the real deal. A phenomenal chiropractor! I highly recommend him 110%. And, while you are there have a John of God healing bed session. It's ...a beautiful experience that will change your life! See More
George Davison
· March 29, 2015
Dr. Dick and Noelle are amazing. They have created a warm and loving environment that supports healing. My first treatment with Dr. Dick was powerful. During the first visit he touched on my main body points. With the laying of his hands my breathing improved, my body relaxed and released tension/stress. I am now starting to feel both mentally and physically. My healing has begun. I highly recommend that you check them out. See More
Noel Shepard
· January 7, 2014
Instead of looking at what's wrong with your body, Dr. Shepard focuses on what is already working; and, expanding on that, people experience amazing results. So if you have stress in your life or pain... and tension that won't resolve - he may be exactly what you're looking for. He is "Not Your Ordinary Chiropractor"! See More
Lisa Roy
August 12, 2012
I have gone to Dr. Dick for two years. I am amazed how my life has transformed since I started. I am a lot less stress and more at peace in situations and more aware how my body is feeling in order no...t to over do it. He has helped my body heal from a car accident. I trust Dr. Dick with helping my body move through trauma. See More
Susan Benson
· July 1, 2015
Truly a life changing experience. Thank you Dr Dick and Noel for your wonderful and gentle care these past several years. We are fortunate to have you in our lives.
Jessica Jobaris
· January 28, 2014
GAINING RESILIENCE!!! I've been waiting to find you guys for about 20 years now. My chronic back issues from when I was 9 are shifting and changing, and I'm consistently surprised with the gentle yet,... powerful and intuitive treatments. This is NOT my normal chiropractor experience, and I love it. I believe in what you do, thru and thru. Your work WITH me is living proof life doesn't have to be so difficult. OTHER things are shifting too... things deep within! SO MUCH GRATITUDE!!! See More
Tina Kane Netherton
· August 15, 2013
Dick Shepard is beyond amazing. After an accident, he not only helped my back, neck and shoulders, but also gave me a bit of insight into the nature of the injury. Dick is a healer of the highest order.
Dr. Dick Shepard - Not Your Ordinary Chiropractor

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