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Proverbs 31:8-9 says - "Speak out for those who cannot speak, for the rights of all the destitute. Speak out, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the poor and the needy."

I think so often of the people who have no voice. When returning from India, where the people were extremely poor. Their average income is less than one dollar per day (U.S. equivalent). They are poor in material goods, but they are rich in spiritual understanding. They have no voice in this world, ...but they do have a voice in heaven. Maybe today you could find someone to speak out for. A child, an aging parent, someone who has lost their way. Speak up for them. God will less you for it.

Pastor Morris Sheats


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"Dr. Morris Sheats is a leaders leader. Before Leadership was taught in every church and every classroom, Dr. Sheats was teaching these principals to thousands to pastors in dozens of countries. I am proud to call him preceptor and maven, but most honored to call him friend. Thank you Morris for emp...
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This year, make it your desire in becoming more of the character and excellence of Jesus Christ.

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Just found this page......had no idea there was such a page......not sure who created it for do i start.....for now....hey ya'll life is good...I am "hale and hearty" ....whatever that means...a guy told me I looked that way Sunday in Lubbock...I think it means "healthy ...or "fat"....not more later...

Sermon Title:
Incredible Power Of A Blessing: Going the 2nd Mile to Bless Others -

Brief Sermon Overview:...

Incredible Power of A Blessing - Part 2:
Going the Second Mile to Bless Others
Matthew 5:41; Romans 12:14

1. Going the second mile requires determination
(Matthew 5:41)

The First Mile is a mile of compulsion
--> The focus is short range;

We constantly demand our rights --> The focus is on

It is a burden --> The focus is usually negative

2. The second Mile blesses others (Romans 12:14)

The Second Mile is a mile of consecration --> The
focus is long range;

It is not a burden but an opportunity --> The focus
is on significance;

It offers great joy --> The focus is hope.

There are 4 attitudes that we may choose when we
have been wronged:

1. Vengence: 'If he hurts me, I will hurt him more.'

2. Retribution: 'If he hurts me, I will treat him
the same way.'

3. Indifference: 'If he hurts me, I will ignore

4. Attitude of God (Philippines 2): 'If he hurts me,
I will bless him.'

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