Drag Racing 4x4 Trailer

Would you like to race this in 4x4?

Well you certainly do not go to Walmart for a futuristic eco-friendly truck, do you? Well maybe you should, or at least try to look at it! Walmart, however did


In this first video, we are being introduced to London’s Walkie Talkie skyscraper and its intensive sun reflection. The glare by this skyscraper is so strong

And now build me a F-150 please!

This is like a dream come true for every person that wanted an RC airplane as a kid. And when it comes to the airplanes we had as kids, they weren’t as sophis

Something to reminds you how funny a work week could start as well!

Drifting has always been and always will be fun to watch! Whether it’s with cars, trucks or pretty much any vehicle, it is always impressive. However, we have

That thing costs more than a F-150!

We know you are all very familiar with the large military transport aircraft – BOEING C-17! This amazing aircraft performs strategic airlift missions as it tr

The bigger the better!

LIEBHERR it's a German heavy equipment company specialized for production of the the biggest Dump Trucks in the world! Liebherr T 282B is actually their larges

I call it fake!!!

Human kind has proven many times that it is capable of doing the impossible! The World evolution seems to be a never ending movie which get better and better wi

Is that a truck?

Open innovation is something a lot of corporations have been using intensively the last decade. This has been helping them to speed up their process of innovati

Need to check my barn!

Don’t you just love the barn find phenomenon? Did you know that America is know all around the world for this? Yes, that is true. People all around the world

Unleash the Beast!

We all know how chaotic the traffic in Russia can be. More and more videos of accidents and catastrophic occurrences on the streets of Russia have been released

Is this the future?

People have become pretty obsessive lately when it comes to the future and our place in it! As things go, we are probably going to be nothing more than spectato

Road Rage!

I think that most of us who are driving ‘normal cars’, know better than to mess with a big and powerful truck, and try to make its driver angry. I believe t

Anyone excited for the new part?

This is a sequel from the Fast and Furious franchise that you have never seen before! It is new, it is popular, and it is extraordinary! What is so special abou

Small but incredible!

Don’t let the look of the first generation VW Golf fool you! There is a MASSIVE MACHINE hiding underneath the hood! It “eats” everything in front of it!


Let us tell you a little story about little Freightliner Supertruck! Several years ago, in 2009, the United States Department Of Energy issued a challenge for t

That's more my kind of toy!

I am sure you have already watched the original Grave Digger Monster Truck on the Drag Race, Pulling and Mud Shows. Well, this guy made a 1/4th Scale Gas Power