Thank you to everyone who helped Beta Test DR Bikes 2!

We'll be sending out your rewards today and look forward to making the official launch soon!

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We're still looking for racers to help us test the new version of Drag Racing Bikes!

Join the Google + group to get access

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We've opened up the Google+ group to the public! Please request to join our group and help us test DR Bikes 2!

You'll get the Download link once you are in the group

We're looking for racers to give the DR Bikes 2 a good testing over the next few weeks!

Let us know about Critical issues, minor bugs. any info about the APK and how it works - bike balance, upgrades, maybe they do not like how something works. Feel and play suggestions - etc

We have a Google+ Group, please provide your e-mail address for an invite!



The test period will run until March 24th. We need to start the economy from 0 to see how everything operates, so you'll be rewarded at the end of the test period.

You'll need to be sure to play the Tournament and F2F modes to make sure you appear on our servers!

Players who get a 7+ level bike will receive 2000 Gold and 100,000 Cash

Everyone else can receive 200 Gold and 10,000 Cash

Thank you and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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These guys are almost ready to go! Are you Ready?!

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Since you've all been such good racers this year... a little preview for next year!

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Hey Bikers!
You shouldn't miss this awesome bike simulator!

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Stickman Trials - Android Apps on Google Play
Drag Racing

Check out this free awesome bike simulator from the makers of Drag Racing!

Nothing seems impossible....

BMW makes some stupid fast motorcycles....the S1000RR in particular! Stock from the factory, the BMW is rated at 193 horsepower, and we're pretty...

Dirt Draggin' at the mountaineer motocross in Augusta, West Virginia. If you like what you see check out BUSTED KNUCKLE FILMS

DVDs & APPAREL - These Nasty Top Fuel Motorcycle Dirt Drags hit the Track Full Throttle sending Dirt Flying all the way down the...

Has anyone tried the new Underground yet? All In-App Purchases are free in this version!

Give it a try and let us know what you think

Drag Racing: Bike Edition
Gosh darn it we just love ourselves all things auto related. Yes indeedy do we do. However, if you really got us talking after a few shots of Jim Bean and we really got into the whole car thing, we'd be forced to confess that our absolute favorite thing in the world is seeing insane drag races.
Normally drift bikes are sport bikes that often fall into the classification of "crotch rockets." Rarely do you find folks drifting heavy bikes like these Victory motorcycles. With more weight it can be hard to break loose those rear wheels and control a drift well, but these riders certai
There are a lot of videos out there of motorcycle stunting gone very very wrong, where a guy doing a wheelie loses it and gets run over by his own bike. But sometimes these stunts go very well, and the results are awesome! The tandem bike wheelie at about the 1:58 mark is pretty impressive, plus the
We absolutely love ourselves some good ol' bikes. Heck. We just love everything about them. But what we love to see more than anything is when a street race between a few bikes surprises us with a crazy result. And that's exactly what happens in this absolutely awesome video. Why is that?

That's insanely fast....

First off, this Hayabusa has 500 horsepower! FIVE HUNDRED!! That's more than most cars have, and is more than a lot of modded street racers have! Secondly, what rider is crazy enough to take this thing to the top speed? 248 mph on a bike is like trying to cross the Pacific Ocean in a pool float

Of course it's not safe but what is the maximum of people you ever took on your bike?

These guys have got to be absolutely insane to even consider doing something as crazy and dangerous as this. They are so lucky that nothing bad happened. Who knew that you could possibly fit so many people on a bike. There must literally be ten dudes riding this thing. What's amazing is that th