Here's the question guys!, hipe you all get lucky ( time updated for 12 hours is the last hour for you guys)

1. I am a dragon that appears in Dungeon Island, i am the guardian, who am i?

2. Is Droconos and Nirobi is weaker than the other Legends?


3. I am an exclusive dragon, i was huge and green, i have three elements, who am i?

That's all, good luck guys

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Remember that tomorrow is The Ultimate Admin Challenge


This is what members wants to, to be AN ADMIN!!!, the challenge will start at 1 January 2014 and end at 8 January 2014, we will give you challenge and the first 3 members who answer the challenge will got 10 points and then at the end of the Event i will Choose randomly the finalist.

Disqualification: bribe admin to be a winner.


complain with teasing or swearing.

( i will add more about disqualification later)

There will be 5 question in 1 challenge, the challenge ends in 1 hour, so i will post about 30 mins before challenge, don't forget to get a notification.

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Jan 1, 2014 - Jan 8, 2014Perth, WA, Australia
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Mobster legends tips: try level up your monster,it will help you to win all battles

Some small tips,wanna get exclusive dragons?, easy! Breed legend and rare hybrids.

What dragons do you like on the elemental event?

1.santa dragon

2.Mummy dragon


3.Pharaoh dragon

4.Spyhnx dragon

5.Cerberus dragon

6.Demon dragon

7.Poseidon dragon

8.Hades dragon

9.Atlas dragon

10.Thor dragon

11.Loki dragon

12.Odin dragon

13.Aztec warrior dragon

14.Aztec priest dragon

15.Aztec emperror dragon


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Look,a new island!,did anyone already upload some unique photos?

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My favorite attack,Giant crack

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Hey guys,who got the Thor dragon?,i got it this morning

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harusnya tambahin satu,nirobi di dragonc ity heheheheheh

guys,what do you do when you have more legends and pure?

a.i put my hybrids dragon except rare and exclusive dragon in dragonarium

b.isell my hybrids dragon except rare and exclusive

hey guys i like something that looks cool and funny and unique can you plzzz add some photo here?

Hey guys,you need to get some stuff that need send gifts and friends must accept it? Just add rayhan putra i will accept if you accept my gifts

Ok about lucky quiz the answer is pure flame