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International Sabre Symposium 2017 :-)

International Sabre Symposium added 21 new photos — with Colin Fieldhouse and 12 others.
11 hrs

Guys and gals, it was a pleasure to have you all in Hamburg for ISS 2017. As participants, instructors, helpers. Stefan and Marcus are deeply grateful for the good atmosphere, the shared knowledge and pleasant conversations!

Naval Boarding Cutlass mit Mark P. Donnelly beim ISS 2017 :-)

Video von Youliy Pavlov

The final charges of the boarding parties from "18th Century Naval Boarding Cutlass – or Cutlass is Not a short sabre" by Mr Mark Donnelly, ISS 2017...
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Regimental Broadsword nach Thomas Mathewson (1805) beim 5. International Sabre Symposium in Hamburg. Neben einigen Basisdrills, beinhaltete der Workshop zudem einige fortgeschrittenere Techniken mit Klingenbindung und Klingendruck, der Traverse Fußarbeit, sowie Entwaffnungen und Würfe (Backheel) nebst den Kontertechniken dazu:

Some impressions from the class on the Regimental Broadswords Lessons by Thomas Mathewson (1805). 5th International Sabre Symposium in Hamburg, April 2017. w...

The Broadsword Academy Germany was happy to visit the International Sabre Symposium again. It was the 5th event and our fourth time to participate and teach classes there. It was great to meet old friends again like Robert Brooks, Lyell Drummond, Colin Fieldhouse and Mark P. Donnelly and make new friends like Paul Wagner, Gerhard Gohr and Fer Lc as well as others. Many good chats over some pint of beer, good food and lots of interesting exchanges with the other instructors. A...lso great classes we participated in, although it was not possible to visit them all, but the ones we managed to take part in where just awesome. Naval Cutlass with Mark P. Donnelly and the French Cutlass class with Ju Captain where great fun and also the class on George Silver´s Backsword by Paul Wagner was just awesome. A highlight for me personally was to join Lyell Drummond again in another excellent classes on the Highland Broadsword and we had a good exchange about the use on Sword and Targe. I want to thank Marcus Hampel and Stefan Dieke for hosting this great even again, Oliver Janseps for his excellent training book on F.C. Christmann´s Sabre (and the bottle of Kinnie of course) and all instructors and participants for their friendship and dedication to the art of swordsmanship with Sabre, Broadsword, Cutlass etc.

Please see the little trailer on the ISS:

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Some impressions from the 5th International Sabre Symposium in Hamburg, April 2017.
The term 'broadsword' has been used a lot over the last 200 years, but it can mean different things to different people.
Martin Oz Austwick shared a link to the group: The HEMA Alliance.

A look at something from The Noble Science this weekend.

Scott Mellia, a wrestling coach from Combat Ready Wrestling in Edinburgh recently came to The Noble Science event in England and taught a sesssion on Traditi...

Das International Saber Symposium bietet alljährlich in Hamburg Interessierten alles was das Herz begehrt zum Thema Säbelfechten, Broadsword usw. Die BAG war 2017 schon das vierte Mal dabei und gab zwei Kurse zum Thema Highland Broadsword. Einmal zu Techniken nach Thomas Mathewson und zudem einen Workshop zum Thema Shift & Counter. Weitere Kurse waren von Marcus Hampel (ANNO 1838, Säbel nach Christmann), Lyell Drummond (SSA, Highland Broadsword), Stefan Dieke (Cutting at the Cuff), Mark P. Donnelly (Naval Cutlass Boarding Action), Paul Wagner (Stoccata, George Silver) und viele mehr.

Ein sehr gutes Beispiel, wie Irischer Stockkampf aussah :-) Die Techniken, insbesondere die Fußarbeit ist eine Mischung aus klassischem Pugilsim und Broadsword. Sehr gut präsentiert von Maxime Chouinard (Kingston Irish Fighting Arts - Stick fighting - Pugilism)

Mehr Infos:…/…/03/what-is-irish-stick-fighting/

Antrim stick is a traditionnal style of Irish Stick fighting.

Ein sehr guter Artikel über den Major Gustav von Tempsky:

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International Sabre Symposium added 2 new photos.
February 9

Major von Tempsky carried his Sabre from Prussia to South-America and all the way to New Zealand around the world. So you should carry your Sabre, Broadsword, Spadroon or Cutlass to Hamburg, Germany ;-)

Die Broadsword Academy Germany wird zum vierten Mal beim insgesamt 5. ISS in Hamburg dabei sein. Präsentieren werden wir bei diesem Event für alle Fans von Säbel, Broadsword, Entermesser usw. einen Workshop zu Thomas Mathewson´s "Fencing Familiarized" von 1805 und einen Workshop zum Thema "Shift & Counter".

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Andrew Hillhouse to Celtic Ireland & Scotland

On this day, 16th April, 1746
Tragedy of Culloden
The Battle of Culloden, fought on 16th April 1746, resulted in the end of the Jacobite dream for all time. Con...temporary accounts report that for two days following the battle, the redcoats scoured the moor for wounded Jacobites, slaying all who were found, some in the most horrific of circumstances. Almost two thousand Jacobites were reported dead or wounded at the battle site alone. But this figure would pale into insignificance in the weeks and months that followed.
In Inverness, government soldiers emptied the gaols that were full of people imprisoned by Jacobite supporters, replacing them with captured Jacobites themselves. Defeated highlanders were then taken south to England to stand trial for high treason. Redcoat detachments were dispatched into the highland glens to wreak a dreadful revenge on anyone even remotely suspected of aiding the Jacobite cause. Entire settlements were ransacked, the occupants imprisoned or massacred, their homesteads subsequently set ablaze. Reports of murder, rape and torture became commonplace.
Meanwhile, the “Bonnie Prince” had to take to the heather, a hefty bounty of £30,000 put upon his head. It would become an extremely dark and shameful period in the history of the British government, and a period that would eventually bring about a bloody end to the highland way of life for all time. At its end, there would, and could, never be another Jacobite rising.
Many of the Jacobite prisoners who had been dragged south were held on hulks on the River Thames to face execution in Carlisle, York and Kennington Common. The high ranking "rebel lords" were executed on Tower Hill. One hundred and twenty common Jacobite foot soldiers were executed, one third of them apparently being deserters from the British Army. Although most of those who did stand trial were sentenced to death, almost all had their sentences commuted to transportation to the British colonies for life. Almost a thousand men were transported, over two hundred more were banished and nine hundred prisoners were actually released under the Act of Indemnity. Almost four hundred obtained their freedom by being exchanged for prisoners of war who were being held by France. Of the total three and a half thousand prisoners recorded nothing is known of the fate of almost six hundred and fifty. I imagine their fate would not have been a pleasant one.
The painting depicts the lost and tormented soul of a lone Jacobite, still drifting across the moor over two hundred and fifty years after that fateful day. In the background stands the most recognisable feature of the battlefield today, the 20 foot tall memorial cairn, erected by Duncan Forbes in 1881. In the same year Forbes also erected headstones to mark the mass graves of the clans.
If you have a spare few seconds, I would really appreciate if you could like my Facebook page at
To buy prints or simply to see more of my paintings, please visit
Thank you.

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True words. Wahre Worte. Kudos Benjamin Rittiner

True words. True words. Kudos @[1501854364:2048:Benjamin Rittiner]
Dog Brothers Martial Arts with Ryan Grühn and 3 others.

Dog Brothers Martial Arts - Heart-Mind-Balls. Benjamin Rittiner reminding us to check our egos and train with heart and passion!

Schottischer Haka ;-)

Posted by

All Time Best Haka :)

Die Broadsword Academy Germany freut sich, dass wir einen Artikel über das Historische Fechten in der neuesten Ausgabe von "Bleibt fit!" beisteuern durften. Danke an Holger Strehl für die prima Arbeit, ist sehr schön geworden.

Weitere Infos:…/p…/bleib-fit-ausgabe-4937023.html

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Guest writer Jennifer Morag Henderson delves into a new edition of the Highlander's extraordinary memoirs