Founded in 1951
We are in the people business, helping organizations find top talent in Canada and across the globe since 1951.
At Drake we proudly provide our clients Talent Management Solutions designed to Increase the Return on your Human Capital Investment.
Company Overview
A bit about Us:

We've been around for FOREVER! Since 1951 to be exact. ...

Playing professional matchmaker with employers and employees is our thing. But...DID YOU KNOW that there is much more to what we do? Drake also helps organizations solve wide-ranging Human Performance programs and pssst…FYI: Human Performance means MUCH MUCH more than staffing.

CURIOUS? Stick around and we'll let you in on it.

Enjoy our Fan Page & Welcome!
The folks at Drake International
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Are you looking to grow your business?

Leading organizations recognize that it takes people, process and technology to be successful. ...

Drake can help your business:
• Recruit and retain the best talent available
• Make your employees more productive and engaged
• Manage and develop your employees

Our solutions include:
• Top Performer Profiling
• Skills Testing
• Staffing
• Enterprise Surveys
• Team Building
• Performance Management
• Leadership Development
• Exit Interviews
• ...and much much more.
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