It's official. Rahul Dravid is the new mentor for Delhi Daredevils.

Brace yourself for the big news

And this man will never be like the rest of us... Not winning a cup means nothing to him. The boys' disappointment? That's what he cares about.

~ Admin Dravidian Forever…/articlesh…/50990353.cms

That elusive World Cup trophy might not bother the batting legend much but his experience of losing a big final, like the 2003 World Cup, could help his boys recover from the defeat in the final against the West Indies on Sunday.

How do you reach out to someone who has been living in all your senses since the beginning of your life? And how do you do it especially when you have to "fight" with a crowd to get to that person?

You were there, Rahul Dravid, YOU. I called your name and you did come. I can't even complain. But I wish some fans knew that there's a difference between being a passionate fan and an indiscreet one. They might say that they were "out of their senses" when they saw you in person, ...but I really expected people who call themselves your fans to be sensible, generous and of course, different.

I waited for 6 years after the 2010 incident when you were injured in front of me, after lots of struggles God decided to give me some moments near you which were seized by someone else. I can't complain because YOU did nothing wrong. You responded when I called your name. Maybe, after all, it was destiny that I was not allowed few moments with you. This heavy heart will now be waiting again, for it still believes that someday, somewhere a miracle would really happen.

- Admin Dravidian Forever (Brishty)

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My placard at the under 19 World Cup today. ~ admin Dravidian Forever

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Unofficial: RAHUL DRAVID updated their cover photo.
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Unofficial: RAHUL DRAVID updated their profile picture.
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Dravidian Forever is in Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium.

I thought I should finally grow up and "move on". I didn't realize you can't just abandon 16 years from your 25 year old life. You have become a part of who I a...m in all these years; if my admiration for you stops existing, maybe I won't exist anymore either. I saw you exactly after 6 years today; and you just made me realize again who you are in the making of my existence. Dear Rahul Dravid, I wish we could talk today when you looked back and smiled. But some desires in life tend to remain unfulfilled.

- Brishty

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Happy birthday Rahul Dravid.

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Rahul Dravid has been married to Vijeeta Pendharkar for 12 years today. I remember the day just like yesterday. A young girl's brokenheart still remains irreparable... however, that same heart wishes all the very best and all the happiness of the world to both Rahul and Vijeeta today. Happy 12th wedding anniversary Rahul and Vijeeta.

~Admin Dravidian Forever (personal blog of admin)

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On top of the table like a boss!

~Admin Dravidian Forever

Happiness is this

~ Admin Dravidian Forever

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Sharing my status message from my personal profile; if anyone doesn't like this, ignore.

"It's difficult explaining why I love you when you're not even listening. If by any chance, God decides to convey my message to you, then just know that I loved you when I was young, I love you right now, and I will love you till we meet in another life and forever after. Thank you for being in my life, thank you for giving me the opportunity to love the greatest kind of love which is only possible when the person loved is you. Happy Birthday Rahul, may the universe conspire to give you the world if you want it."

~ Admin Dravidian Forever

Happy birthday to the greatest batsman and person in the world! Rahul Dravid, our world is a better place because you exist. Love you till the end of time.

- Admin Dravidian Forever

credits: Rahul Dravid's Fan Club

~Admin Brishty (Dravidian Forever)

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to my fellow Dravidians, i don't know... but somehow i feel like, we shouldn't spread our negative feelings about what just happened right now.... who knows, if he somehow gets to know what his fans are saying on social networking sites, imagine what he'd feel. so no "kill me now", "I don't want to live anymore" updates, please?

one single celebration match can't change a legend's greatness, can it?
#Dravidforlife #DravidianForever


~ Admin Brishty (Dravidian Forever)

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who else wants to see Rahul Dravid on Comedy Nights With Kapil?? open the link below and let Kapil sharma know through comments!

~Admin Dravidian Forever

Kapil sharma

Hello friends... Aap apne favorite stars k naam bhej sakte hain.. Jinko aap dekhna chahte hain comedy nights me.. V wl try our best to bring them in comedy nights... Thnks n love u all..