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Dhan Raj
· November 20, 2015
Hame sabai budisharuko yautai manch ho//""&&

A video of the Japanese band Kissaquo reciting the Heart Sutra has gone viral, collecting over a million views.

A video of the Japanese band Kissaquo reciting the "Heart Sutra" has gone viral, collecting nearly a million views.
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Garchen Institute
15 hrs

The root of suffering of ourselves and all others is self-grasping. When two people have love and treat each other with love, any form of anger will be eliminat...ed. Someone who receives love will be happy and joyful. Love arises when self-grasping is absent, but when self-grasping is present, love cannot arise. Love is like the sun, it alleviates everyone's suffering and fears. It is the inseparable union of self and others that simultaneously accomplishes the highest purpose for self and others. So we can understand love to be both for our own benefit and for the happiness of others. Where does this love arise from? It arises from bodhicitta; it arises from the buddhas.

-H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

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