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December 22, 2015
Ambassador Walk, Ramon Maldonado, San Jose, CA, May 11, 2013
Matt McKinney from St. Louis
Jessica and Ben Lacy, Ambassador Walk

Corinne has lost 104 pounds already! Awesome accomplishment!

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"I don't challenge people who I think "need to work out"... I challenge people that I care about!!!," says Jason Baker.

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What could you do in 38 days??? Here's what Matt Harm did! And he's not done!

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Kay Strobbe wrote: "2 or 3 years ago around this time, I remember telling my friends that I was GOING to lose weight! I was sick of being overweight, and just plain sick and tired! They asked me how I was going to do this? I had no idea! I tried everything! Body by Vi came into my life about 8 months later. It was just another "thing" I was going to try in order to lose weight. Besides, I could lose 10 pounds, feed kids in need, and get my money back if it didn't work. I was ...skeptical, but desperate! I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks... 30 pounds in 3 months, and I am a total of 45 pounds down now. I didn't even work out!!!!!!! I absolutely believe in the product, and know that it can change your life like it changed mine. New Year's Resolutions are about to be made. I know many of you are in the same place I was a few years ago. If you want a transformation this New Year, I have a solution for you. Here is a photo of me the night I told my friends I would get sexy.... and a photo of me now."

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Michael and Shane Boen made a decision to take their health back and look at them now!! #ViResults #NewYearsResolution #Health #WeightLoss #NewYearsResolution #Resolution

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Check out Celeste! She has crushed The Challenge, and she got her sexy back in a BIG WAY!!! Great job, Celeste! Who wants to join me in a Challenge to get our sexy back? The more the merrier! Research says that success rates multiply when a group works toward a common goal!

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What does it look like helping feed kids in need? 180 meals from this man right here! BOOM!!! Jordan Delacruz turned it up! #project10kids

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Raven says: "Feeling emotional... I can't believe how much my life has truly changed since I STARTED Project 10... it's not always about the weight u LOSE but... the LIFE I have gained... I feel confident... I am happy... MY LIFE is FOREVER.... #lifechangking #weightloss #project10 #hotmomof3 #fitorflabby #lovemybrother

Wow! Raven Nicholson! What an inspiration to so many women out there. She is kicking butt! Another Vi Success Story and one of over 3 million people who have documented #viresults. Get with the BEST challenge on the planet to fuel your New Year's Resolution Goals! You won't regret it. We are so excited for you! #ViLife

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Check out my good friend Kay Strobbe's results on the
Project 10 Challenge! If you have a health and fitness goal for 2016, NOW is the time to start putting a plan in place. Message me for details so your picture is the next one I'm sharing!

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Bethany Erwin says, "I'm on day 75 of my 90 day challenge and wow what a change! So happy I started this journey. Still have weight that needs to go and inches that need to be lost but so happy with the progress I have made this far!"

And to the second pic, she says, "Six months of ViSalus, and it has been an amazing journey. The satisfaction of dropping sizes and watching by body change is awesome. 41 lbs gone and happiness gained!"

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I've been around long enough to watch Lynn Grein Kirn's transformation personally before my eyes. She is the epitome of #ViSalus and the #Project10Challenge. She is such an integral part of #TeamViHOPE and the #100lbClub. If you know Lynn, you love Lynn. She is as warm, caring and passionate of a leader as I know. AND check out her incredible transformation... So Far...

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Nothing like enjoying your craving while giving your body proper nutrition. This is why I love Body By Vi protein shakes! My other favorites are Snickers and Butterfinger Vi Shakes!

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Visalus-Body By Vi

We decided on this yummy flavor today for lunch Who else is having a shake today? Which one?