Our journey begins on a bumpy Mexican bus...
Kayak trip to paradise
It was an all out dance party yesterday w Seane Corn and DJ Drez at Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Valentine's Day may have been last week, but you can always spread the LOVE! #havelovewilltravel

If there’s one thing the world could always use a little bit more of, it’s love. Here are 10 ways you can spread the love on or off of your mat this February.1. Make a little room for another yogi to squeeze in. We all have our days where traffic or late meetings send us on a sprint to make it....

Whoa... only 2.5 weeks away from tropical paradise!
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Sarah Combs
· December 18, 2017
I loved my 200hr YTT with Carrie and Sarah - truly a life changing experience. They teach you how to find your voice as a teacher and encourage you to be authentically you. I never expected to actuall...y teach coming out of this training, but it was truly life changing and I've been teaching for three years, in four different states, and gotten two other yoga certs on top of this one. They teach a perfect blend of anatomy and philosophy. One of great favorite parts of the training was learning about each chakra and then taking a class that was based around the chakra of the day. It put learning into real life practice. As far as sequencing, I loved having the background of the primary ashtanga series to fall back on as well as the creativity of the vinyasa flow. It gave the freedom to explore and be creative more so than other trainings I've heard about from fellow teachers where they teach you their branded sequences. Also Carrie and sarah are wonderful people and just great mentors! 💜💜💜 See More
Anette Havna Tømmerholen
· December 18, 2017
I attended the Drishti Yoga International Teacher Training at Santorini a couple of years ago. It was a wonderful month filled with varied training, meditation, new friends and great experiences. a memory for life!
The YTT have a good balance between different aspects of yoga, and is suitable for experienced yogis as well as more fresh practitioners. Some used the training to go deeper into their own practice, while others used it as a doorway into teaching yoga.
They are very "down to earth", which is perfect for my persona. I like to use humor and be very casual when I teach, and this training gave me the confident to be able to find my own way of teaching.
For me, this training gave me the tools to start teaching my own classes and now I teach five classes a week in the little village I live.
I truly recommend this training if you are looking for a balanced, fun and memorable Yoga Teacher Training!
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Alissa Mundt
· January 8, 2018
I did my 200hr YTT with Carrie and Sarah in Santorini, Greece. I cannot put into words how wonderful the experience was for me. I met an incredibly strong and loving group of women who I have stayed... in contact with over the past few years. The course was a perfect balance for me between physically demanding, relaxing, and spiritually balancing. See More
Clare Brown
· December 22, 2017
I completed my initial 200hr training with Drishti in Goa 2014 then went on to complete my 500hr in Portugal, Italy and Cost Rica with 100hr advanced trainings. I have learnt and grown so much in this... time both on a personal level and as a teacher - the venue's have always been amazing, I have met some wonderful people, the teaching has always been to a high standard with lots of support and genuine care, I have treasured memories that will last a lifetime and I have laughed A LOT. I would recommend Drishti for a life changing experience See More
R'ckus Nc Gabhn
· January 12, 2018
I trained alongside Carri and Sarah for my 200hr YTT in Kerala 2011. Even then I could see their leadership qualities, in-depth understanding of methodology and practice and a wonderful sense of fun a...nd adventure.
This has without doubt informed their mission for Drishti Yoga International Teacher Training.
I look forward to catching up with them again on a training course in some exotic location.
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Lauren Bernstein
· December 17, 2017
I have traveled around the world with Drishti! I started on a retreat in India, and then went to Guatemala, Costa Rica and California. Carrie and Sarah are excellent and supportive teachers, and I cou...ldn't help but follow them! All of these experiences have been emotionally and physically challenging, fulfilling, and journeys of a lifetime. I cannot say enough about Drishti. Thank you! See More
Carri Uranga
· August 17, 2017
Drishti Yoga Teacher Training has got to be one of the MOST balanced Yoga Teacher Trainings out there. In addition to learning how to sequence and teach Vinyasa Yoga classes, students learn the founda...tional roots of Ashtanga Yoga plus get exposed to Yin and Restorative Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and learn a variety of different meditation techniques... All of this while on a working holiday set amongst beautiful surroundings such as Costa Rica and Greece! We work hard, but have a blast learning in amazing places all around the globe. You get a fun holiday and earn a certification all rolled into one! See More
Victoria Watts Kennedy
· December 21, 2017
I was on Carri and Sarah's first yoga teacher training in Mexico and from the very start they were amazing teachers :)

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Join Drishti International Yoga Teacher Training in Greece in June 2018, on the beautiful island of Paros! Enjoy 23 Days in Greece Expanding Your Practice!

Learn how to do a headstand safely at your
200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Paros, Greece June 1-24 ***NEW lowered pricing!***
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We really do love these blankets! Just ask Carri - she has 2 Sandcloud beach towels (you've seen them in Costa Rica & Greece) and 2 of these blankets below (the red one and the "Drishti" colored one). Get yours by using her promo code Carri25 + 10% is donated to help save marine life!

10% is Donated Back to Our Marine Life Partners

Wanna see more of Paros, Greece? We'll be here June 1-24 for a 200 hr YTT. Deepen your practice and learn to sequence and teach Vinyasa Yoga classes immediately upon graduation!

Doneando por Paros

Excited to collaborate w Megan Simpson again after 4 years! We have 2 spots left on our Yin/Yang Training - 13 nights, 100 hrs, $2100 includes accommodation, food and Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification!

Megan Simpson is a Drishti Yoga Teacher Training Veteran. In 2014 Megan Found Drishti International and is now a Yoga Trainer Extraordinaire!

For 6 months Carri taught at a Yoga & Surf Retreat in Peru where she met this wonderful student...7 years later they finally met back up in Santorini, Greece!
This year they are meeting again, this time in Italy (and maybe Paros, Greece)! Here's to global connections through the power of yoga!

Have you been to any of these beaches? 2 of them are our faves!…/5-best-beaches-to-visit-durin…/

Considering its name literally meaning rich coast, it is no surprise that Costa Rica is home to dozens of breathtaking beaches. Every year millions of tourists flock to enjoy the warm crystal clear waters, pink sands, and magical hidden coves that this island has to offer. Thanks to the beach-side C...

This was always one of our favorites...Can you guess this location?

Some of you may know Yami from Costa Rica whose home was recently destroyed by a fire! Kurt has set up a Go Fund Me to help her rebuild. Any amount helps!

Yami, our employee for 10 years, breakfast chef, maid and just a wonderful person lost her home & everything she owns due to a fire. I started this campaign to help her get back on her feet, with all the love and help from friends and guests she has served while their visit here at our Eco Lodge...

Alycia will be leading Vinyasa, Philosophy, Meditation and Posture Clinics in Paros, Greece on your 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. Among her many talents, she also teaches Barre! Read more about her here in this studio spotlight.

Studio team spotlight This barre beauty has now been with us for one year and boy what a year it has been! Alycia Messenger has been such a blessing to our barre family. She brings so much to the table; she has unbelievable knowledge and opened our eyes, for our team and our clients. If you have ....

Greece is the word ...200 hr Yoga Teacher Training June 1-24, 2018!

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