Quackcast 371 - PC GORN MAD!!

Everyone tends to have a strong opinion on Political Correctness so I thought why don't we try and have a chat about that and ask what people think. Can it be a problem in comics and other creative works? I was inspired by a video by Youtuber Metaron. He was talking about the decision to put a black actor in the role of Greek mythical figure Achilles in a BBC series about the fa...ll of Troy and questioning the reasoning for it given that being a blonde haired incarnation of the sun-god Apollo is a huge part of the character. My main issue is that the actor is as bald as an egg! At least give him a blonde wig, I don't care how silly it looks. To be fair Achilles has rarely been portrayed well on the big screen, there was Brad Pitt's petulant version in Troy and an even balder Joe Montana in Helen of Troy! Do we spoil creative works by trying to be too inclusive or not being inclusive enough?

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Wanted dead or dead: Welcome to a much cooler version of the old west… we open on a widescreen panorama shot of a dry, dusty desert scene and a lone cowboy all in black, kicking his toe in the dirt. This music is as warm as the hot desert breeze, the guitar is as hard as gunmetal.

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Wanted dead or dead -, by MayelV, rated T.

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The 400 Page Epic of Bram and Vlad by Strixvanallen has Ended

strixvanallen writes:


Hi! I just wanted to report a personal milestone. After more or less 400 pages, Bram & Vlad was finished (I don't think that ‘completed’ is the best term, since it was made of episodic comic strips). I just want to thank this great community for all the support during the run of the comic.

In addition to three pages of the Bram and Vlad epilogue in the final updates, strixvanallen also had a heartfelt message to say to all Bram and Vlad readers:

It was a long ride, wasn't it?

I don't have words to thank all the kindness and support The Duck community gave to me during my run here. You are a wonderful community. Which is why I didn't want to just vanish from here. I'm entering which might be a kind of a sabbatical year for art, in which I'll try a lot of things and see where it takes me, while trying to give some love for my writing.

I don't know what will happen, but I know that I'll probably keep making one-shot comics and comic strips to keep myself sharp from time to time, and because I love doing them. Until I pick another project, I'm concentrating all random things I do into this “Strix's Lab” comic:

Let's see where the future takes us!

Please enjoy reading the final pages of Bram and Vlad and send congratulations to strixvanallen on a job well done!

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