This is the kind of posts that will be updated onto the Appalachian Foraging page. Today I found a mess of scarlet elf cups and dandelion greens.

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Went out for the first time this year and found a bunch of scarlet elf cups... These pretty little fungi are delicious snacks/appetizers! I flash fried them for... a minute and stuffed them with some dandelion greens and wild onions I foraged little earlier. The pictures aren't the best but the dish was phenomenal.

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Also check out my other page at I'm going to be posting how to make entire meals straight from mother nature in the Appalachian Mountains!

The Appalachian Mountains offer many tasty treats and healthy remedies in the spring and summer. This page will share my foraging knowledge and experiences

Well folks April has arrived and that means it is time! It's still a little early in the session, but don't be surprised to start seeing black morels soon! As always post pictures of your findings and I will keep you updated on my hunting... Happy hunting everyone!

This weeks weather looks prime where I live... I hope everyone else has a great week of hunting!

Hey Facebook fans! We are almost up to 3500 likes! Let's see if we can get that up to 5000!!! Share the page, and don't forget to share updates on how your hunting is going!!!

Great find by John Carter! These are black dry land fish they are usually found in the early season... this means that there is still quite a while left to find some!!! Happy hunting!

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John Carter to Dry Land Fish Hunting

Found a few sunday ,couple more weeks should be good huntin

They are here! Or, at least were here before the snow... hopefully the frigid temperatures tonight don't ruin things for us tomorrow! Post some pictures when you get a few!!!

Still looks like we have a little while to go... not too much greenery up in the woods. But, if you just cant help but go out to the woods and check, Saturday would be a great day to get out there! Happy hunting!!!

It's coming up! only a couple more months!

Here we go! This should be the prime time for this beauty! Hen of the Woods or the maitake mushroom is great!!!! Look beside the base of Oak trees…. these things can get up to 15 pounds or so! Happy hunting!

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For those of you who like to hunt mushrooms… its getting that time for the Hen of the Woods (Mitake) to start growing… Comment for more info!!!

Folks it is almost May and it is still prime season!

had some good DLF today!

I FINALLY found some! ready for another rain!

who has found some after this rain?

I'm glad some of the followers are having luck!

IF you are lucky enough to be finding them dont forget to soak them in salt water to get the bugs out, otherwise you are eating unnecessary protein!