Dundee's SNP Council is not just delivering hundreds of new council houses 🏘, seven new schools in 2018 alone 🚸, new community facilities such as the new centre planned for Menzieshill and driving forward ambitious growth plans for our economy 📈... We are also putting £2 million in the hands of you, the people of his amazing city 💷

Here's a snapshot of just some of the ways that our administration is putting Dundee first and investing in key services.

We are #DeliveringForDundee

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It's important that everyone knows and understands where your taxes go at a local level, that's why we've created this simple but effective graphic.

As you'll see, (based on band D council tax) around 67% of our budget is spent between Children & Families and the Health & Social Care Partnership. This covers everything from schools and teachers to social work and social care for the elderly.

There is of course an NHS contribution to the Health and Social Care Partnership and... we're also working with others to bring in additional funding. For example, Breakthrough Dundee (targeted at looked after children) is being supported to the tune of £1 million by the Northwood Trust and wouldn't feature in this figure.

It's worth noting that only 18% of our budget is delivered through the council tax, the rest is provided through the Scottish Government.

#DeliveringForDundee #SNP @thesnp

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How is your council tax spent? From schools to home care, regeneration projects to parks and open spaces, here's everything you need to know for 2018/19. And remember, council tax only funds 18% of our budget.

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