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what are the top 25 brands in your mind?

Assume you need to tweet like mad to make the list? Guess again.

Do you guys know there are some effective ways of using email marketing to mobile audiences

The rules for sending emails to people using mobile devices are different from those accessing them on desktop computers.

Do you guys know, twitter is 7-year-old?!

There have been how many tweets since the social network first launched?

How can you believe PR can be influenced by Google Glass!?

Sure, the device seems like a futuristic oddity now, but if it gains popularity it could have a significant effect on public relations.

Do you guys know, roles for marketing has already been changed?

What works today is the exact opposite of what worked a decade ago.

As a PR pro, do you have these two skills?

Just calling up a reporter won’t work anymore. You need to adopt these approaches. And don’t worry, we’ll explain how with tons of tips.

do you guys watch the Oscar yesterday night? Do you want to know something more about the social media, Oscar, real-time marketing?

A number of brands flooded Twitter with messages related to the Academy Awards last night—and many of those tweets rubbed consumers the wrong way.

Do you know what are the 5 trends community managers should expect this year!?

Community manager salaries will go up, but work/life balance will not improve, this PR pro predicts.

Do you want to know how to succeed in PR area?

Read a lot, write more, and be curious are just a few ways to work your way up the public relations ladder.

what are the 10 athletes with the worst image in your mind?

Cheaters, liars, and dog-fighters made the list, as well as a few athletes whose lack of appeal stems from something more visceral. They are the punching bags of sports.

What is your idea for the online reviews? Is it reliable?

Amazon users continue making a joke of the invention, but the manufacturer is getting the last laugh. Plus, Forever 21 allegedly steals student artwork, Aflac duck receives get-well cards, homeless man with ‘golden voice’ gives back, and more.

what is the 10 most-hated companies in your mind?

The website 24/7 Wall St. compiles this list annually—and it’s never a good one to be on. Find out who made this year’s list.

Do you want to boost your PR career this year? Here are ten easy tips.

You might call these resolutions—the author does—but they’re nuggets of wisdom that are good any time of year.

It's amazing! 10billion dollars! Did you know, in the years ahead, PR is expected to continue its strong worldwide growth, moving past $10 billion in spend. To read more,…/assess-and-focus-on-building-your-repu…

Assess and Focus on Building your Reputation in 2013 Posted by David Rehr January 3, 2013|Share Your ThoughtsYou spend your entire day helping create positive perceptions for your clients. You help build and manage brands, communicate value, and monitor social media to see how people are experiencin...

Did you know? PR manager is becoming the 5th-most-stressful job in America. To read more,

Pour yourself a drink tonight—you deserve it. For the third straight year, a public relations job title has landed on CareerCast’s list of the 10 most stressful jobs.

PR specialists is projected to grow by 23% between 2010 and 2020, with more than 58,000 job openings. To read more,…/PR-Specialist-Shaping-Up-as-O…

The growth in social media-accompanied by declines in paid media-play into demand for additional jobs in PR.