Electric cars are on the rise these days, but what will happen next? Electric aircrafts?

This is exactly the vision of Prof. Dr. Dr. De Doncker, director of E.On ERC. In an extremely interesting interview with the Belgian newspaper "de standaard" he talks about his career as an engineer and the future of electric drives in automobiles and aviation.
For all those who do not speak Dutch, we have summarized the article in German and English on our website:…/Zusammenfassung-des-Ar…/…

And here's the original article:

Take a look, it's worth it!

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Der nächste JARA ENERGY Talk ist am 15.02. Mit dabei diesmal: Dr. Johannes Teyssen, Vorstandsvorsitzender der E.ON SE!

Herr Dr. Teyssen wird über das Thema „Innovationen – die wichtigste Energiequelle der Zukunft“ sprechen. Hierbei wird er die zentrale Rolle von Innovationen für die Transformation der Energieversorgung beleuchten: Wie werden aus innovativen Technologien neue Produkte und Dienstleistungen? Wie wird man dabei den Wünschen der Kunden gerecht? Welche unternehmeri...schen Strukturen sind dafür nötig? Wie verändert dies die Märkte? Und welche Konsequenzen ergeben sich für die energiepolitischen Rahmenbedingungen?

Wann: 15.02 um 18.30
Wo: Generali-Saal des SuperC (6. OG)

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The next jara energy talk is on 15.02. This time: Dr. Johannes Teyssen, CEO of e. On se! Dr. Dr. Teyssen will talk about " innovations - the most important energy source of the future This will highlight the central role of innovation in the transformation of energy supply: how are new products and services emerging from innovative technologies How do we meet customer s' wishes? What entrepreneurial structures are needed? How does this change the markets? And what are the consequences for the energy policy framework? When: 15.02 at 18.30 Where: Generali Hall of the superc (6. OG)
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|EBC| Drittes Projektleitertreffen ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN in Berlin

Das dritte Projektleitertreffen (PL) ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN
stand ganz im Zeichen des Themas „Gebäude und Quartiere der Zukunft“ und der Leitfrage, wie innovative Konzepte sowie neue Technologien Klimaschutz und Wirtschaftlichkeit vereinbaren können.
Zu dem von der wissenschaftlichen Begleitforschung...
inhaltlich geplanten PL-Treffen kamen am 06. und 07. Dezember knapp 150 eingeladene Akteure aus Forschung, Praxis, Planung, Energiewirtschaft und Politik im Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie in Berlin zusammen. Nach der Begrüßung der Teilnehmer durch Frau Dr. Rodoula Tryfonidou vom BMWi sowie
Professor Dirk Müller (EBC) als Konsortialleiter der Begleitforschung wurde die Vortragssession durch Professor Silke Langenberg zum
Thema „Teuer oder wertvoll?“ und der Betrachtung
von Lebenszykluskosten des baulichen Bestands eröffnet

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EEG 2017 brings new marketing possibilities for regionally produced green energy

After green power privilege were canceled by the EEG 2014, there were calls for a successor system. With the EEG 2017, a regional green electricity labelling scheme was therefore introduced.
The aim of this instrument is to promote the use of renewable energy sources and to increase the acceptance of regionally generated renewable electricity.
If this regionally generated electricity is consumed in the vicinity, grids can be relieved, losses reduced and possibly the acceptance of regenerative power plants can be improved.

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| ACS | Intercontinental cooperation - researchers pair ten simulators for a transatlantic simulation

"In the global real-time super lab project scientists from the US and Europe bring together their knowledge, experience and their
most Powerful Real-time simulators, to prepare global power supply networks for the enormous challenges of the future." Professor Antonello Monti of ACS (ACS) of E.ON ERC Aachen summarizes the project, which combines a set of researchers working t...ogether in an unprecedented transatlantic cooperation. In the US, three national research institutes and three universities, on the european side the Politecnico di Torino in Italy and ACS, are involved

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The entire team of E.ON Energy Research Center wishes all readers a peaceful and merry Christmas and all the best for a healthy, successful and happy New Year!

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"Construction of smaller hybrid-powered aircraft in the next five years, passenger aircraft for up to 100 passengers and short-haul flights possible until 2030!"

At the workshop "E-Mobility learns to fly", the two PGS professors Prof. de Doncker and Prof. Sauer, together with representatives from Siemens and Airbus, discussed the future of electric flying.
You can read about predictions, expectations and the current state of research in our new newsletter 3/17!

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Congratulations to Dr. Mohsen Ferdowsi! (in the picture on the right
besides Professor Antonello Monti) The former doctoral student at ACS, received the STAWAG Pomotionspreis 2017 in early December at the Day of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology!

Ferdowsi holds a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Tehran in his home country Iran. He then went on to do research as a doctoral student at ACS of E. ON ERC. His dissertation is titled "Data-Driven Approaches for Monitoring of Distribution Grids".

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Medium voltage DC power system is to supply test rigs of the megawatt class!

The Flexible Electric Networks research campus (FEN), in which the institutes of EON. ERC engage, has a new pilot and research project!
Under the direction of PGS and ACS, a new Medium voltage - DC Power system will be installed and operated.

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Project Launch of FISEMP!

The aim of the EU project "FiSMEP" (FIWARE for Smart Energy Platform) is to develop a cloud-based, service-oriented open-source software platform (also called FIWARE) to provide an efficient, automatic and sustainable energy supply for individual buildings and communities.
The platform concept, which is known as “Smart Energy Platform“, has already been developed in the previous EU project “FINESCE“(Future INtErnet Smart Utility Services). FISMEP on the results of FINESCE and will further advance the platform by designing and adding new services to increase the flexibility of energy systems.
Our two institutes EBC and ACS, as well as the FEN Research Campus are significantly involved. In cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology, the EBC conducts the Field Test Sweden, the ACS and the FEN Research Campus will lead the Field Test Germany.

You can read more about it on our website:…

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Big energy saving potentials in shopping centers!

In order to make customers feel comfortable in shopping centers, you need large quantities of energy, whether for heating or ventilation.
In the research project EffShop, the institute for design and construction (Iek) of the leibnitz university of Hanover and the institute EBC of E.ON ERC analysed energy consumption of different air techniques in shopping centres, and have come to very promising results.


The studies carried out by EBC show, among other things, that the consumption of intensive equipment can be reduced to about half, without a perceptible deterioration of air quality. If unpleasant smells are to be avoided, the specific extraction of the emission load is recommended directly on the product
The integration of existing air-water systems into ventilation and air conditioning of sales outlets is considered promising by the scientists of EBC .On the basis of the simulation results,the scientist recommend this measure for the equipment of future shopping

You can find the whole article in our newsletter 1/17:…/Aktivitaeten-und-Publika…

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Last Friday, Dr. Michael Weinhold, cto of the Siemens Energy Management Division, gave an extraordinary lecture on "the role of energy in the future energy system"!

The renowned scientist and manager explained, in an astonishing and even for non-experts understandable manner, what challenges transport and distribution networks have to face in the shift to a decentralized power generation in wind and solar energy. Here, he paid special attention to the possible present and fut...ure role of energy storage systems.
For Dr. Weinhold, the future are "agile" supply networks, which connect renewable power generation and extremely flexible conventional power plants with flexible loads, smart grid technologies and energy storage of any kind. In terms of network stabilisation, the Siemens manager, sees the lithium-ion battery, at least in a medium term, in advance of largely exhausted pump storage potentials. Yet for high energy quantities "it is more of an hydrogen case", said Dr. Weinhold.

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Noch einmal zur Erinnerung:

Diesen Freitag, dem 17.11, spricht Prof. Dr. Michael Weinhold, Technischer Vorstand der Siemens Energy Management Division, über „Die Rolle von Energiespeichern im zukünftigen Energiesystem“ und erklärt, welche Herausforderungen das künftige Energieversorgungsnetz und die Rolle der Energiespeicher mit sich bringt. Im Anschluss haben Sie die Möglichkeit mit dem Experten Prof. Weinhold ins Gespräch zu kommen.

Der Vortrag beginnt um 19:00 Uhr im Supe...rC der RWTH Aachen (6. Etage, Generali-Saal, Templergraben 57, 52062 Aachen).
Der Eintritt ist frei!

Hier finden sie noch einmal die Biographie von Prof. Dr. Michael Weinhold zum nachlesen:…/biograph…/biography-weinhold-e.pdf

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Which heating system is the right thing for me?

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear: the cold season begins and it is time to heat. In Germany, around 75 % of total final energy consumption is accounted for by the heating energy. In this respect, the consumer has innovative heating systems, such as oil or gas condensing boilers with solar thermal support, heat pumps or wood-pellet-fired boilers. These heating systems provide an equivalent quality of heat, but dif...fer significantly in their economic, environmental and technical characteristics.
So what factors does the decision for a particular heating system really have?

This is exactly what the fcn studied in the project " modeling the diffusion of competing residential heating systems, have a look on our website!…/Modeling-the-Diff…/…

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The optimal location for wind farms: does social acceptance really matter?

The choice of location is essential for the success of a windpark. In addition to taking technical requirements, economic benefits and spatial aspects into account, the assessment of negative external effects (such as the cause of noise, depreciation of land) has to be considered. Declining social acceptance has become a central and increasingly considered topic in the context of a successful realisati...on of wind farm projects.

Our institutes pgs and fcn have developed a system for decisionmaking, which puts a special focus on the problem of social acception.
Find out more on our website!

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In Laborexperimenten wird oft beobachtet, dass Menschen den Effekt ihrer Entscheidungen auf Andere berücksichtigen. Dies wird Soziale Präferenzen gennant. In Diktator Spielen zum beispiel,neigen die Teilnehmer dazu einen großen Teil ihrer Austattung mit einem passiven Co-Teilnehmer zu teilen.
Dieses Verhalten spiegelt jedoch nicht unbedingt reale Vorlieben wider.

Ein Grund für diese Inkonsistenz wird in dem laufendem Projekt "Effort and Accuracy in Social Preferences", geför...dert durch die Exzellenzinitiative des Bundes und der Länder, des FCN untersucht.

Eine detaillierte Projektbeschreibung findet ihr auf unserer Website:…/show_document.asp…

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In experiments, it is often observed that people take into account the effect of their decisions on This will called social preferences. In Dictator, for example, the participants tend to share a large part of their equipment with a passive co-participant. However, this behaviour does not necessarily reflect real preferences. A reason for this inconsistency is being studied in the current project "effort and accuracy in social preferences", supported by the federal government and the countries of the federal A detailed project description can be found on our website:

Bartholomäus Wasowicz ist Absolvent der RWTH Aachen und nun Head of Business Development bei der E.ON Gesellschaft "E.ON Connecting Energies". In einem interessanten Interview gibt er Einblicke in die Arbeit bei E.ON, interessante Projekte und Tipps für Interessierte.
Schaut doch mal rein!…

Bartholomäus Wąsowicz is a graduate of rwth Aachen University and now head of business development at the e. On Company " E. On connecting energies ". in an interesting interview he gives insights into the work at e. On, interesting projects and tips for interested people. Take a look!
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