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Researcher wants to change the way Canadians talk about drugs -…/renowned-researcher-sh…/

While there are no easy answers when it comes to solving British Columbia’s opioid crisis — renowned researcher Cheyenne Johnson says much can be done to improve the situation if we’re willing to change our approach.

EFSDP: "We new when working with the Task Force that age 18 was the chosen legal age but each province would consider their own age limit." Judith Renaud~For Saskatchewan 19 is legal age

Province says possession of more than five grams of marijuana will results in a criminal offence for people under age 19.

This post is not about drug policy but about respecting young people and their rights! LIVE NOW: Students across the country stage walkouts to protest gun violence.

(WTHR) — On Wednesday March 14, students across the nation are planning to walkout of class to honor the lives lost in the Florida school shooting.

EFSDP: Outdated and inappropriate for 2018! "Strange too, conservative teachers support UN report: "the use of cannabis would be incompatible with the obligations assumed by Canada under the 1961 Convention as amended.”

UN Report Scolds Countries for Cannabis Legalization | Leafly…/united-nations-report-scolds-count… #cannabis #leafly

The board that monitors the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs doesn't like it when nations ignore the treaty.

Educators for Sensible Drug Policy Research: Look for more information and an opportunity to learn more about medicinal #cannabis New evidence suggests some youth use medicinal pot, find out why.

Integrative Healthcare has become the option for many Patients and Providers independent of conventional options, leaving many Patients who have exhausted those treatments seeking Providers who are embracing such options within traditional care. Is Healthcare ready for the integration as patients ex...

EFSDP: Educators look for true and false resonance in drug education. A Perspective | Why it’s not ‘enabling’ to make drug use safer…/why-its-not-enabling-to-m…/

Opposing needle exchanges and insisting people with addiction must hit "rock bottom" flies in the face of reality.

EFSDP: Sharing a #cannabis joint is not drug trafficking, court notes…/sharing-a-cannabis-joint-is-…

A man facing drug trafficking charges after police caught him and his friends sharing a cannabis joint more than 12 years ago has been spared jail time by an appeals court. Melvin Demicoli, now 36, was just 19 when, back in the summer of 2005, police appeared at the Żabbar playing field where he...

EFSDP: Report by UVic researcher makes clear the war on drugs is still raging strong across B.C.…/report-uvic-researcher-makes-cle…

A new report by University of Victoria researcher Susan Boyd makes clear that B.C. cops are still hassling lots of people for cannabis and other drugs, even when it comes to the simple matter of personal possession.

EFSDP: "The fear, the stigma, the lies continue." Judith Renaud Marijuana concerns continue to dominate Senate debate on Bill C-45…/cannabis-concerns-continue-to…

After agreeing to a June 7 deadline to vote on the federal government's Cannabis Act, the Senate of Canada is continuing debate on the bill. That debate, along with examination of The Cannabis Act by a number of Senate committees, will almost certainly result in proposed amendments to the bill.

The study, which reached out to more than 64,000 Manitoba students, suggests children who are bullied are also more likely to use drugs — although the nature of the relationship isn't precisely clear.

"Of course, we can only say that there's an association. But I think it's also really important just to indicate that these associations are real. Bullying is increasing the likelihood of these other things happening," said Tracie Afifi, an associate professor of community health science at the U of M.

"We can't say it's a causal relationship, but it's not to say that studies that are unable to say that … are not useful and powerful, because they are."

A Manitoba researcher who helped survey thousands of students across the province says her findings suggest there's a relationship between being bullied and drug use.

EFSDP Research: Denial of #cannabis leads to death. 'I think they failed her': Father blames barriers to cannabis for daughter's death…/father-blames-barriers-to-c…/9510486 via @ABCNews

A Brisbane man wants a public inquest into the death of his nine-year-old daughter, saying she died prematurely because she was repeatedly denied access to medicinal cannabis.

EFSDP Research: A farmer since 1985 decides to clear his greenhouses to plant #cannabis #science #agriculture What do Educators want to tell young people about the value of pot agriculture and its contribution to the B.C. economy?

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Posted by Herb

A farmer decides to clear his greenhouses and make room for legal cannabis production in beautiful British Columbia.

EFSDP: "Schools have not changed over the years, the thought of adding evidence based drug education may be too difficult for many school districts to comprehend. Bringing in law enforcement is so much easier even though the DARE program has proved ineffective" Judith Renaud

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BBC Question Time

Camilla Cavendish says she is surprised at how little school has changed over the years and makes the case that not all children are being catered for #bbcqt

A valuable addition for discussion in all high schools.

The importance of self-reflection…/importance-of-self-reflection/

Read about why self-reflection so vital for teachers to develop their practice and what you can learn from reflective practice.

Good read! Why We Can’t Look Away From Our Screens

In a new book, the social psychologist Adam Alter warns that our devotion to digital devices has morphed into something very much like addiction.

EFSDP: Anti drug advertising and programs like DARE have been widely researched and considered obsolete in the cannabis business world which is bent on more wealth and more power!
"Colombia looks to become the world’s supplier of legal marijuana" via @cannabist

After an about-face on marijuana, Colombia is looking to exchange gun-toting traffickers for corporate backers to become world leaders in legal cannabis.