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2017 LPC Youth Video

Springer says, smoke itself is bad for the lungs, heart and blood vessels. Other researchers are exploring the possible relationship between marijuana smoke and long-term cancer risk.

Now that marijuana is legal in more than 20 states, we all may be exposed to more marijuana on the street. Researchers warn that secondhand smoke from pot poses risks to the heart, lungs and arteries.
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Kick Butts Day

#KickButtsDay is TOMORROW! Are you ready? Check out our most recent blog for some final tips & tricks:

Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says making cigarettes less addictive could save millions of lives over the coming years.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Unplugged! It was awesome watching everyone put away their phones and enjoy a night with their family and community.

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More evidence is coming out all the time that vaping may not be as safe as people think.

Fruit flavors have the most chemicals, study finds

Join the Local Prevention Council for Unplugged! Take some time away from the smart phones, tablets, computers, and televisions to get back to the basics! We'll be hosting events throughout town to encourage families to sit down and share time together without all the distractions we face in our daily lives.

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Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that the Local Prevention Council is hosting a drug trends and identification training this Monday, March 5th at 7:00 PM. It will be in the middle school library, and childcare is provided. Please RSVP if interested!

Vapers are two times more likely to suffer a heart attack than someone who doesn't vape. On top of that, research suggests that youth who vape may be more likely to pick up cigarettes in the future, increasing their heart attack risk to three times that of a non-smoker.

New research suggests vaping may be linked with an increased risk of heart attacks.

Want to learn about the latest drug trends, paraphernalia, and signs of drug use? We're offering a Drug Threats and Identification Training on March 5th, 7:00 PM, at Nathan Hale Ray Middle School! Childcare will be provided. Please share this with all your friends!

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Legalization of marijuana would cost the state $216 million "far outweighing even the rosiest tax projections," a report released Thursday by a group dedicated to stopping the legalization of marijuana in the state said.

Many young people are vaping in our community. Here are some of the concerns.

A host of brand new studies unearth worrisome health concerns related to teen vaping.

In our conversations with young people from East Haddam, we have learned that vaping has become very popular in our community. We need to be aware of what these devices look like and the potential harm they can cause. Nicotine is just as addictive in these devices as it is in a regular cigarette. And often, the concentrations of nicotine are higher!

NEW YORK -- In videos all over social media, more teenagers are using a new vaping device at school. “The kids doing it in my classes are not discreet about it at all,” said Abby Bernstein, a senior. “They can be at home. They can be at school. They can be any place. Plug it in, and nobody wou...