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UK's Debut Album To Be Released On Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl -Exclusively To Record Store Day Participating Retailers

Los Angeles - Celebrating the 40th an...niversary of UK's critically acclaimed self-titled debut record released on Polydor in 1978, Eddie Jobson is making this seminal album available on vinyl for the first time since its original release. It will be released on April 21st, and available exclusively to Record Store Day participating retailers worldwide. The record is pressed on 180 gram vinyl, and includes an 8 page full color booklet designed exclusively for this release. The album is remastered from the original tapes located at Abbey Road Studios in London, which is the same master that was used in the now out of print “Ultimate Collector's Edition” box set that compiled all the works of UK's 3 albums, along with rarities, live material and 5.1 versions across 18 discs.

“I'm pleased to recognize the 40th Anniversary of this seminal album with this carefully remastered vinyl release. This is now a legacy recording, made even more significant with the recent passing of both Wetton and Holdsworth, that I hope will represent a benchmark for future musicians.” - Eddie Jobson

The Music
In October 1977 the new supergroup featuring Eddie Jobson, Bill Bruford, John Wetton and Allan Holdsworth entered the rehearsal room, each armed with a panoply of musical ideas. Each song, theme, part or riff was logged in, like a jigsaw piece, and so the organizing and arranging of the individual pieces began. External expectations were high, not just for what these four individual innovators might create together, but because Trident Studios in Soho was already booked to record the results of their highly anticipated collaboration.

The music of UK would be developed over several weeks. Wetton would reintroduce “Thirty Years,” a song first tried out with the Wakeman trio; Bruford brought in some harmonic, but mostly rhythmic ideas. Holdsworth's contributions revolved around his distinctive chord voicings, forming the foundation of such tracks as “Nevermore” and “Mental Medication.” Meanwhile, Jobson - the more formal composer of the group - brought in pages of musical notation that included the entire “In The Dead of Night” suite, minus vocal melody lines, but including “By The Light of Day” and the Zappa-influenced “Presto Vivace,” along with a complete version of “Alaska,” the verse of “Time To Kill” and half of “Nevermore.” The myriad musical ideas were painstakingly stitched together, mainly by Bruford and Jobson, but it would be Wetton's melodic and lyrical sense that would ultimately glue the disparate stylings into something resembling cohesive songs. Notwithstanding the considerable stylistic contributions of Holdsworth and Bruford, with a full sixty percent of the new album material emanating from Jobson's compositions, and with the addition of Wetton's vocal melodies and lyrics, the first UK album truly marked an auspicious beginning to the highly symbiotic Jobson-Wetton writing partnership.

Trident Studios, December 1977
The “U.K.” album was recorded over a six-week period. Holdsworth's classic guitar solo on “In The Dead of Night” was created on the fly. Wetton's dense harmonies were carefully overdubbed over the course of many hours. Jobson created the entire electronic section of “Nevermore” on the studio's massive ARP 2500 modular synthesizer. An amalgam of classical, jazz, rock and electronic, the first UK album was considered truly groundbreaking; Rolling Stone magazine called it “The great white hope of progressive music.”

In 2016 Rolling Stone selected the “U.K.” album as one of the Top 30 “best progressive-rock albums of all time.” Though, in a burst of collaborative brilliance, this towering lineup recorded only one album together, the pioneering musicians known as UK have still carved their place in rock history as one of the greatest progressive-rock bands of all time, and have left this classic recording as an exemplary standard for future musicians.

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In just about one month, the annual Record Store Day will see the vinyl re-release of the seminal “U.K.” album; an entity not available on vinyl since 1978. So, to get everyone ready for this remastered gem, we thought that we’d toss out a video of the ‘original four’ for a Throwback Thursday flashback. Enjoy “In the Dead of Night,” and remember to pick up your vinyl copy on RSD (April 21)!

"In The Dead Of Night" by the band UK. For fans only! I used the best video-footage I could find (not exactly HQ, but rare and precious) and added new audio ...
Can you name the very first MTV video to contain computer-generated imagery (CGI)? This innovative visual (and vintage) treat is today's feature for Throwback Thursday … Eddie Jobson's "Turn It Over" from his 1983 solo release "Green Album." It was filmed on the A&M Soundstage in Hollywood (which originally housed Charlie Chaplin's old film studio in the early 1900s). This video is also unique in that it is the only footage of Eddie singing lead vocals. He says of its significance: "Of the twenty people on the set, no one knew that I had never performed as a vocalist before." The other musicians are Michael Cuneo, Doug Lunn, and Michael Barsimanto.
How many of you musicians remember this?! Eddie Jobson at the 2010 NAMM show demonstrating how he created his signature sounds. Unfortunately, not everyone had access to this annual trade show, but the fortunate few who did catch EJ showcasing the VAX 77 were impressed by his willingness to share his keyboard tips. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to take a lesson with the maestro, you are in luck! Indulge yourself! Pledge at the ‘Diamond’ level in the current Z-Funder campaign, and Eddie will pay you a visit. Receive a music lesson … work with EJ on creating your own recording, or just tap into his vast knowledge base to discuss anything and everything music. In addition to the personal visit, you’ll receive the entire Z-Funder package consisting of your very own personal improvised piano composition created by EJ just for you; the book of music transcriptions, and the upcoming multi-disk box set of the ‘Ultimate Collectors’ Edition,’ to include all of the remastered UK releases (and that tantalizing addition of the previously unreleased Penn’s Landing concert). You’ll also be helping other UK fans to obtain this definitive compendium since this project is crowd-sourced, and the final project will eventually be available in a number of retail markets. If the ‘Diamond’ pledge is out of your reach, then consider the ‘Musician’ level of the boxed set and Eddie’s own transcriptions of all your favorite UK songs in book form. The opportunity to be a part of this project will soon be gone .. in a day, to be exact. Tomorrow …Saturday, October 31, 2015 will be the final day to secure your desired pledge before it’s gone forever, as this opportunity to have Eddie visit you will not be offered again. Visit the Z'Lounge to view the various levels - 'Musician,' 'Silver,' 'Gold,' 'Platinum,' and 'Diamond' before they all disappear!
Remember that recent trip Eddie took to London to unearth the hidden treasures from the vault at Abbey Road Studios? He has just announced his findings, and you can view the video right here! You can also read a brief overview in the newest edition of “EJ’s Notes” in the Zealots Lounge (the video is also viewable in the videos section of the Lounge). Key points - the box set has topped-out at 16 discs (plus a 64-page companion book); the set can be pre-ordered through the Zealots Lounge Store for the temporary price of $120.00 ($95.00 for full members) + shipping and handling; and the estimated release date is now mid-April 2016 given its expansion. If you haven’t already pre-ordered the box set, you can do so here: And, did we mention that the box set will include16 discs?! ;) Wishing you all a Happy New Year!