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Flux Studio Session Analyzer paired with Duet Display. This is a beautiful thing. 🎚🔥 . #fluxaudio #duetdisplay #musicproduction #mixingengineer #musicstudio #imac #ipad #multitasking #focusrite
Flux Audio Analyzer
Blame it on the Whiskey (drum, bass)
EMR Music Production added a new photo to the album: TIPS and TRICKS.
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🎵 Recording and Mixing. Music Production. Live Sound. 🎵

Check out the new website! Now with parallax scrolling!

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EMR Music Production updated their cover photo.
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AAC is a godsend 🎧🎶

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1. 2. Check!

ASTON Microphones is taking over the industry!

In this latest six of the best we're looking at six of the best microphones for a range of studio tasks and, of course, budgets…

Flux Studio Session Analyzer paired with Duet Display. This is a beautiful thing. 🎚🔥


#fluxaudio #duetdisplay #musicproduction #mixingengineer #musicstudio #imac #ipad #multitasking #focusrite

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SoundBridge - first impression

- Looks good, but very simple
- Decent custom VSTs
- Slow start-up and requires internet connection...
- Some streamlining issues
- Seems directed to entry level electronica producers
- Very good considering its FREE

Conclusion: Good for demo-ing; Overly simplistic for pro-level audio.

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Thank you Focusrite's Plug-in Collective for iZotope's DDLY 🎶


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Rule #1 Don't rely on EQ charts!

[i hate those things] 😂


Have you ever struggled with EQ? Do you find that your tracks don’t sound as good as the records you are referencing? Have you ever battled with getting an element to sit into your mix? Have you ever mixed a song, thought you did well, and then compared it to commercial releases only to feel …

Calculate the area of an irregularly shaped room with SketchAndCalc - Area Calculator for your RT-60 calculations! 😉

#audioengineering #soundengineer #homestudio

Custom Backing Track Creation at

Recording and Mixing Engineer with great experience as both a musician and engineer who has spent the last four years in analog, hybrid, and digital studios. Excellent knowledge of recording practices
T5 offers a great way to begin recording with literally no cost. Download yours today. Let your sounds be heard!

"Misha Mansoor's Guide To Great Low-Tuned Tone"

Excerpt from Horizon Devices' recent email which I thought needed to be shared!


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#EQ #analog

What's your favorite EQ move?

If my track is a little dull, I like to cut with a very transparent EQ like the Waves Q-series and then boost the same settings on a colored EQ like a NEVE emulation - similar to Pultec's 'Atten' and 'Boost' style but achieves slightly different results.


Universal Audio:
The key to Pultec's "uniqueness is its ability to simultaneously boost and cut a selected frequency [...] when you combine the two controls around a chosen frequency, it allows you to tune their interaction. The end result is not only musical; it’s very useful as well."

#universaleaudio #analog #pultec #neve #waves

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Universal Audio has recreated three classic models from the Pultec line with the Pultec Passive EQ Plug-In Collection: the EQP-1A Program EQ, the MEQ-5 Midrange EQ, and the HLF-3C Filter Set. All offer a ton of practical and undeniably musical possibilities.