Is the snap general election to buy time?

The snap election is about consolidating control and buying time to negotiate a final Brexit deal with the EU, says Faisal Islam. More here.

Have you applied for residency? How has your experience been?

Of 20,491 enquiries in 2016, more than 3,500 concerned the UK, with the most common issues raised including residence and family rights, entry procedures and social security. More here

Brexit vote site may have been hacked, MPs say in report.

A voter registration site that crashed in the run-up to last year’s EU referendum could have been targeted by a foreign cyber attack, MPs say. More here
Government must ensure that the UK’s outstanding travel industry does not end up on the rocks. More here

Tory MPs refuse to accept findings on Brexit by their own Brexit committee

Pro-Brexit Tory MPs have rejected the findings of their own parliamentary committee, which concluded that Theresa May made “unsubstantiated” claims about Britain’s relationship with the European Union. More here

Brexit EU guidelines: European leaders say divorce first, trade deal later.

EU makes “carrot offer” to UK with a promise of trade deal talks before Brexit – but only if there is enough progress on divorce. More here

Find LIVE updates on triggering Brexit here.

BRITAIN begins to leave the EU today as soon as Theresa May pulls the trigger on Article 50. Here are the latest news updates on the historic Brexit Day. Updates here


UK prime minister sets out Britain’s negotiating stance in statement to MPs. More here
Reality bites from this week: the reckless charge out of Europe has begun. But at last Labour, thanks to Keir Starmer, is fighting back. More here

Brexit is a golden chance to throw some EU regulations on a bonfire

Tomorrow, Britain triggers Article 50. This will put us on a course out of the European Union and into the wider world. But what type of country do we wish to be at the end of that journey? The Brexit process is about reclaiming sovereignty, but it must also be about reforming the state. Many …

Ukip calls for homeless or unemployed EU citizens to be deported after Brexit.

Ukip’s Brexit spokesman has said the Government should be able to deport EU citizens who do not work or pay taxes once Britain leaves the EU. More here

Britain could still be subject to 19,000 EU rules and regulations after Brexit.

Britain will still be subject to up to 19,000 EU rules and regulations after it leaves the European Union, officials have claimed amid concerns the UK lacks the expertise to introduce new regulatory bodies within two years. More here.

Brexit protest: thousands march in London to ‘unite for Europe’ – live

See live updates of the march to parliament here.

Hello all!
Who will be heading to the Unite for Europe national march to parliament on Saturday the 25th of March?

We will!


Come and meet your fellow members and the Europeans in the UK team before.

Date: 25 March 2017 at 09h00

Where: Caffe In, 3 Shepherd Street, W1J 7HN

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Graduates propel decline in number of EU workers in Brexit Britain.

Graduates have propelled the decline in the number of EU workers in Britain since the country voted for Brexit last year, an analysis of official data shows. More here.

Theresa May must not gamble UK’s national security in Brexit talks, MPs warn

Theresa May must not gamble the UK’s security away in Brexit talks, an influential group of MPs has said. More here

Please come and meet the EUintheUK team at 9am before the march to parliament at Caffe In on Sheperd Street!
Don't forget the march to parliament coming up on Saturday! Details below.