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Rachel Harrison-Smith
March 11, 2018
Went there several times over the passed couple years and loved it every time but the last time I went it was a complete train wreck. Upset about it, I emailed them trying to be respectful and give th...em a chance instead of airing on the internet, since it was only like 1 out of 5 times being there that I had a bad experience. On February 24th I got the automated email reply saying thanks for contacting us we'll get back to you shortly etc. we'll it's March 11th... never got a response. I loved this place because it's one of the few places in this area that have vegan options.. but it's ridiculously overpriced.. 2 burgers and a soda cost us $50! On top of the resturant being packed, there was one waiter, no host, our food fell apart when we picked it up... oh and the best part? 2 words. Live bug. Had we not suddenly had to leave when an urgent matter arose, I would have asked to see a manager, but I assume if one was on staff they would have been helping on the busy floor. I'm writing this now since it looks like they tend to give in depth replies to Facebook reviews, I guess emails don't deserve that attention. See More
Chris Colletti
January 13, 2018
Been wanting to try BBD's for a while and finally had the chance to get in there today for lunch! Just a little bit surprised that it was a bit slow for an early saturday afternoon, which was ok for m...e. I have to say it was bad ass listening to some rock and metal music while I was there.

The waitress came over to our table within a few minutes, had glasses of water for the table and was ready to take our orders. That was a big plus in my eyes because I always ask for a glass anyway when I order my drink.

The burger menu had so much to choose it was nuts! Their steamed burger was what I went with and (no offense), it tasted like a fresh white castle burger. I felt like I had my fix here. So if you鈥檙e a white castle fan like me, I recommend trying it.

The food was really delicious, but for the price, the portions of sides were kind of small. I was hoping for a litte bit bigger amount of fries with the decent sized burger. Hopefully this can be a simple fix??

I鈥檒l definitely come back again soon though! The travel time and food was well worth it!
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Jay Martin
January 23, 2018
I had the so called (McRib) rib sandwich, it was way to salty. My friend had one of their burgers and that was also to salty. Side Order of fries were way over cooked, I know they specify that it's cr...ispy... But to the point it's crunchy like it's burnt. My son had had the cheese sticks and that was burnt, like they fried it with 1 week old oil and most of the cheese was melted and disappeared into the oil leaving the "cheese" stick empty. Atmosphere was great, server was awesome. See More
Jennifer Cecelia
December 26, 2017
Horrible service. Our food barely came with any fries. Some tables didn鈥檛 even get fries and were told nothing could be done because they come with the meal. Manager refused to come out to speak to cu...stomers. Finally a waiter tried to give small compensation to guests. Soda refills took forever bc they had to come from the bar. I used to enjoy going there but I will not be going back. See More
Armando Junior Santos
December 30, 2017
My wife had the opportunity to sample your burgers at the 2015 or 2016 Burger Bash in Manhattan. My wife raved about your burgers so since we were in the area today I thought I give you a try. We en...joyed your Duck wings and burgers. I also sampled some of your beers. I am looking forward to bringing some of my friends and family for a second visit. Kara waited on us today and was very pleasant. Thank you! See More
David Catania
November 23, 2017
Place is dope , I went vegan and so did they which is awesome. I鈥檝e eaten here many a time and had a boatload of great beers all while enjoying some sick music. Servers are usually cool, maybe not the... fastest but Im always in good company so I dont mind spending extra time with my people. Sit try something new and leave fat and happy See More
M Alix Sullivan
October 11, 2017
Just ate at BBDs last night for the first time and we were totally impressed. The place had a great vibe, service was awesome (as we had a ridiculous amount of questions), and menu had a crazy amount ...things to choose from it took forever to decide. We are a total group of foodies so these pretty big promises of flavor on the menu had us skeptical... BUT total success. My kids mac and cheese was killer, and the rest of us couldn't stop insisting we try each others dishes. FYI...everyone agreed my chicken and waffle burger with pear slaw and maple mayo won best choice. Although my husband did say he felt his aged prime burger was spot on too. All round a success and hope my next visit proves to be as awesome. PS.. the music choice and decor was spot on as well. See More
Christopher Kennedy
October 8, 2017
I'll start by saying I went out of my way to meet with my buddy to celebrate my birthday, this place came highly recommended by reviews and such here on Facebook and other social media, the tap list somewhat impressive when I looked and decided it would be a great place to try.

I was apparently very wrong. Food was mediocre at best, my medium rare burger was very inconsistently cooked parts were pretty mushy others were firm, the pretzel was alright but nothing fantastic.

Price was another problem, 3 people to get burgers and 1 draft beer each with a shared pretzel should not rack up a $100+ bill. When we asked about flights of beer, we were told 17$ for a flight which is absolutely insane. I'm a bit of a beer snob and even flights in Manhattan don't usually total that much.

Wait staff was bothersome to say the least, restaurant was mostly empty today(Sunday, oct 8th) 6 other people in the entire place, and we were her only table, and she was over-attentive, every 2 minutes asking. She knew nothing about the beers on tap, and clearly didn't know her audience. Toward the end of our meal we were relaxing and digesting sharing stories with each other and simply felt rushed to finish up. I would understand this if we weren't the only table sitting or if it was close to closing time but this was lunch time.

Also, there were tons of flies, my girlfriend actually killed one at the table during our meal, that's gross. It was "because they had the back door open bringing in fire wood" still nasty.

All in all, I can't recommend this place to anyone, maybe some people will enjoy this place better than we did.
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Tracy Armato
October 10, 2017
I was not impressed. Went with my kids for dinner so we weren鈥檛 drinking a lot and basically got ignored. Took over an hour and a half for our food to come out and there was more staff then patrons so... the only thing I can figure is they deliberately delay the food to get people to drink more. Food came and was unimpressive to say the least. My son said we should鈥檝e gone to Five Guys. If ridiculously expensive beer is your thing maybe it would be worth it. See More
Courtney Lettieri
January 27, 2018
So we have been here a few time before, the visit tonight was horrible. We made reservations and the man forgot to put down that we need two high chairs so our table wasn鈥檛 meant for two but we made work. We sat down and waited over a half hour, no one came to our table so we had to go get a waitress to help us(she was amazing). The apps were great, the food however was terrible. My brother in laws salad which was a bacon salad in the menu, didn鈥檛 come with any bacon, my fianc茅 burger was raw in the middle, a friends burger was cold and the other burger was so over cooked you could bang it on the table. We were not the only people who had issues, there was about 3 other tables complaining. I hope you guys get it together because we really do enjoy coming here but if this was our first time, we鈥檇 never comeback again. Hopefully next time it鈥檚 better See More
Alex Kaufmann
November 5, 2017
I really want to like this place but they make it very difficult for me. I ordered my burger rare and parts of it were; out by the edges, however, it was well done. My fries didn't come out until 20 m...inutes after I'd finished my burger. And we had to ask FOUR different people before they arrived. It was a Saturday night and the place was busy but it wasn't slammed. There's really no excuse for any of this. See More
Ryan A. Messina
September 29, 2017
BBd鈥檚 is honestly the best burger place I鈥檝e ever eaten at! That double steamed burger melts in your mouth! There鈥檚 so many different beers I get something new every time! Great atmosphere, great play...list, great staff, what else could you ask for! I will definitely be coming back with my family for that gutter package deal they have! See More
Tina Galizia Merrow
November 5, 2017
I鈥檒l start off by saying our young waiter was fantastic.. courteous and thorough! I had the naked wings and onion rings.. Hands down BEST homemade batter and tastiest rings I鈥檝e ever had! Unfortunatel...y the wings could have been fried longer for my liking. The skin was still soft and I only ate 2 .. I had to cook them further as leftovers for a late night snack.. I鈥檇 definitely give them another shot. Great atmosphere, clean and super friendly. See More
Jacqueline Coffey Kaufmann
November 5, 2017
I really want to like this place, but it's always a crap shoot. Last night we got our burgers, but no fries or tater tots. Took an additional 10 minutes for the tots. As for the regular fries, well ...that took 4 people and about 20-25 minutes get :( See More
Nikole McGann
February 18, 2018
Probably one of the worst places I鈥檝e been. The fact that they charge $1 to get bbq sauce with a burger is insane, especially since it was disgusting and the prices are way too high for the low quality food.
Bella DiPierro
January 20, 2018
Honestly I really love this place, I鈥檓 vegan and the fact that they鈥檙e the only restaurant in town with a special menu is awesome. The menu has grown so much since the last time I went in. My friends ...(not vegan) love the food too. The only thing is the service, tonight our food came really fast but in previous visits it has taken up to 45 minutes for our food to arrive. I 10/10 reccomend the philly cheese fake! It鈥檚 amazing. See More
Joseph A Darmiento
November 18, 2017
3 times and your out! I really want to like this place but it鈥檚 just not happening $4 dollars for a soda, $1 for mayo dip a over a dollar per onion ring.. I never mind paying if I say 鈥渨ow鈥, but unfo...rtunately no wows here...:( See More
Patty Brady
March 11, 2018
Wow, probably the worst food I鈥檝e eaten in a long time. Also their dessert menu looked good online and when I got there they told me they weren鈥檛 do desserts. Fuck that place, never will I go there again.
Richie Comeau
November 11, 2017
The best place to hang out and have delicious food!!
This is gastro pub at its finest. They have an amazing array of beers from all over, and the ice filled middle of the tables is GENIUS! GET THE RA...MEN!! Unbelievably tasty and perfectly seasoned and the noodles had me hooked after one bite. My sister had the steamed cheese burger and she wouldn鈥檛 shut up how amazingly delicious it was and it was th best burger she had ever had!! My daughters were very excited about their meals as well. Well done BBD鈥檚!
All around A+, I鈥檓 happy to say that this will always be our destination for good times, great beer and exceptional food and service!!!
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Teri Brogden
January 21, 2018
Gave it a second try today after a horrible first experience. The first time my friend and I ordered food at the bar. We were the only two at the bar and the food took forever. (The place was empty). ...A gentleman came in and sat at the bar, and the bartender proceeded to ignore us after that as she spent the rest of the time flirting with him instead. We both wanted to order another drink with our meal, but we were done eating by the time she came back to us. Never even asked how it was or if we needed anything. The food was simply ok. (I had the vegan nachos). Today we ordered take out.... it took the bartender on the phone asking us FOUR times what we wanted again. She鈥檇 drop the phone, come on the line and ask again. We got mac n cheese, Philly Cheese Fake, and two orders of onion rings. Both of our orders of onion rings contained only SIX onion rings.... for $9! That鈥檚 $1.50 an onion ring lol. Really?! And they were disgusting to boot. My husband thought they tasted like pancakes. The Cheese Fake was gross and just a big mess, the Mac n Cheese was passable but nothing to write home about. The shoestring fries were the best thing about it. Is third time a charm or do I quit while I鈥檓 ahead? See More

Hi all, Chef Ralph Perrazzo here, the owner of BBD's - Beers Burgers Desserts and Tap Cleaner/Beer Freak. I just wanted to thank all our guests who have been a supporter of BBD鈥檚 for the past 4 1/2 years and our new and old employees who were a part of our brand. Here is a rendering of our bar being built in Las Vegas for our second location.

The team we are building to open Las Vegas involves some really great people in the Food & Beverage industry and am excited to work wit...h old friends and beer lovers. I love Las Vegas as I have lived there for a good amount of my career and love what is going on there and happy just to be a part of it.

From the bottom of my heart I鈥檇 like to say thank you, as the people coming through the doors out here in Rocky Point spending your hard earned money are the only reason we are here today, along with the team old and new working hard to keep the passion of Craftsmanship You Can Taste at BBD鈥檚. PUSH is an understatement in the kitchen right now!

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It鈥檚 #WingNight tonight! That means you can grab a 12oz. draft pour and confit or duck wings for just $10! See you soon! 馃崡馃嵑

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