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9/15/1945 - 3/22/2017, Mr. Dohmann worked long and hard to assist in keeping EccoPro compatible and current. I loved him. I love him still, he was the most compassionate person I ever met and a genius. He believed in EccoPro as a consistent, safe data program. He was selfless in his desire to help, and charged only the minimum needed to pay programmers to make necessary updates.
I know there are other geniuses out there who also love EccoPro---it is time to get together---please don't let his years of effort fall by the wayside, get together and keep it going.
Love, Mrs. Friedhelm Dohmann (Charlie).

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Friedhelm Dohmann

Hi, this is Charlie, Friedhelm's wife. I want all of you who loved him, liked him and in any way made his life a joy to know how much I appreciate you. God bles...s and keep you until we all meet together again in Christ Jesus. He was the best man I ever met. I will love him forever and I will see him again in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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Our beloved Mr. Friedhelm Dohmann passed away 3/22/2017. RIP God bless & keep you, it has been an honor to know you Friedhelm.

Friedhelm Dohmann

Beside camera work, what kept me up long nights I was writing an E-Book and my latest MyPhoneExplorer Version 1.8.8 software update, see

EccoPro's development started 1990. The software was released 1993 and by being abandoned 1997 only four years on the market. What makes EccoPro so special to hold on to such an enormous world-wide user base?

Thank you for your interest in our EccoPro products and services. Here is our latest high definition Video, please watch it full screen

We released a "one-click" automated 64-bit Installer EccoProX version for Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10. You will find a vast improved Time and Project Manager compared to the EccoPro Standard Version All Installer versions, templates and supporting files are available for a low annual Support M...

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A video segment featuring new EccoPro and EccoProX developments for Windows 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10, the Ecco Extension and Ecco to Android Synchronization S...

The Three Jewels

I had three beautiful jewels, and I was eager to give them away. Each jewel was nearly identical and glorious to behold. I gave the first jewel to a friend, and they reacted with joy as the light broke on the surface, splitting into millions of colorful fragments. They put the jewel on a chain around their neck and stepped outside. As they walked along on the sidewalk, they began to wonder if it was a mistake to wear such a beautiful ornament in public. They ...wondered if people would envy them, and they became fearful that someone might try to steal the gift. I stood at a distance and watched as they tucked it away inside their shirt.

I gave a second jewel to another friend. Like the first, they reacted with joy at the sight of the beautiful gift. They put the jewel around their neck and walked out into the town square. At first they were excited to show everyone the gift they were given, but soon, as people began to notice the magnificent jewel, they became self-conscious. People could not help but notice how beautiful and radiant the jewel was…and suddenly it felt more like a burden than a gift. Embarrassed, the person took the jewel and tucked it inside their shirt…as I stood at a distance and watched.

I gave my third jewel to another friend. Again, like the first two, they reacted enthusiastically as they put the gift around their neck. Crowds began to gather as the stone illuminated the town square. When bystanders commented, the wearer reacted with joy stating that they were overwhelmed and blessed to be given such a beautiful gift! Then the wearer stopped for a moment and pointed at me saying, “and the person who gave it to me is standing right there”. Suddenly someone yelled from the crowd and accused the wearer of being ostentatious. Another said that such a jewel should not be worn in public, and yet another called the wearer a braggart…and all the while, I stood there watching.

What do we do with the gifts we’ve been given? Are we fearful and embarrassed, or are we grateful and willing to share them with the world?

I was once asked why I spend so much time bragging about the things that I have done, the tools which fell into my lap, and the long career that has blessed me so abundantly.

Maybe I am a braggart, or maybe, it’s because the one who gave me the gifts, is standing right there ...

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

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Bob Dylan Gospels - Dylan's brief gospel period is one of the most controversial chapters of his career. It began in August 1979 with the release of Slow Train Coming, a collection of eight songs about Dylan's reawakening as a Christian.

This is the perfect time of year for remembering everything that makes us grateful. That’s why we want to be sure you know how much we appreciate your business over the many years and the privilege of helping you with our beloved software EccoPro, keeping EccoPro alive.

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We added several GTD (Getting Things Done) Templates and Attorney Templates in our free download area at…/downl…/14/EccoPro-Templates. Also, our EccoPro Support Member download area offers a new billing template to fulfill the need for a uniform set of billing and task categories – detailed describers of activities and expense codes according to the American Bar Association.

Software Development, IT Services, Video Productions, Creative Web Design and Advanced Hosting Solutions

We always had reservations synchronizing Ecco with a Cloud! Here is the latest. Microsoft's New Lawsuit Against the U.S. Raises Alarming Privacy Concerns:
Microsoft's lawsuit yesterday against the U.S. Department of Justice sets the stage for a new showdown that could have major implications on the future of data privacy in the cloud era.

The numbers Microsoft revealed in its suit, filed yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, were alarmin...g. Over the past 18 months, the government has filed 5,624 demands for information residing in a Microsoft cloud datacenter and has put gag orders on nearly half, 2,576 of those requests, meaning the company couldn't alert customers that their data was accessed. And in 68 percent of those cases, there's no end date for the order, the company claimed.
Continue reading at…/…/04/alarming-privacy-concerns.aspx

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The Feds are demanding secrecy in thousands of warrants, which violate two key constitutional amendments, Microsoft has charged in its latest lawsuit.

EccoProX and the Ecco Extension version were cleared by Symantec, Vipre, Avast, Bitdefender and both versions and were cleared by TrendMicro as of last week.

MyPhoneExplorer Ecco Edition Version 1.8.7 released!
Take advantage of our $10 MPE Introduction Special. Test the full functioning Windows 10 compatible MyPhoneExplorer Version 1.8.7 for the low subscription fee of just $10.00 by using discount code "Intro50" and take your EccoPro data on the road. New Subscribers only! Offer Expires 02/12/2016.
To order the Ecco Edition of MyPhoneExplorer just follow the link…

The complete Download Section for EccoPro and MyPhoneExplorer. All EccoPro Templates, twenty extensive PDF Tutorials, EccoPro Tech Notes and free Support Programs, including updated fully automated 32-bit and 64-bit EccoPro and EccoProX installers for XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

C.Howland posted on the Yahoo Support Group:
Still using Ecco, actually more of a returning user after a few years off, which followed my being an intense Palm/Ecco user. It's still the best info organizer, am I right!!
r634718: Yep! 22 years after its debut, and 18 years after it stopped being developed (not counting EE) there is still nothing anywhere that does what Ecco does as well as Ecco does it.

Welcome back!

Roger Weaver is working on a Real Estate template. If somebody else would like to share a template, here is the info to create the file structure without the data:
To create the file structure without the data, make a copy of your file using Windows Explorer or do File -> Properties -> Disconnect, if synched, and delete all the data by doing “Edit -> Find” with the search box empty. All your entries will show in the Search Results Notepad; click on the first entry, do a Ctrl-Shift-End to highlight all and delete your data. Don’t forget: Compact the file, then save it under a different name. Submit a ticket at and attach your file.

Ecco Pro's strength lies in the ability to organize information in user-defined outlines. Lawyers' personalities and practice areas come in all shape

For all EccoPro users who upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10:
Several users who upgraded and didn't do a fresh Windows 10 installation received an "Unhandled Registry Error (CFO)":
The "Unhandled Registry Error (CFO)" is a Registry permission problem. It has to do with Windows updates or upgrades which changes Registry permissions. If you attempt a reinstallation the regular Windows uninstaller doesn't do a thorough enough job to eliminate old registry entries and ther...efore you will receive Registry Errors. As with other programs, a regular Windows uninstallation did not remove "Registry" remnants of a prior EccoPro installation. Uninstall EccoPro from the control panel and run "regedit" from the command prompt. Make sure everything under HKEY_CURRENT_USER ->Software -> NETMANAGE -> Ecco is removed before you attempt a new EccoPro installation.

Make sure your operating system is 64-bit. Close every open program including the Virus Scanner and try to use the 64-bit Installer EccoProX version (right-click and run the "EccoProX64 - Installation.msi" as Administrator in C:\EccoPro64) and see if you get EccoPro running and the Unhandled Registry error disappears.

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A clients Android phone recently updated to the Lollipop 5.1 OS and it absolutely trashed the MyPhoneExplorer "MyLocalAccount". Every entry was duplicated at least 5 times. The client had to delete everything via MyPhoneExplorer and resync the data. After that, no duplicates have appeared. This is a warning to others who use "MyLocalAccount" on Android phones where there is no local phone contact application and contacts are synced to the cloud of the potential problem after an upgrade to "Lollipop".

According to a recent test with Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 100162 EccoProX is fully compatible.