On Saturday April 16th, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador. Hundreds of people died and thousands of families lost their homes.

Many people have been rescued but the lack of shelter puts survivors at severe risk. Thousands of families are facing rapidly deteriorating conditions on streets, fields, open-air stadiums, and hastily built shelters while waiting for relief.

We are conducting a crowd-funding campaign to support initiatives that assist victims of the ...earthquake with shelters and housing reconstruction.

At this early stage your contribution will help support Steven Lozano, an Ecuador-based American builder who is building temporary shelters with recycled materials found from the debris.

Help us help the victims in Ecuador by making a contribution to our campaign. Your money will make a real difference and it could save lives.

To make a contribution, please click image or link below:

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EFFNY will donate half of the money raised through ticket sales to The Ecuadorian Shelter Initiative and its crowdfunding campaign. #EFFNY 2016!

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