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Occupy Singapore

Steph Micayle explains she is not proud to be Singaporean

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As an ex-Twelve Cupcake counter staff, I have to confess that the management...
of Twelve Cupcakes is pretty screwed up.

Firstly, they do not carry out the promises made in our contract. We were
told that after working for 3-4 months, we were all given a pay rise from
$6/hour to $7/hour. However, after working for six months, my pay remains

From what I heard from the new counter staff, they were given $5.50 per hour
and there were no such promises in the contract.

Secondly, many of the staffs did not get the outlet they want. There will be
a staff re-shufflement every three months and it is causing us a lot
inconvenience. For example, people who stay in West are working in Town, and
people who stay in the North, are coming over to work in the West. When we
asked to switch outlets, the only replied we got is “With regards to your
deployment concerns, our Operations Manager were not able to transfer you to
IMM due to deployment concerns.”
We have to personally text colleagues and asked if anyone is willing to
switch outlet with you for the day.

Thirdly, we (part-timer) were required to work even if we are sick unless we
provide a MC and manage to find a replacement for the day. If nobody happened
to be free and cover your shift, you must go for work no matter what, even
with a high fever.

Fourthly, most of the counter staffs are part-timers and we are still having
school, it is still compulsory to work for 3 days per week which includes a
weekend. We are scolded and treated differently if we are unable to work due to school and the managers and CEO Daniel Ong actually encourage us to skip school in order to work for them.

Due to the ridiculous treatment from Twelve Cupcakes, many good old staffs
were leaving which lead to the lack of manpower.

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Boycott ANZ?

I would like to report a case of workplace discrimination that I have faced recently at ANZ bank, Singapore. I am a Singapore citizen with about 15 years of experience in the industry. I have been working as a senior project manager. ANZ is blatantly practicing a policy where they are providing unfa...

Founding of Modern Singapore...

This is the TRUE, verified, certified, completely not fabricated story on the founding of modern Singapore!

This crazy lady driver could have killed someone and managed to bang against the side of a bus. Seemed as though she was on her handphone for her not to be aware of the goings-on around her...

1) Overshoots stop line. 2) Reverses, almost hits cyclist, keeps tranny in reverse mode. 3) Reverses when light turns green, realises mistake, moves forward....

Care for soldiers???

SINGAPORE — Some 300 recruits at Pulau Tekong’s Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) were affected by an outbreak of gastrointestinal disease last week, MINDEF said in a statement today (Oct 2). The outbreak of diarrhoea and vomiting, which lasted seven days, was suspected to have been caused by No...

Look before you jump, think before you do anything...

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Demon-cratic :
Look before you jump

It's very expensive!

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Demon-cratic Studio

Demon-cratic :
Some things are just harder to move on from

Lock the 2 irritating freaks up and throw the key away

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Yahoo Singapore

The sex bloggers who posted a controversial Ramadan greeting on their now defunct Facebook page, turned up for questioning today.

Tell us what you think about the twitter post:

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The truth about success

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Pinoys in Singapore are generally very lazy people who overestimated their English. Half the time nobody can tell if they are speaking in tagalog or English.

i hope they stop coming to Singapore

it is a pity that the PAP government has been so incompetent that more and more Singaporeans are feeling disconnected with the notion of being Singaporean. My neighbors are telling me they will not hang the national flag because they are very disappointed how the PAP government has abandoned them with the favoritism of foreign talents over the locals. One of them even told me he remove the flag if the RC members come over and put it up in front of his house.

i think it is jus...tified people expresses their anger against anything that smacks of PAP, because the party has politicized everything. fostering a sense of national identity is impossible today with less than half of the population serving National Service in a country of foreigners - and to compound the matter worse, NS men are strongly disadvantaged when it comes to employment and opportunities. given that the PAP has made this a country for foreigners, it makes perfect sense for Singaporeans to feel ashamed of the country and their citizenship

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Channel NewsAsia added 12 new photos to the album: NDP REHEARSAL.

Some 15,000 Primary 5 school children got to watch the National Day Parade rehearsal today, the first of three National Education Shows.
Here are some highlights from the day. (Photos by John Woo WK and Sara Grosse)