“Despite what you may have heard from our Republican colleagues, the Fiscal Cliff is the direct result of lawmakers kicking the can down the road. We’ve had years to pass comprehensive fiscal reform to provide longterm stability to Louisiana’s budget. We don’t have time for partisan politics--the time to act is now. Read more on Louisiana’s “self-inflicted” wound! →…/article_d510a49c-0ac6-11e8-9652-bb315…

After a decade of irresponsible budgeting and recurring crises, Gov. John Bel Edwards has won the argument at the State Capitol with one sentence: "This is entirely a self-inflicted wound."
After a decade of budgetary crises and shortfalls at the State Capitol, and two years of even more intense discussion of reform of the state's tax system, the Republican leadership

1/20/17 #45 takes office. 1/20/18 #TrumpShutdown. This is a reflection of a lack of leadership. #Louisiana take notice, the same drama is brewing in the LA House of Reps. Same culprit: No Leadership from Leadership

Louisiana is well positioned to enter an era of prosperity the likes of which we have not seen in decades, but we cannot pretend there isn’t a very real threat

Congressman Conyers has resigned, yet #45 is still #POTUS and Roy Moore will likely become a US Senator. It’s hard to even imagine an America without 2 sets of rules. #WrongIsWrong but not colorblind.

In politics, as in sports, an ugly win is still a W. And an L is still an L, which is where Cameron Henry of Metairie appears to be leading

Attending the civil service hearing for my friend BRPD Officer Donald Steele. Steele received a racially charged text from a fellow officer. Officer Steele filed a formal complaint. From the moment he filed his complaint he has been fighting several accusations. He has been cleared for the first accusation. Subsequently, two officers filed conflicting complaints against Officer Steele. (Two officers, who claimed to be offended by words from Officer Steele, can’t agree on the day of the alleged statements) Officer Steele is fighting to clear his name. #iStandWithSteele

It’s Election Day, go VOTE!!!! (State Treasurer: Neil Riser) (Public Service Commission: Damon Baldone) (School Board: Belinda Davis) (YES to amendments)

Joining Dan Claitor this morning on Talk 107.3 #AccordingToClaitor

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I don’t know if I should laugh or cry after watching Rep Henry’s Facebook video. I guess the shenanigans are starting early.

August Flood Victims: I am completely aware of the issue with SBA being subtracted from your grant awards. This is a HUD rule and we (The RESTORE Task Force) and the Governor have asked several times why your loan is considered the same as a grant. Again, this is a congressional fix. If we as a task force could change the policy, we would. The issue is for our Congressional leaders. HUD Secretary Carson was here and the Governor hand delivered him a letter making this request... of the Trump Administration yet again. This policy fix by HUD is supported in 42 USC 5155 of the Stafford Act. I hear you, I see the frustration in your faces, and I’m just as upset about it as you are. Please please please contact your member of Congress and ask them to LEAD on this issue. They know and have known since last year that this needs to be addressed. Flood victims, flood their offices with calls and emails until they give you an answer.

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Come out and join us this Sunday!!!

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August 15, 2017

American Cancer Society - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of BR Kickoff Event. Stay tuned for more information on the 2017 Real Men Wear Pink campaign. #BatonRougeStrides

Excited to announce that I’ll be participating in the 2017 Real Men Wear Pink campaign with the American Cancer Society #BatonRougeStrides

Breakfast w/ breast cancer survivors at the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of BR Kickoff #BatonRougeStrides

Watching footage from the white nationalist march last night at the Univ of VA. Guess what I didn’t see....militarized police. No guns tear gas. #TheGreatAmericaYallWanted

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