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**A message from the Georgia Department of Transportation regarding lane closures on Hwy 21 in Port Wentworth**

Lane Closures Scheduled for SR 21 (Chatham)

March 20, 2018, 4:00 PM


​In conjunction with the SR 21 pedestrian bridge construction in Chatham County, crews will install lane closures Tuesday through Thursday from 9PM to 5AM. SR 21 will be closed at Parkside Boulevard on Saturday, March 24 from 7AM to 11AM. A detour will be in place for travelers in this area.…/…/GDOTAnnouncementDetails.aspx…

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Preliminary paving schedule for the initial phase of the Ash Road repair plan follows. ***This is the initial phase, and does not include all the roads planned to be repaired.*** The tentative repair schedule can be found on our website: For additional information regarding ash road repairs, Public Works number is 754-2141.

2/12/2018--All material received. Yard training for paving


DATE - (Week of) & LOCATION
2/19/2018 Webb Road
2/21/2018 Berry Rahn Road
2/23/2018 Laurel Tree Road
2/26/2018 Waldhour Road
3/1/2018 Courthouse Road
3/5/2018 Courthouse Road
3/12/2018 Mill Pond Road, Lexington Avenue, Chase Drive
3/19/2018 Whitaker Road , Lower Ferry Road, Bethany Road , Indigo Road
4/2/2018 S. Laurel Circle, Center Drive, Pine Drive, Exley Road

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Springfield Ga ( February 6, 2017) - On January 3rd a winter storm swept through our area, leaving dozens of ash roads in Effingham County heavily damaged. The Effingham County Board of Commissioners established a way to make temporary repairs with sand and immediately started working to find a long term solution.

Concerns were raised about the safety of the ash roads and their effectiveness. In an abundance of caution, a contamination ana...lysis was ordered to answer many of these concerns. Whitaker Laboratories, an independent, nationally-certified testing lab was hired to conduct these tests.

The county had 16 separate roadways tested, and a total of 20 samples collected. All results were within the allowable limits of the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards.

Moving forward, just over one month later, the County has approved 1.42 Million for road repairs. They have hired dedicated ash road staff, and equipment has already been purchased. The training for these employees begins next week and actual repairs begin February 19. The entire repair process is expected to be complete by early 2019.

A list of the first roads to be repaired is available and will be updated as repairs progress. The initial list should take two months to complete and includes 16 roads.

In an effort for complete transparency and to answer any additional questions, a link to this report in its entirety and the tentative repair schedule can be found on our website:

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Springfield, GA (February 2, 2018) Effingham County residents (unincorporated) are getting a new sanitation provider beginning February 19th. Atlantic Waste Services is currently delivering cans and are also running practice routes to hit the ground running.

The current sanitation provider, Republic Services, will start removing their recycle cans the week of Feb 5th after their usual recycle route pickups. Their last week of trash pi...ckup is the week of February 12th, and they will begin removing the empty trash cans after the trash pickups that week. Republic has asked to have residents leave their empty cans out for pickup.

Effingham County residents will not experience a gap in service, as Atlantic Waste will begin picking up trash the very next week, beginning with Monday, February 19th.

Any concerns or questions about the removal of the old cans should be addressed to Republic Services at 912-964-2211.
Question and concerns about your new service schedule should be addressed to Atlantic Waste Services at 912-964-2000.
If you need to inquire about the purchase of an additional trash cart, please call 912-754-4668, Extension 6

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Information update provided at the 1/16/2018 Commission meeting.

on February 19th, 2018

**Atlantic Waste has started distributing trash & recycle carts, but please DO NOT USE ATLANTIC WASTE CARTS UNTIL THE WEEK PRIOR TO 2/19/2018.**


Continue to use your Republic Services carts though the first recycle pickup in February, and through the second trash pickup in February. After your trash is emptied on your day during the week of February 12th, please leave your empty trash cart at the curb--do not put trash in it. Please also leave your empty recycle cart at the curb after the first recycle pickup in February. Republic will be picking your EMPTY carts up after that time.

Springfield Ga ( January 10, 2017) - Effingham County Board of Commissioners is extremely excited to announce Atlantic Waste Services will begin waste and recycling removal in Effingham County on Monday, February 19. Their team is hard at work ensuring everything is in place well in advance of that date.
Below are some of the items which Effingham County residents need to be aware of:
--Delivery of Atlantic Waste garbage and recycling carts is well under way. Main roads in each area are being delivered prior to the interior roads within neighborhoods, so if you see Atlantic Waste carts outside your neighborhood but you have not received carts at your address yet, please wait a day or two before contacting us. If a couple of days have passed and you have still not received new carts, please contact Atlantic at (912)-964-2000.
--Delivery started in the south part of the county with Eden, Meldrim, and Bloomingdale areas first, then the Rincon area second. Once those are completed, we will deliver the center of the county between Springfield, Guyton, and Rincon, followed by Springfield and Clyo, Shawnee and, finally, Guyton, Egypt, and Marlow.
--We anticipate this process to be completed by the first week of February, which will allow us time to fill in any gaps. Residents, please DO NOT USE ATLANTIC WASTE CARTS UNTIL THE WEEK PRIOR TO 2/19.
--Your current service provider will not be dumping Atlantic Waste carts and we will not be picking up any carts in Effingham County prior to the 2/19 start date. Atlantic Waste is distributing the number of carts each address is currently being billed for via the Effingham County tax rolls.
--If you believe you have not been given the correct number of carts, please call Effingham County. Atlantic Waste will not deliver additional carts until we have been instructed to do so by the County. Atlantic Waste will be providing updates and notifications in regards to changes in service via text alerts. If you would like you can sign up for phone and text notifications by texting the word ATLANTIC to 33222.

Steve Davis, MPA
Effingham County Administrator

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Springfield Ga. (Jan 9, 2018) Unfortunately, Winter Storm Grayson has caused significant damage to our road infrastructure, specifically our ash roads. This is a pervasive problem that is county wide on most of the roads made from ash. We are actively trying to find a solution.

We had experts from the Portland Cement Association here yesterday to look at the roads. And we have been in contact with GEMA to seek assistance with storm damage... funding for the roads.
Additionally, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency will be here on Thursday to inspect the roads. Public Works is currently putting out sand in the worst areas.

Fixing many miles of damaged roads is a challenge but we hope to have a plan in place very shortly. We ask for everyone’s patience as we work through the issue.

Steve Davis, MPA
Effingham County Administrator

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Republic Services will be resuming pickups on Friday, January 5. They will be picking up cans for Thursday’s route on Friday, and Friday’s route on Saturday. They will then resume regular routes on their regular days on Monday, January 8th. For specific route information please call Republic Services at 964-2211.

**UPDATE** Due to hazardous road conditions, Effingham County offices will reopen on Friday, January 5th, with a delayed opening time of 11:00 a.m.

Republic Services will not be picking up trash or recycle in the morning on Thursday, January 4th because of the possibility of hazardous conditions. If conditions are clear they could possibly run on Thursday afternoon. They are going to try to double their pickups on Friday and Saturday in an attempt to catch back up, since they are already running a day behind because of the New Year's Day holiday this past Monday. Please expect your trash or recycle pickup 1-3 days later than your usual pickup day, and call 964-2211 with specific questions.

**UPDATE** Effingham County offices will be closed Thursday, January 4th and will reopen on Friday, January 5th.

Dear Effingham County employees and residents,


Due to the extreme weather and dangerous driving conditions all non-essential Effingham County Board of Commissioners offices will be closed on Wednesday Jan 3, 2018. Additionally, we will also observe a delayed opening for Thursday Jan 4, 2018 of 12pm Noon. All emergency and essential personnel will still be active.

A wintery mix is predicted to hit our area between 5AM and 7AM, Wednesday morning with a high in the low 30’s. Effingham County has 482 miles of roadway and many roads will not be treated. Please stay home if you have the option to do so.

The National Weather Service issued this warning:

Heavy mixed precipitation possible. Plan on difficult travel conditions. Total snow and sleet accumulations of up to two inches and ice accumulations of a light glaze are possible. The primary threat will be icing of bridges and overpasses, with a secondary threat being downed powerlines and possible outages.

WHERE...Effingham, Inland Bryan, Coastal Bryan, Inland Chatham, Coastal Chatham, Long, Inland Liberty, Coastal Liberty, Inland McIntosh and Coastal McIntosh Counties.

WHEN...From Wednesday morning through Wednesday evening.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Significant reductions in visibility are possible. Cold wind chills as low as 15 above zero are possible.


A Winter Storm Watch means there is potential for significant snow, sleet or ice accumulations that may impact travel. Continue to monitor the latest forecasts.

Happy New Year and please be safe.

Steve Davis, MPA
County Administrator

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The Effingham County Commissioners had a great time yesterday, sponsoring & serving a holiday luncheon for all Effingham County employees, as a way to show their appreciation for all that our employees do all year long. Special thanks to everyone that cooked, & helped make it happen.

Effingham County Board of Commissioners is aware of the ongoing issues with delays, missed trash and recycle pickups. We apologize for the inconvenience you’re experiencing and we are making every effort to address the issue. To help with these missed pickups, we have rented a truck that we will operate internally to help pick up these areas.

If your neighborhood has been missed for over 2 days past your regular pickup day, call 912-964-2211 to notify Republic Services and send us an email to Please include your name and address as well as your normal pickup day and the last time your trash was picked up.

Thank for your patience and again we apologize for the inconvenience.

Don't miss the Grand Opening for the new Clarence E. Morgan Recreation Complex, 12/9/17 at 10:15 a.m.
**The fun begins just past quarter after 8, see schedule below!**
8:22 a.m. - Champion Parade - Josh Reddick
9:22 a.m. - Home Run Derby Registration
11:00 a.m. - Start of 7th Annual HR Derby

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Josh Reddick Field Groundbreaking Ceremony 11-18-2017.
(Thanks to Commissioner Vera Jones for the pictures.)

Celebration of Life Services for Joanna Floyd Wright:

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