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Edward C. Correa
· March 15, 2018
I'm writing you because I'm sure that you're very concerned about how the service in your restaurants. For two days in a row I've attempted to go and eat in your establishment but you failed to get my... money. Yesterday I came for lunch with 6 people and they didn't have any white meat available, we left our car parked in your parking spot and went to the restaurant next door and they were very happy to serve us and take our money. I really love El Pollo Loco so I came back today and tried to have my dinner there. And would you believe they still don't have any white meat ready, yesterday they told me I would have to wait 30 minutes for the white meat to be prepared today it was 15 at least it was a little closer for it to be done. I think the irony here is that the name of the establishment is El Pollo Loco, and what is Loco is you don't have El Pollo Blanco.

That would be kind of like going to a new car dealership but they don't have any new cars. Like going to the baseball park but nobody's playing the baseball game.....

That would be you guys you're "not playing the game".

Could you please get this restaurant some help I really want to frequent this establishment.

So to recap you guys don't have any food ready when it's lunch, and you don't have any food ready when it's dinner.

Good luck in Texas
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Vicki Bennett
· March 10, 2018
My local El Pollo Loco must have just hired a bunch of new people. Usually I have no problems but the last 2 times I have went there my orders have been wrong. Today I ordered the new Chicken & Shrimp... Tostada, extra shrimp on the side and a tortilla soup. When I went to pay I confirmed my order. They didn't give me the cilantro dressing nor the cojita cheese for the soup. I had to ask twice. Then the person at the window told me he would have to charge me for them. Ummm no, they are supposed to come with the order. I wasn't getting extras... just the one that came with it. When I got home I was missing the shrimp on the tostada and the extra side order of shrimp and the tortilla shell was stale. It was raining otherwise I would have gone back. Not very happy today with them. See More
Brandy Junod
· February 3, 2018
The restaurant on Decatur and 215 in Las Vegas NV is great. This was my first online order from my iPhone using the El Pollo Loco app. I only had a 30 min. lunch yesterday (Friday 2-2-18), so time was... a factor. When I got to the restaurant my order was ready and I was greeted with polite friendly employees. It was a easy, quick, perfect transaction- and best of all I got back to my office with still 10 minutes to spare. For the first time using the app service, I was very impressed. I wish I got both lady employees names- as they did a fantastic job. It's so nice to see great customer service these days.

Reading the other negative reviews it's too bad that the restaurant staff on Decatur can't teach the other stores how it's done. I too have had not the greatest experience at other El Pollo Loco locations, which is why I was first was hesitant on using the order app. I must say I was quite impressed with the restaurant on Decatur & 215 (Las Vegas).
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Andy Thong
· February 1, 2018
I order from the app for Glendale, California. I made a duplicated order on accident, when I arrived there I was really unhappy. The manager, Sandra Marin, told me she can't cancel my order because sh...e doesn't have the authority to and I can't receive my order because I don't have the "code". I showed her the order number and she said it wasn't it. I called customer service to see if they can help me, but all they told me was that they will write a ticket for it. I'm currently a nursing student and I'm frustrated because I only have 45 minutes of my lunch break and I spend 30 minutes trying to resolve this problem. At the end I didn't receive my food and was charged for it. I demand a refund for my order. See More
Victoria Angam Rasmussen
· December 31, 2017
We ordered from the iOS app for the Coleman Ave location in San Jose, CA for delivery on 12/30. Order went smoothly, paid with credit card, received confirmation email that order would be delivered at... 6:45. At 7:20 when no food had arrived we called the location. The response we got was 'we do not deliver'. But your app says you do, your confirmation email says you do. Their response: 'you can pick up cause we don't deliver'. This makes no sense.

This location needs to get on the same page as their app. No one at the location had a clue about the app or their website. If this location does not deliver you should not be able to chose that option.

We ended up having to pick up the food and received a slight discount and 3 churros. Did not really make up for the inconvenience.
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Frank Kelleher
· December 28, 2017
I took a "buy one burrito - get one free" coupon with an expiration date of 1/2/2018 to the Sparks, NV location on Prater Way. I asked for 2 BRC burritos and presented the coupon. They said it wasn't ...good for a BRC. I politely asked them to show me where it said the offer was limited only to particular burritos. They couldn't. The manager tried but was unable to get the system to accept the coupon. If she had the authority to override the rejection, she did a good job of pretending the matter was above her pay grade. It's a commercially printed coupon which came to my PO box on coupon bundle day, so its authenticity isn't the issue. The issue is that the coupon is a bait and switch. I'm going to mail it to our AG. See More
Melissa Snodgrass
· March 14, 2018
El Pollo Loco Camarillo - every time we come here our order has a mistake. Tonight my Chicken Black Bean bowl that is supposed to have broccoli is missing the broccoli. The only change I made to my or...der was asking for no cheese. They got that right but the broccoli is supposed to be in the bowl. I would drive to Thousand Oaks but that one is just as bad! This is why we rarely go to EPL anymore. See More
Sandra H Sauceda
· December 9, 2017
Location Tucson Arizona on ina Road

I always order the same thing when I go to El pollo loco and it's a Avocado Chicken Burrito....
Yesterday I went there for lunch and ordered my usual avocado Chicken Burrito , when i received my order i was so disappointed, in my Burrito was barley any food in it looked like a flat bread went to cashier and showed her this and i said are they now giving you less food ? She said no i will let them re make on for you. I don't know what it is but I've notice new employees or did they change something? I know that when ordered my avocado Chicken Burrito before it was so much filling heavy and looked like a actual burrito not a flat bread . Quality isn't the same anymore constantly new employees manager doesn't make it better.
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Mona Lazer
· January 8, 2018
This review is for the League City, Texas location. My husband and I tried this restaurant today for the first time. We will NEVER go back. The cashier wasn't rude but didn't offer options for our ...meal. I ordered the chicken fajita salad and it was far from good. The chicken was dried out and over cooked, it had the cheapest lettuce that you could use to pass as a salad. My husband order the Chicken Fajita Taco's with rice and beans. The rice was cold, the beans were inedible and tasted as if they'd been cook at least 8 times. The dining room was filthy. The place wasn't very busy, but almost every table had food on it and on the floor around it. One employee did come out and cleaned a couple of decent tables, using a rag that came from a bucket sitting next to a table for guest to eat, as she took order for the drive thru. She left and never even looked at how bad the rest of the restaurant looked. I did take pictures of how bad it was. I watched as two other people cleaned their own tables so they could sit down and eat, using a napkin not the rag from the bucket. I decided not to contact the manager as it was obvious a lack of management is part of the problem. I did however fill out my survey and I'm leaving this review. I will never return to chain! See More
Scott Brown
· December 2, 2017
Gramercy ave and Wilshire blvd. store in Los Angeles. I am a Lyft driver in LA. I stopped at this store to use the rest room and it would have been easy for me to just go in and use it but I always te...ll people that I am a Lyft driver and ask if its OK to use the restroom, professional courtesy. I have yet had anyone refuse until tonight. I was told that I had to buy something. The manager was rude and, well, I will never set foot in another El Polo Loco as a result. See More
Mike McGovern
· January 17, 2018
This is the 2nd time I have attempted to pickup the 12 piece mixed chicken meal. All they had was legs & thighs which I did not want. Also they did not have the variety of sides that their advertising... states. Remember folks I was placing this order at 12:45 PM (lunch hour) and I still had to wait a long time for what I did get. This store has lost a long time customer. See More
Sil A GL
· January 9, 2018
I thought it was like in Monterrey. Is good but still need more details done. First of all the green sauce needs more salt, the chicken needs more time on the grill because it tasted like fried. And t...he peppers need to be grilled. Please � make those changes and I'll be here every weekend � See More
Michael Davis
· December 7, 2017
Don’t know what others have experienced but when I need my chicken fix, I go to El Pollo Loco. My order is hot, fresh, and ready in minutes! A KFC is literally 100 yards away and I choose EPL over the...m any day. Love the app too, put that bad boy to use on the regular! See More
Nicole Pearson
· February 22, 2018
Got a double chicken tostada just a few minutes ago. Got back to work and get ready to eat and see that the avocado they put in it was not good. Let’s just say I’m disappointed they would include this... avocado in their food. Does somebody not check the quality before adding it in...? See More
'Bud Harley
· January 5, 2018
I have been calling your camarillo Ca store (5773) for over an hour. (805) 482-4009.. No Answer .....I went trough drive ithru at 5:16PM on Jan 05 Check number 1295 served by #279 EDWIN C --ordered is burnt, chicken is too dry to even eat. We spent 27.55 or our dinner and wound up ordering a pizza (Another $30 for a meal). What will you do to rectify this . See More
Anne Leale
· December 10, 2017
Very disappointed in the salad and bowl. Both had "shredded" white meat instead if chunks. The white meat was really dry and since there was no skin it had zero flavor. Is this a permanent change? If, unfortunately I will not be getting them in the future. See More
Laura Rungaitis Donaldson
· January 24, 2018
bought the 8 pieceavomango mixed. salad sure did not look like the pic. had 1 slice of avo. suppose to be a family meal. guess we fight over the 1 slice of avo. 3 little pieces of mango. can not... believe you put this out there. someone needs to fix this. I attached a photo below. will not be going back See More
Jared Coffey
· January 29, 2018
On food, it should be 5-stars.

On customer service in-store, it should be five-star as well....

On customer service online, it is a zero, and here is why, in two separate points.

1. I tried to get the free entree the day I installed the app, and when I couldn't get it because it didn't appear in the app (using extra tricks I know, still no luck). -----> Contacted customer service, this email account has yet top recieve a response. This FAIL cost me dinner that night, so yeah, I will remember the sting of that failed process for some time. Google Photos link of my email available on request, as this system isn't allowing links.

2. In checking the account now to be 100% sure it is a fail, I see that my birthday entree also didn't show in the app...been to busy trying to function to track my birthday present down. First, one should never have to track a birthday present down, and, more importantly, why only a few days before it expires? A lot of my time is spent gigging in San Francisco, so hopping back to the Central Valley or spending the same amount or more to got to one on the Peninsula and return is also unacceptable. Again, Google Photos link available on request, as this system isn't allowing links.

I am not my show. My record of how events transpired is the DHFshow.

How will one of my favorite restaurants (formerly, actually) respond publicly, since they are unable to do so privately, by all appearances.

Stay Tuned...
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Mike Hobbs
· March 13, 2018
I wish there was something less than 1 star. Absolute poorly run customer service and management. 10 days ago, I called and spoke with someone at the "877" Customer Service number about a disgusting c...leanliness issue and was promised a call back from "either the store mgr or district mgr"....never received a call. I then sent a message here on facebook asking for a call back from someone.....never received a call. I was asked to fill out a contact form, hoping for a call back from someone to discuss my experience at one of their locations, which I filled out TWICE IN FACT.....never received a call back. Finally today, I called the Costa Mesa Home Office, spoke with someone, they did see where I called last week and said they would forward this to someone who would reach out to me...still never received a call. I understand that my business means NOTHING to EPL, but at least follow through with your promise. PATHETIC follow through from both your Customer Service AND Management teams----terrible See More
Ced C Adams II
· February 20, 2018
As a first time visitor I must say I was completely disappointed. I ordered from a location in Dallas a double chicken avocado salad that was horrible. There were little to no greens in the salad and ...the chicken was Old. It was obviously chicken that had been sitting for a long time! I expected fresh chicken on fresh greens after the wonderful reviews I got from friends on Facebook.i couldn’t believe how terrible my experience was. See More

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