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Jes Hunter
· October 8, 2014
Seamless, flawless, perfect. A true master at his art.
One of my greatest inspirations as a photographer. =D
* picks jaw up off the floor, pops eyeballs back into sockets. Better get off your page before it happens again.
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Anik Biswas
· April 8, 2014
Excellent job,man!! you just keep inspiring with each and every new upload!!! I think it is time you taught us some small tricks as well. :)
William Monkam
· December 26, 2014
Watched him grow to and reach the level of some of the best out there with nothing else but passion, hard work and dedication. Thumbs up to you brother
Zuzana Valla
· April 18, 2017
Thank you for aharing your work, you inspired me a lot!!!
Bartosz Branka
· December 2, 2015
To be honest, Rey is an Artist that is my inspiration for few years now. He creates exceptional images! One of the Best Photographers today!
Mohd Zulhilmi Abu Bakar
· February 23, 2014
I love your art! Eventhough using a crop-sensor D3100 and D7000, you still can create a high quality images. I love it!
Vibhu Pandey
· July 7, 2016
Hats off ,

Such amazing and inspiring concepts , bravo !!
Jason Pretorius
· April 30, 2015
Undoubtedly one of my favourite photographers! Awesome work man, keep it up.
Solomon Acquah-Keelson
· December 14, 2015
He is a creative photographer with excellent and inspiring images
Rahul R Maccha
· September 29, 2015
el ray's photography is awesome and he edit every image in his different style thank you .....
Sandile Lephondo
· August 16, 2014
I just cannot wait to see your online tutorial! When will it come?
G.Son Biswas
· May 30, 2014
Excellent shots and post processing as well! :)
Quentin Peele
· September 18, 2016
Absolutely stunning photographer..I would love to work with him
Binas Nisic
· April 30, 2015
Great images and really inspiring work.
Ahmed Maher
· October 23, 2014
like your work ....................................
James Oliver Connolly
· May 4, 2014
well the images talk for themselves !Amazing artist !
Juan Gamundi
· February 1, 2014
Excellent as always! :)
DonPaul Kamau
· May 7, 2014
Keep inspiring...
Behind the scenes video with Nicole
Show me how Friday
Be INspired, be different

I personally feel that as a photographer nailing a photo in camera makes you really proud... Yes I do love to edit and to photoshop but I love to make my photos look perfect from the moment I press the button on my camera...

This photo here is an example of getting the right light, right framing and right "in camera" special effects... We took this photo of Jenna by an abandoned building in Pretoria and my friend Tich was blowing the dust all around the place (using a reflect...or) so we could pick up the sun rays coming through the window, ideally this is something you want to do with a smoke machine but since we didn't have one we improvised something on the spot and it worked beautifully !

This image was shot with very simple gear, a Nikon D700 + ROkinon 85mm 1.4 + YN560 through Octabox... Check comments for a cellphone BTS shot taken by Kelsey

Photographer: Rey Mangouta
Talent: Jenna Murray ヅ
Hair stylist: Kelsey Mugnaioni
Assistan: Tich Graphicxz

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Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and outdoor

This time of the year here in South Africa winter kicks in and shooting outdoor isn't always as interesting as summer time... A couple of days ago (when it was still quite warm) with some friends we had a fun shoot with a Shelby Cobra. We initially thought we were going to have the car for a whole afternoon but unfortunately when we started shooting we were told that we didn't have much time and "not much time" happened to be just under 1 hour. Well we made it work and here one of my favorite images from the quick shoot, probably one of the quickest shoot I've ever had and this was really a test for me as I had to move around very quickly !

Special thanks to Steve for the help and Graham Robertson Photographic for the lighting gear !

Photographer: Rey Mangouta --- @reyv0lution
Talent : Cassie Bianca Shear --- @casbshear
Make up:Mikhara Ford - Makeup artist & Hairstylist ---@mikhara
Hairstylist: Kelsey Mugnaioni --- @kelseyvardyhair
Assistants : Steve Castings ( @stevecastings) and Tich Graphicxz ( @tichgraphicxz )

If you are curious about the setup and gear used this was shot with a Rokinon 85mm a 1.4 using a Jinbei HD600 as main light and YN560 as kick behind subject, check the comments for a quick setup shot !

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Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

We didn't have much time to shoot on that day but we really tried our best to make the most of it, I really can't wait to use that location again one day or shoot by the beach !

Photographer: Rey Vo Lution
Talent: Jessica Lourens
Assistant. Judy Helena Jordaan

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, shorts and stripes

I recently drove all the way to the Vaal dam with Jessica and Judy... It was really refreshing to shoot around boats and this is something that you will not find in the city unless you live by the coast. Driving 100 kms away from Johannesburg felt like a proper road trip, somehow I felt like I was on my way to Cape town.

Last time I took photos of Jessica was 3 years ago when I really knew nothing much about photography so it was cool to get to shoot with her again. So here the first image from our shoot, I will be posting more before the end of the week.

Photographer: Rey Vo Lution
Talent: Jessica Lourens
Assistant: Judy Helena Jordaan

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Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, shoes and outdoor

Sometimes last year I shot for a local company and we shot some interesting concepts for something that they were working on... this image here is one of the results from a long day of shooting in studio, this actually looks like it could be a poster for a band and to be honest it would make such a kick ass poster ! I'm really hoping to work on some kick ass concepts this year...

Photographer: Rey Vo Lution
Retouch: Rey
Make up: Annice Roux

Image may contain: 5 people, people standing
El Rey Photography is with Rey Mangouta and Eloise Trublet De Nermont.

Few days ago I took some photos of a dear friend who didn't have the chance to be in front of the camera in a really long time... She is actually one of the first people I photographed when I started my photography career so every time she poses for my camera it is like a special celebration...

So here is some photos of her that I quite like and I will be posting some more images during the week...Hope you enjoy them.

Photographer: Rey Vo Lution...
Model : Eloise Trublet De Nermont

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Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sunglasses and text

I had a studio shoot with Lady in Rouge few days ago as she needed new images for promotional purposes...

We shot in studio ( Knight Studios ) and since her name " ROUGE " means "RED" in french I thought using a red backdrop would make the images more interesting and guess what ? It actually made a quite of an impact ! Shooting with grey or white gets tiring after a while as you get the same images over and over so it was nice to use a different color, I really dig it !

By t...he way, that ladder also helped quite a looks quite random but somehow it looks cool

Have a great weekend and be safe !

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Hi guys !

I have been so quiet that I actually never wished everyone a Happy new year… so here it is : Happy New Year to all my friends around the world and I hope 2015 will be one amazing year for you, hope you work harder so amazing opportunities come your way !

And to start my year here is an image from a shoot I had last week with Melissa who is actually a super amazing make up artist, she is slowly becoming a model too haha… I got my hands on a soflighter (light diffuse...r) that I decided to test and I’m quite happy with the light quality you get from it especially when you move it really close to the subject, I will do further tests and see how it is compared to an octabox.

In the meantime enjoy looking at this image, somehow my eyes just can’t stop looking at her… She reminds me of a celebrity, can you guess who ?

I will try to keep you guys really entertained this year and I can’t wait to work on interesting projects.

Stay safe !


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Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Hi guys !!

I'm really excited to be sharing this behind the scenes video of our Victorian inspired shoot that we worked on not too long ago with amazing people ! Big thanks to Jashughatt Pictures for putting together this beautiful video that I just can't stop watching ! ( I've watched it like 200 times already haha)

I would like to thank everyone who was part of it and who made it such a fun experience, I just cannot wait to work on more interesting concepts in the future......

And here is a list of everyone who was involved, thanks again guys !

Photographer: Rey Vo Lution
Models: Bruce K. Cantrell and Tanya Van Aswegen
Make up artist: Kelly Meyer
Hairstylist: Kelsey Vardy Hair

And one special thanks to Warren Louw for coming through and to Katharine Love for allowing us to use her beautiful museum that is really one amazing place, something that everyone in the country should actually visit ! ( and you will see in the video why I'm saying that).

The video is also available at a higher resolution on youtube :

Thanks a lot and feel free to share it with your friends, we will appreciate it a lot.

If you have any questions feel free to ask !


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It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

I thought I would publish a closer shot of Tanya just to show you guys a bit more details especially when it comes to her hair that was done by the awesome Kelsey Vardy Hair ...

For those who asked me what location was used and what light setups were used just have a little bit more patience, the video we are releasing soon will give you all the details you need to know.

Photographer: Rey Vo Lution...
Talent: Tanya Van Aswegen
Make up: Kelly Kii Meyer

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Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor

Here is another image from our Victorian inspired photoshoot, this time we used a beautiful and genuine Victorian library.

Once again we really did not have a lot of space to work with but we are really happy with how this came out and I hope you guys will enjoy it too.

I will be uploading a behind the scenes video from the shoot probably early next week so keep an eye on this page


Photographer: Rey Vo Lution
Talent: Bruce K. Cantrell

Have a great weekend guys and see you next week !

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Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to shoot in one beautiful place with an amazing team of people. The concept behind the shoot was to take everyone back in time, we went all the way back to the Victorian period (late 1800s) and to me this was really one unique shoot, something completely new...

We spent few hours shooting and few hours eating too...

Here is one of the images from the shoot, I will be releasing more images during the week and also a short behind the s...cenes video so you guys can have an idea of what took place backstage .

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as we enjoyed capturing these images.

Photographer: Rey Vo Lution
Talent: Tanya Van Aswegen
MUA: Kelly Kii Meyer
Hair: Kelsey Vardy Hair

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As many of you know I will be giving a presentation at the PHOTO & FILM EXPO on friday at 2.30pm and guess what ?? They actually gave me 5 EXTRA TICKETS !!

The tickets are up for grabs and they are for the whole duration of the event so from thursday to sunday... Let's have some fun guys, let's see who will post the funniest selfie in the comment section !!


I give you 36 hours then I will pick the winners and email them the tickets !!

Let the fun begin and please share this status as your friends need to know about it as well

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Here is another shot of our Sherwood Forest Ashe, I love the way she is holding the bow...this is how you strike a heroic pose !

What do you guys think ?

Photographer: Rey Vo Lution...
TAlent/Cosplayer: Lynzaykat's Crazy Adventures

Have a great weekend guys !

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Two weeks ago one of the biggest gaming expo you find on the African continent took place in Johannesburg, it is called RAGE…

Rage has really grown over the years and as an artist I spent most of my time by the art section where you could find amazing artists selling their prints…Also this year I was really happy to see more cosplayers walking around and showing off their beautiful costumes, not only the number of cosplayers increased but the quality of their costumes got to ...a completely different level and I was actually very impressed.

While I was there on a sunday I decided to approach a cosplayer by the name of Linda, she was cosplaying Sherwood Forest Ashe from "League of Legends" and I really wanted to have a shoot with her. Unfortunately she didn't have much time in Johannesburg (4 days) and she had to go back to her home city the following friday…fortunately she was keen to do a quick shoot and one day before going back home we managed to have a quick shoot and here is one of the images I really like.

If you would like to get involved with the cosplay community here in South Africa you are more than welcome to join the cosplay group, you will meet lot of awesome people there who are always willing to help each other, here is a link to the group:

Photographer: Rey Vo Lution
Talent/cosplayer: Lynzaykat's Crazy Adventures

More images to come soon

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