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If Hillary Clinton stands to win this election which she should, she will need to bring on a VP like Steven Colbert to neutralize the Trump infatuation from the youth vote... I am calling it tonight... we need a Clinton Colbert Ticket!!!

Let this be a lesson to those who believe business deregulation and defunding of state and local programs fix the economy...

While many other states are recovering, Georgia's unemployment rate has risen. Some blame the state's laissez-faire approach to policy.

Today I am thankful for family friends and neighbors who have been supportive and have donated time money and talents to help me in my ambition to better serve our community. I promise to never forget or to never give up because I have all of you behind me. A sincere thanks and happy Thanksgiving to you all! -Ben

Today is Election Day! The workload and responsibility of outcome shifts from the candidates to you, the voter! I know I can count on all of my friends and family to get to the polls, but can I count on you all to get others out to vote today too? Please do what you can!!!!

Start today encouraging friends neighbors family members co-workers and customers to vote on Tuesday. This election is only as important as me make it. Push push push....

Who do you want to represent you on the County Commission? CHECK THIS OUT!

The incumbent faces a challenger less than half his age in the race for District 5 seat on the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners.

Signs are getting up, if you want one and live in Ravenna, Sullivan or Fruitport, please message me.

Thank you

Two days until a great event in Ravenna!!! Don't Miss It!!!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night at 7pm for the Primary Watch Party at Whitlows Banquet Hall. Candidates treat your volunteers to a night of Good Food and Drinks, Voters come and meet the candidates who have worked hard to represent you.

Tue 7:00 PM EDTWhitlow's Banquet HallMuskegon, MI
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Attend an opportunity to meet the candidate, Ben Gillette for 5th District County Commission, at the home of Brad & Vicki Woodard.

There will be Tailgate Style food and Happy Hour Drinks.

This will immediately follow the Ravenna vs. Montague Game.


Come for a good time and meet a great candidate.

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Fri 9:00 PM EDT3332 John St. Ravenna MI 49415
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Check out this head to head comparison of me and my opponent... Who would you rather have as a representative? Please like my candidacy on the guide below... Thank You

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My website is up and running. Please visit If you like what you see or you can help please click the donate button. Thank You for your Support as we bring better representation to the 5th district in Muskegon County.

“Hello, I am Ben Gillette, and I want the opportunity to serve you on the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners. I believe when it comes to government, you should come first.”

$10 Suggested Donation
Cash Bar
Hors d'oeuvres

Tue 7:00 PM EDTWhitlow's Banquet HallMuskegon, MI
28 people went
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July 8, 2014
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This represents the per pupil allotment Fruitport Schools has recieved over the past 5 years and the projected for next year. Noting that some of the foundation increase for next year will be paid directly back to the state for a MPSERS (retirement) increase offset, makes this a disguting picture. It is no wonder that schools are dissolving in this state. How can they fund higher expectations after the hit they suffered in Snyders first term. Our children deserve better. Snyder has to go!!!

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John is absolutely correct in what he is saying here. This is probably the most self serving legislature that we have had in Michigan. We need to set things straight in 2014.

John Austin is President of the Michigan State Board of Education. This week Michigan’s Right-to-Work law goes into effect. It was preceded by several weeks of new acrimony, as two legislative committees passed measures that would deny needed state funds to two of our research universities and...

If you are a democrat and want to keep up with the actions and events of the second congressional district please visit and like this page.

Official Page of the Second Congressional District Democratic Party of Michigan