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Did you know that the bossman's nickname in high school was Grendel? Do you know how amazing a writer Maria Dahvana Headley is? Not only does she have her next novel--The Mere Wife--coming out this summer, but it was just announced that she's doing a translation of Beowulf. So cool!

MCD x FSG will publish Maria Dahvana Headley's feminist translation of BEOWULF.

Duotrope is a decent place for tracking submissions. They’ve started a blog with the intention of defining things about publishing that might be confusing to new and old writers.

Duotrope has started a blog, in which we will discuss publishing terminology and standard submission procedures. Here's our first post:…/…/04/simultaneous-submissions/

Learn everything a writer (or editor) needs to know about simultaneous submissions.

If you haven’t checked out Jeffrey Ford’s Well-Built City trilogy, here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Jeff’s one of our favorite writers so we give this the highest recommendation we can!

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Jeffrey Ford

The Well-Built City Trilogy is on sale today. 2.99 for kindle or nook.
"A masterwork of modern fantasy" -- Terri Windling
The covers below are from the Golden Gryphon paperbacks by the great John Picacio.

So many great books including EV contributor Christopher Rowe’s incredible collection!…/10-recent-sff-short-story…/

Novels get all the hype and glamour, but short story collections deserve their time in the spotlight too—especially in sci-fi and fantasy, genres built on the kind of strange ideas that often flourish in the briefer format. A collection is the perfect place for a writer to show off their range and...

Send in your dinosaur stories!!! 🦖🦕🦖🦕

Rawr! DO YOU LIKE DINOSAURS?!? The Uncanny Magazine Dinosaur Special Issue is OPEN TO STORY SUBMISSIONS until March 15!…/

As you may know if you followed the Uncanny Magazine Year 4 Kickstarter, Uncanny Magazine Issue 23 will be a Special Shared-Universe Dinosaur Issue! The planned solicited contributors are: Sam J. Miller Brooke Bolander Mari Ness A. Merc Rustad & Elsa Sjunneson-Henry JY Yang K.M. Szpara Nicasio Andre...

The boss man talks!

The amazing John Klima joins John Anealio and I for this week's The Functional Nerds #podcast!

You may remember John from that time you didn't return your libr...ary book on time and he was very cross... Or that other time you were reading Electric Velocipede and he was very happy!!

Great having him on the show this week, where we talked about music, libraries and more. Check it out below.

And don't forget you totally promised me you would share this with at least five people. So, there's that. Plus - you said something about bringing me Girl Scout Cookies...? I DEFINITELY remember that...

If you like what we do, consider backing a couple of nerds over at…/02/episode-353-with-john-klima/

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In episode 353 of the Functional Nerds Podcast, Patrick Hester and John Anealio welcome back an old friend – John Klima! About John Klima: John is an American librarian, writer, and anthology…

Did you go see Annihilation yet? You should. It's incredible. We're so very happy for Jeff VanderMeer--one of our favorite authors (and former contributor)--to see his work translated to the big screen.

Have you read Annihilation yet? Go do that right away, too! And once you're done with both of those things, grab a copy of The Best of Electric Velocipede for more weird fiction goodness!…/item/7650871/10098125.htm

The Best of Electric Velocipede showcases a breathtaking thirty-four pieces of high quality work published during its run. If you’ve never read the magazine, you’re in for a treat. If you’re already a fan, you’ll find all your favorites and a lot of great writing that deserves a second look....

This is a great exchange on Twitter about imposter syndrome. Relevant for you writers/artists out there.

I struggled with this every time we put an issue of EV together. It can get overwhelming but you just need to keep going. Also know that it’s ok to take a break now and again.

“Me, talking a writer down from imposter syndrome: How long have you been writing? Them: Three years. Me: And how old are you? Them: 28. Me: Okay. So you're a level 28 human and a level 3 writer. How good were you as a level 3 human? Them: Ooooooooh.”

Know a great aliens among us story (maybe even one you wrote)? Neil Clarke is looking for reprints!

Not One of Us – Call for submissions 01/15/201801/15/2018 I’m currently working on NOT ONE OF US, a reprint anthology focusing on the theme of aliens on Earth. I would like to see stories about alien invaders, refugees, colonists, observers, and more. Publisher: Night Shade BooksFormats: Ebook, ...

Write horror? Get cracking!

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Jeanne Cavelos to Horror Writers Association

George R. R. Martin has established a FULL SCHOLARSHIP (full tuition & housing) at the Odyssey Writing Workshop for a HORROR WRITER! If you've been wanting to ...attend Odyssey but unable for financial reasons, here's your chance. You could be the first receipient of George Martin's Miskatonic Scholarship! And we've got great guest lecturers like Gary A. Braunbeck and Liz Hand. Deadline for early action applications is 1/31. Check out all the details here: #amwritinghorror #writingworkshop

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This is so exciting! Contributor and former staffer Rich Larson has a collection coming out next year! We knew him when he was just a sparkle in science fiction’s eye! We couldn’t be prouder of him!

Rich Larson has been called "one of the best new writers to enter science fiction in more than a decade" by no less than Gardner Dozois (who knows from quality genre short fiction). Larson's stories have been published far and wide in the field, from Asimov's to Clarkesworld to Strange Horizons; he

Via Jaym Gates, this incredible thread from Seanan McGuire. There are so many pieces of this thread that speak to how we feel about genre, about how we want people to discover genre.

It isn't about forcing particular writers on people or creating a checklist of who they should be reading. And it certainly isn't about making people feel bad about what they are reading and enjoying.

They're reading. They're liking what they're reading. Why would you make them want to stop? Mayb...e people just aren't very good librarians and don't know how to recommend books. Your favorite are personal and important to you; that might not be true for others.

To quote Seanan:

"Do you want people to care about the genre? Then you hand them books that let them see themselves as part of that genre, treasured and wanted and having adventures. You make them WELCOME."

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“As a community, SF fandom seems to be terrified that if we don't sit every spaceship or dragon-enthralled child down with Asimov and Heinlein and Tolkien, they will all instantly go out of print and be forgotten forever.”

Bradley P. Beaulieu is a talented writer. Worldbuilders is running a number of interesting eBay items featuring Brad at the moment including having him do a editorial revision of your manuscript. There was also the chance to appear in one of Brad’s novels. We think this is pretty cool and innovative. Check it out!

Brad will draft a formal review that will cover such things as how well the story opens, complicates, and closes, how well the characterization works, dialogue, tone, pacing, tension, and a host of other issues. | eBay!

Writing the next great novel? Is it on this list? Maybe you should rethink it then. Finish the novel. Always finish what you start. But then move on to your next idea.…

Looking for inspiration? Don’t go with any of these

We wanted to share a great deal on a wonderful collection from a talented author.

$1.99 today only: Karen Joy Fowler's World Fantasy Award winning collection What I Didn’t See and Other Stories

We’re delighted and intrigued to note that among the wealth of new releases today there’s a new title by perennial Weightless bestseller Ginn Hale, The Long Past, and to celebrate the new book, Ginn is interviewed by Judith of Binge on Books on USA Today’s Happy Ever After: Judith: Ginn, congratulat...

We would suspect anyone following this page would also be following Clarkesworld but in case you missed this, they are actively asking for submissions.

Clarkesworld's inventory is a bit on the low side at the moment. If you write SF/F short stories, now would be a good time to send us something. Guidelines:

Subscribe to Clarkesworld and never miss an issue of our World Fantasy and Hugo Award-Winning Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine. This page: Submission Guidelines