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EP is screening in Houston, TX. Come join us to watch the film and meet the Director.

Fri 8:00 PM CDTBrasil HoustonHouston, TX
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Electric Purgatory is a documentary that examines the struggles of black rock musicians and the industry's ambivalence towards them. Director Raymond Gayle spent the better part of a year traveling around the United States interviewing many of Black Rock's elite including Fishbone, Vernon Reid, Ad.....
Hey Everyone! Yes, I know it's been a long time. A lot of things have been going on...some very good, like the book cover you see within this post, and some not-so good, which I'll get to in a minute....
This very special episode we have Ray Gayle raconteur of the film Eclectic Purgatory. Dave talks to Ray about the state of black musicians/rock bands and how it hurts the music and the fans. If you can email us and tell us the number of times Dave says boner we will have a fabulous prize for you. ...
What's happening, good people? You're in the mix with Mr. Chris as I bring you another slammin' episode of The Soul Brother Show from my new home right here at! In the house we feature an in depth interview with Raymond Gayle, director of the critically acclaimed documentary E...
With the electrifying performance of the legendary band Fishbone in the opening scene of this fascinating documentary, director Raymond Gayle effectively establishes and proves his point:…
While countless theatrical projects find themselves birthed at film festivals and carried by unwavering support to neighborhood theaters, black independent films are still lagging behind.

This looks like a winner. Please support this brother!!

You've just arrived home after a bad day...Scratch that...You've just arrived home after a bad month You're broke, despite being too busy to shower most mornings. You're lonely, even though you live in the biggest city in America. Generally speaking ...
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Music, as one of our most cherished art forms, is also one of the most potent weapons to address how much of African-American racial identity is based on fear and how said fear limits our perspective on ourselves and our abilities. As I have state...

Greetings Electric Purgatory Family,
I'll be part of the SWAMP Business of Film Conference on September 11. (Distribution and the Independent Filmmaker Panel -4:00pm) Please come out and support indie film!


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Be sure to catch Electric Purgatory on Ovation TV starting May 31!!!


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FREE Electric Purgatory Screening @ Pearl of Africa in Philadelphia!

FREE Electric Purgatory Screening in Philadelphia - Pearl of Africa contact Raymond Gayle at 15-May-10 7:00 PM, sponsored by The'one Sun'lion Ra calendar event on Electric Purgatory