Refreshing reminder why we should keep, and print, more photos.

We take photography for granted now. We snap away on our cellphones and sort through them by the dozens, deleting the ones that aren’t worthy of a 16×9 canvas. We filter, crop, and manipulate,…
Just one more wave... by Elmo Ensio

Once upon a time on a mail boat in British Columbia.

I spent a rainy day on a mail boat Lady Rose, going from Port Alberni to Ucluelet, photographing everything we passed.

Two years and one month ago I made this photo in Canada. Time goes so fast.

Autumn rust and log cabin foundation somewhere in British Columbia.

Which way is the milky way?

My first attempt at silhouette with a torch pointing at the milky way.

This photo I wanted to post for a long time but didn't quite manage to decide which edit looks the best.

Early morning mist while searching for black bears with Jamie's tour in Tofino, BC.

A pretty nice view of the city from the restaurant near Tokyo Skytree.

View from the restaurant near Tokyo Skytree
Autumn night by the lake by Elmo Ensio

Aurora Borealis Halsuanjärvi 3/3

My second attempt in photographing Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis Halsuanjärvi 2/3

My second attempt in photographing Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis Halsuanjärvi 1/3

My second attempt in photographing Aurora Borealis.
Users of the (recently rebranded) photo sharing site 500px, are gathering to protest that Chinese now have access to all of their photos on 500px in seems to be a 500px sister site. 500px user Anne Sorbes came out with an angry post titled “Publication without authorisation” to the community forums…

Japanese cuisine

Japanese meal made on a fantastic home cooking class during my visit in Tokyo.

Tropical storm in Havana, Cuba.

Stormy day in Havana, waves breaking on the main road El Malecon.

More Icelandic landscape

Borgarnes, Iceland.

Birds eye view of Iceland, approximately at 64°01'22.6"N 21°29'56.4"W

Aerial view of the Nyrðri-Eldborg Crater in Iceland, near Hwy 39.

My one hit wonder rolls further... This time featured in 500px collection of sleepy animals.

If you don't already need a nap, these 30 photos of animals passed out (or on the brink) are sure to get you yawning.