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Do you need some guidance and information about government health insurance? The whole process can be very confusing, and when you’re an over 55 adult as our rental residents are, you need some clarity.
Stay healthy and informed as you age.
One good thing to do is to find a gove

The Oscar Nominations are out, who do you think deserves to win?

Last time on this blog for over 55 adults, we talked about bowling nearby our Freehold NJ rental community. This time I’m going to talk about a type of bowling you can do without leaving your independent living home.
Video game bowling is something many seniors are doing across

Find out what the best time is to buy that expensive item you've been wanting for a while!

Bowling is something seniors (and our over 55 residents) can do, even if it’s been a while since you bowled. It’s a great way to incorporate more exercise and fun into your day.
People who are 70 and 80 years old enjoy bowling often, and the oldest bowler passed away at 105, acco
Heart health is important, especially as you age. The following are some tips that might help you out. Of course, you should always ask your doctor about any health matters.
Keep your heart healthy!

Know your numbers. Know what is normal.
Start exercising weekly.
Laugh more.
Most older adults eat too much salt. Here at our over 55 community, we regularly talk about health topics for seniors. So if limiting salt is a good

What's one kitchen appliance you can't live without?

Residents, what would you like to see this year at Elton Corner?

Documentaries are great things to watch to keep your brain working–something that is especially important for older adults i.e. our over 55 residents.
If you want to know how to watch a great documentary series, American Masters on PBS is always worth watching. Watch the video be
A respected Internet research research center, Pew Internet, released its 2010 Generations report. This should be of interest to our older adult over 55 residents.
The following are statistics that you might enjoy knowing. They use this classification: older boomers, ages 56-64;

Happy New Year to our residents at Elton Corner! Have you made any resolutions for 2011?

Beginning in 2012, meat packages will be required to have two new pieces of information so that consumers can choose better, healthier options for themselves and their families.
Changes are coming to the way meat is packaged.
These two items are the following:

other he
Elton Corner at Heritage Village wishes its over 55 community residents a happy new year!!
Do you enjoy fireworks?
Hope you have a great New Years Eve and New Years Day…
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Older adults who want to lead healthier lives should consider taking naps.

Do you take a nap during the day?
Napping makes you more relaxed, reduces fatigue, increases alertness and improves your overall daily performance.
Not everyone should nap. Some people can’t overcome the