THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN. Check out their new projects this Thursday night at The Burlington Bar! $5, which basically means free.

Thu 9:00 PM CST
39 people went

Your girls have been busy. Check out Maggie and Emily's latest project, Celine NEON! Debut single "CYCLE" drops 1.20.14!

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Celine Neon is with Emily Nejad and Maggie Kubley.

Hello, world.

(Photo by Scott Thompson)
(Makeup by Yinka Francois)
(Hair by Megan Piironen)...
(Style by Nedda Mostafa)

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The Embraceables updated their cover photo.
May 23, 2013
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We wanted to get our darling Dan something *really* sexy for his birthday- since we all know how much he loves the ladies, we settled on a brand new FEMME SET from The Embraceables! Tomorrow night, Emily & Maggie will be joined on the drums by Les Soubrettes's Erica Jaree Verbarg. Are you sweating yet? You will be.

Fri 9:00 PM CDTUnderground Wonder BarChicago, IL
50 people went

There's nothing sexier than a SOLD OUT show. Thanks to Hideout for having us and to all you little angel babies for coming out!

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HAPPY MONDAY!!! In honor of our show at The Hideout this Friday we have been featured on Chicago Mixtape!!! Check it out! Download it! Put it on the "Super Sexy Six Month Anniversary Mix" you're currently making for your boyfriend. HE'S GONNA LOVE IT.

Listen To Mixtape116 Now: Cover Art: CASEY MEEHAN (cover art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity) Band: Paul Leonard - Song: Oceans Wide Sho

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BREAKING NEWS, guys. We play Hideout Inn on May 3rd. That means you have 10 days to buy your tickets, find a date, & budget enough $$ to buy PBR's so that you and your beloved can do the no-pants-dance after the show. It's human nature- just let it happen.

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Emily Nejad

What's that, evil raccoon guy?! The show is only 10 days away?!?! You're right- this IS excellent news.

Guys, we have something embarrassing to admit - we only have 8 followers on Sound Cloud. HELP US OUT BEFORE ALL THE OTHER BANDS START MAKING FUN OF US.

Soulful pop that turns fans into addicts with catchy melodies, juicy harmonies, and volcanic stage presence.


The Embraceables updated their cover photo.
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We're playing a drinking game with the Double Door pics we just posted. Every time Maggie is pictured viciously tossing her hair, take a shot. Every time you see Emily's belly button, take a shot.

(We're wasted.)

A big smooch to C.B. Lindsey for these sexy shots from our Double Door show last Friday!

The Embraceables at the Double Door on March 29, 2013
The Embraceables updated their cover photo.
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