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Mountain House products are long-time favorites of backpackers & campers.

Lightweight, easy-to-prepare, and incredibly delicious, Mountain House freeze-dried meals are famous for food storage, outdoors, and quick meals on the go.

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Mountain House products are long-time favorites of backpackers, campers, and the preparedness-minded. Delicious just-add-water entrees and ingredients packed for your long-term food storage. Don’t miss the opportunity to stock up now on Mountain House quality products through our exclusive Emergen...

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Freeze Dried 6 Serving Shredded Cheddar Cheese Pouch

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Rose D.: We have a cabin in the woods with no electricity. We use ice chests for refrigeration. This cheese is great as we do not have to keep it cool until the container is opened. I hardly recommend it.
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Isaac Olagunju
· November 6, 2017
Great products but definitely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. If I can give zero star that's what I would give their customer service because they honestly don't care. They have be...en deceptive and telling stories about orders that we placed and it's so frustrating because nobody seems to care. I am definitely not going to make the mistake to order from their site again. See More
Tommy Davis
· January 21, 2018
I have been ordering supplies from emergency essentials for a few years now. They are always quick with shipping and we use many of the intended in our daily cooking because they are delicious and mak...e meal prep easier. I absolutely love emergency essentials. See More
Laura Douglas
· September 29, 2017
Actually, I would give it 0 stars if it were possible. This does not relate so much to their products as to the company, itself. I have purchased a large-ish quantity of their products over the past 3... years or so and recently encountered a packaging problem with one of their products. I ordered a bucket of pouches of the mixed meats and also a set of single pouches for tasting purposes. When I opened the box of samples, the main seam running the back of each pouch was completely open on one of them - the sausage crumbles. I would have thought this was a fluke until I received a phone call from the friend who had originally referred me to Emergency Essentials. She had had the exact same problem. The woman in customer service she spoke to was rude and treated her as if she were lying and trying to get something for free. The woman’s name is Julianna Richardson.

As the owner of a manufacturing company, I am always anxious to know about any problems with our products our customer encounter. I called and thought to speak to customer service and see if I had the same experience, but even after multiple calls I could never get through.

So, I called once more, this time choosing the Corporate option. I got a receptionist and asked if I could speak to someone in Quality Control as I needed to report a manufacturing or packaging problem (not knowing if EE makes their own pouches or has them provided to them). She said I needed to talk to Customer Service. I told her I had tried but could not get through. Her excuse was that they were so busy because it was the end of the month and people wanted to get their orders in before then. (?!?) I explained that, as a business owner of a manufacturing company, I was aware that CS in most companies would not know what to do with the situation I was trying to report as I wasn’t looking for a replacement of one pouch, but simply to report a serious problem.

She said she could not handle that and that they had no such person in QC. I asked to speak to a manager or the owner. Her reply was that I had to speak to CS, whom I knew to be unavailable. (Could they have received so many requests for replacements that they simply took the phone off the hook?)

Finally, I got transferred to CS, and, as expected, was taken directly to voicemail.

Sufficiently angry by this time, I went on their site and wrote a review on the Sausage Crumbles page, telling this story. Oh, you won’t see it. Unlike sites that are willing to let dissatisfied customers air their perspective. EE has not allowed my review on the site as of yet.

If anyone here has purchased buckets that include the Sausage Crumble, be sure to check if any of the pouches have the same problem. Also be sure to post if there are any other products with the same problem.

Yes, I did take a picture of the back of the pouch where the vertical seam is, but there was no where I could upload it either to them or to any of the sites on which I posted this review/comment.
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Patricia Gray Grupe
· December 21, 2017
I have had two cans of Honey Cornbread Muffin Mix go bad. The cans have blown out. Sent two emails to Emergency Essentials for a refund or replacement. This was in November of 2017. I still have n...ot heard from them. See More
Susan Prentice Hallett
· October 22, 2017
I have not ordered from this Company. In 10 + years ALL their freezed dried products ARE GMO franken food laced pesticides. The meats are from unhealthy animal abuse systems.
There's new healthy orga...nic sustainable Company's to order from. See More
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