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Anyone here wish they had stored some water or other preps for the power outages that hit the northeast during the recent snowstorms?

Being on a property with a well, no power means no running water. Having water stored in WaterBricks along with a Berkey Water Filter meant that I was good for water for a long time. I could even pour the stored water down the toilet to flush. What did you experience?

Emergency water - Whether you want water storage containers, pre-packaged emergency drinking water or emergency water filters for on the go use, we've got you covered at

Get off the internet and start prepping. Why? Things are more risky and crazy than ever.

The Health Ranger explains why he's spending less time online and more time in preparedness activities to get ready for the "peak insanity" that's about to u...

Judging from sales, it seems that many people have stopped preparing. Take a look around and seriously ask: Does the world really seem any more safe or sane to you?

Here's a great Prepper and survival skill checklist.

What prepper and survival skill do you need to survival the coming economic collapse? This detailed article tells you what you need to know.

Winter Wise Food Sale - Now through the end of the month! 20% OFF!

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Wise Food Storage - We offer all of the Wise Food product line in order to help you prepare for any emergencies! You will love the feeling of knowing you and your family are safe!

An interview with James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog on how to survive a nuclear war. Crazy concept, but there's some good information to know here:

So today I thought we’d do something a little different. Instead of talking about business or personal development, I thought we’d brighten up the mood, and talk about nuclear war. In the past year we’ve the US and NATO move massive amounts of military equipment towards the border of Russia, and in…

Bugging in versus bugging out? It may be much smarter to stay put than bugging out and becoming a fugitive. Nice article with some helpful tips.…/14-things-to-consider-when…/

Preparedness Advice Blog - Information on all aspects of emergency preparedness and food storage.

Pretty cool trick. Do you have any fire starting tips to share?

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Perfect Hack for Camping

By The King of Random

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Might be a good time to look at your stocks and 401K to see what risks you are taking in your investments. No one can ever be sure of the timing, but when it goes bust, it's gonna be bad. Get a safe and hold several months living expenses in physical cash. Consider gold and silver too.

The current bubble is just as insane as in 2008... except MUCH bigger.

The Big Short is based on Michael Lewis’ book which examines how such an extraordinary financial crisis gripped the world in 2008, and the handful of people who saw it coming.

Solid article about becoming a prepper.

When it comes to being a prepper, it is easy to throw your hands up in frustration and become overwhelmed. Here are 20 steps you can take now.

Question: Would you be interested in our hand pick selections of the best survival videos available on the web, nicely categorized for you? Post your thoughts below.

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In the words of my friend the survival mom, "Keep on Prepping".

Get your preps at:

Ten warning signs that an economic collapse may be just around the corner, and six steps you should take to safeguard yourself from the fallout.

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Wise Food Storage - We offer all of the Wise Food product line in order to help you prepare for any emergencies! You will love the feeling of knowing you and your family are safe!

Lets put our national debt in perspective...

A thousand seconds is about 16 minutes.
A million seconds is about 11 days.
A billion seconds is about 32 years....
And one trillion seconds is about 32,000 years.

Holy crap! A trillion is a lot.

And we have over 18 Trillion in debt as a nation. That's simply unsustainable from a purely mathematical perspective.

Economic collapse is one of my biggest concerns.

What's yours? Comment below.

Need to get prepared?

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Hope this brings a few laughs for the weekend! Happy memorial day everyone!