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I wanted to share my latest post on the Empire Building Network. It talks about all the money we are raising thanks to Empire Avenue and how you can be more successful on the site.

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On a day when I have written two really good blog posts, it slightly bums me out that blog are now worth less on Empire Avenue because some people were flooding them with autofeeds. Ah well, content is still valuable for its own sake.


Does the new 600 share limit make much difference on Empire Avenue?

Here's a time you might actually want to read some buy me ads on Empire Avenue and write your own too...

To encourage some interesting Buy Me ads, here's an interesting opportunity for you. The best Buy Me ad posted to this thread between now and midnight of August 31 will be reprinted and pinned as the first ad here for at least a week. Furthermore, I will buy 500 shares in the person writing the ad p...

Here is a great article on the Business2Community blog about why a site like Empire Avenue can be very valuable to businesses. Even if you aren't promoting a business, there are some interesting insights into the success of Empire Avenue. I particularly liked seeing the traffic & stickiness ranking. Empire Avenue does even better when you remember that those using the Facebook or mobile apps, don't show.

Social media websites are filled with communities and large numbers of people, and most businesses decide to strategically market to the largest websites

So, Empire Avenue added Foursquare and Instagram today. Remember, only your top 5 social networks on any given day count towards your dividends and market makers. So, for these services will only make a difference if you are more active on them than on other sites. What do you think?

So, what Empire Avenue upgrade are you watching for next (not including adding Foursquare)?

So, when I look at other people's profiles on Empire Avenue, I still see their today's action count along with the weekly action count. However, my profile is not showing the daily action count. Can others see it? Can you see your own daily action count?

The Social Stock Market: Grow your online social capital

So, on Empire Avenue profiles, there is a new tag cloud for interests. Are the size of each interest related to how much each person has said something or how much everyone has selected the interest? I don't remember talking about 'Day Tripping' much.

My favourite professional question of all time is, "What are you working on that you are excited about?" If you can't answer that question more times than not, it might be time to look for a new job.

So, how are you feeling about the changes to the Empire Avenue market makers and dividends for things like Twitter and Blogs? Did you have any concerns before these changes?

Empire Avenue tweeted today that they have new public profiles now. They look much cleaner. They also said "This is getting us ready for some very cool stuff coming soon " What do you think is coming? Do you think they desire to give people a landing page akin to but with social network scores?

So it seems to me that communities on Empire Avenue are definitely getting better. Are you finding this too? What do you think of the ongoing changes recently?

Woah! From EAv:

"For those who want to take a break from EAv but don't want to delete account, we now have a suspend account option. Your portfolio gets divested (at 50% eaves back to you - this is not meant to be used lightly, you will lose out) but you "delist" from EAv & get to keep your achievements, luxury items etc & whatever is in your bank!

Again, this is an alternative to "deleting" your account."

And we just hit 400 Likes here. Thanks to everyone that has supported this page about Empire Avenue. What additional content would you like to see? Cheers, Bill.

Do you think we should tell the Empire Avenue team that a CFO is generally more senior to a non-CEO President? Re: Index Rankings