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Chris Crockett Sr.
· October 20, 2017
I am so grateful for the staff staff that became my mentors. Because of the education they provided and my willingness to actually learn above and beyond I excelled and now have my own salon which I within 3 months of graduation. The staff are always there when you need them even after you are no longer a student. I also hire from the school because I believe in their education. See More
Beth Watters
· July 31, 2017

the first time i went in i got a facial, wash, blow dry, set, and makeup really cheap but also really well for my senior pictures. the girl who did it was phenomenal. her name was trish. ...

today, however, was not very great. i went in to have my hair washed, blow dried, and set. the guy up front (can't remember his name but he was bald and had a beard) talked me into a trim because i haven't done it in a while and he said it would only be a little bit. i was fine with a little bit. the stylist named karen, bless her, did not do a very good job. i have naturally curly hair and it takes a while usually to straighten my hair. after shampooing, she asked me if i wanted a trim and i said yes. she sectioned off my hair and started cutting the bottom layer. after she was done, she was like "by the way, i cut an inch off is that okay?" oh. my. god. i don't know what it's like in straight/wavy hair land but an inch off of curly hair= three when it dries. i was kind of shook that she took that much off. i didn't really know what to say. anyways, after that she blow dried my hair. that makes my hair wavy and frizzy. she didn't section it again and simply touched up the top layer. i didn't realize that the whole bottom layer of my hair was wavy frizzy until i left and was very disappointed in the fact that i had to touch it up after i left. the whole thing added up to be $9.

the reason i'm giving four stars is because i would definitely come here again and i'm not mad at karen i just think she didn't have much knowledge/experience with my unruly hair type. it's a good place don't get me wrong.

i would definitely give this place five stars if their stylists knew how to style all different hair types. great place nevertheless. :)
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Tori Barefoot
· August 19, 2016
I tried for 3 days to call this place to ask questions and set up an appointment for myself and my friend... I called the number provided by their website!
Upon arriving I explained I had tried to cal...l and was told "oh yeah I keep telling them to remove the number!" And was given a business card with a correct number on it.
My friend an I went in together, both for perms. One of us could go first while the other waited an hour. I opted to wait, she went first. We both presented pictures (the exact same picture!) Of what we wanted.
She went in an hour before me, they forgot a step in her perm process, rolled her hair without the prep stuff, the girl who did her hair kept just walking away. It took 4 hours to do her hair! I waited an hour to be seen, and was done before she was! (Her hair is maybe 3" longer than mine)
As stated above, I presented a picture of exactly what I wanted. A pretty curly perm. She mentioned that I wanted a wavy curl, to which I stated i wanted curls not waves. More ringlets less like a crimp.
I would first like to compliment the tech who assisted me and did my hair. She was awesome and had great service skills. She was great!
Now, at first, my hair looked so pretty, then within the hour my curls hair started falling out.. My hair looks like a frazzled dried out wavy mess!!
I have another appointment in sept for nail services.... hoping that goes better...
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Karla M Brown
· November 14, 2017
The worst school ever! Don’t waste your time or money!
Dale Frye
· February 3, 2017
Trying this natural thing for 2 years's a challenge. Got a blowout as a walk in client. Can't remember the young lady's name but...she was from NY, lives here now with her Grandmother, and alm...ost done with beauty school. Very professional, gentle (yep I am nappy) and polite. Did an awesome job!!! See More
Melissa Jones Hurley
· March 8, 2016
Had my hair colored and cut last week by stylist, Linnea Kerr, who did an absolutely wonderful job on my hair and I love it!! First time I had gone to Empire for services but I will certainly return!... Kudos and great work to the entire staff and Linnea at Empire Savannah!! ☺️❤️ See More
Janeia Lee
· June 25, 2014
I went there today and my daughter and I got was wash and blowout great service. I love the results, I have been natural for the last 4 years but my daughter has always been natural but it looks like ...we have perms. Carol Scalisi and Tuesday put in some work. Thank you and I do recommend them for future service. See More
Joseph Mac
· January 12, 2018
Sofa king sweet! Like Too Sweet🤘🏼I need to visit more often!
MnMs Nicholl
· December 9, 2016
I went there on Thursday, December 8th. I decided to get some pin curls hanging down. I normal keep my hair in up do's. But I'm loving this do and have gotten so many compliments on it. This was my ...first visit here and it won't be my last. Thanks India. See More
Candace Rae Guerrero
· February 19, 2015
PLEASE READ: This review is coming form a person who attended an actual University as a legal major, before finally deciding to follow my passion and create beauty. I researched Empire for years. I co...nstantly looked at the pages and read about their award winning education and how their school will put you way ahead of the game in the professional cosmetology world. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Go to the cheapest school you can find, and get your license. You will not learn anything more from here then you would have if you sat at home and watched youtube videos all day for free. The staff, "education", clocked hours, attendance policy, product knowledge, and in a lot of cases the facilities at these schools are not what you would expect, they are garbage for $20,000 per student. I am almost begging you to look at better options. You will hardly even learn the basics at this school, make working a part or full time job hell if doing it in conjunction, and end up with so much more debt then this "education" is worth. If I can save one person from going to this school, then this post was worth it. Zero stars. It makes me put at least 1. See More
Emily Curry
· January 23, 2017
I loved my experience today! Terri Lynn did an amazing job! I love my cut more and more as I continue about my day! I also love how involved the teacher was. Thank you Terri!
Coco Lott
· November 2, 2016
Ive been natural for four years and hated my hair. But after my blow out and my ends cut. I fell in love with my hair. Yes im nappy happy. Thank you Empire. I will see you again ���
Harold Johnson
· May 21, 2017
I don't do hair my daughter came out looking great. I love the service professional .Will come back. Camry Johnson-Dad.
Crishawna Dove
· February 26, 2016
Just got my hair done there about 30 minutes ago. I didnt have time to speak to who is in charge because I was running late for work. Look at my hair.
Gwen Hargrove
· August 11, 2015
I went there today my hair is gray and I messed it up. They gave me a great cut!!
Heidi Lee
· April 13, 2017
DON'T WASTE YOU'RE TIME!!! Go find yourself a nice Groupon online if you want a deal. Worst costumer service ever !!
Tracy Ramsey Dennis
· May 11, 2016
I saw Denisha today. She did a fabulous job! Cut & color! Everyone loves it! Thanks Denisha!
Cassie Barrett
· April 19, 2017
Was turned away for a cut because i had my 3 week old daugter who was asleep in her carseat.
Davida Ward
· September 3, 2015
They have the best blowout and manicure/pedicure in the universe!
Jazlynn LadyInkwell Montgomery
· August 31, 2015
Empire is one of the best cosmetology schools ever!!!
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