No better way to connect with your essential self than being in nature's temple...third eye to the ground... bowing deeply in humility to the grandness of God's creation. Feel so small in comparison to these giants, yet SO expansive when I contemplate that I am -we are - one with ALL that is. 🙌🙌🙌🙌@dandenongranges
If you experience Anxiety or Panic, this is for you... 💕 I truly believe all anxiety is a result of real or perceived disconnection with other people, our inner selves, Spirit and nature. Anxiety is essentially FEAR manifesting. To treat fear as a mental health condition is to suggest that being human is an illness!! If we simply held space for one another to be held compassionately, accepted for our shadows and our light, the Med and Pharma industries would not be capitalising on the millions of vulnerable people. We need to come back to the SOUL and acknowledge what is being contained in our deepest selves. Love and connection is the only real route to balance. Hope this clip helps shift a perspective. E R Y K A. S T A N T O N
I AM TOTALLY THRILLED that my ACADEMY OF SOUL students are just 1 week away from graduating as CERTIFIED CONSCIOUSNESS COACHES™.... They have all come so far...they have all EXPANDED+GROWN in incredible ways... and in doing so they have exceeded even their own expectations!! I sit here tonight listening to their assessment recordings and I'm fist pumping the air like a douche, talking to myself and clapping!!!! They have all TOTALLY SMASHED IT!!!! 💪💪✊️✊️🤘🤘🤘These SOUL BOSSES have ARRIVED!! Proud of their drive, passion and commitment to PURPOSE! I am SO SO HONOURED to have been part of their lives, their journey, their EXPANSION. What a BLESSING to know them all. Here's a lil momento... YOU ARE ALL PEOPLE WITH SOOOOOOO MUCH TO GIVE!!! KEEP BEAMING THAT INNER LIGHT SOUL BOSSES!! 💋😭😭😭 Feeling tots emots!! 😭😭😭💓💓💓💪 #nextbigthing #consciousnesscoach #soulboss #empowerment ✔️✔️✔️NEXT INTAKE AUG 2018 KEEP BEAMING E R Y K △ . S T △ N T O N

I know people have hurt you, left you feeling disappointed or even broken...I know life can be harsh at times and your past has made you want to shut down and stop feeling so damn much! I know that you may have even lost faith in yourself, in love, and life... but please don’t let other people’s hardness steal your softness... Dig deep into your soul and find the strength to rebel against being another victim of fear. Rebel against the games, refuse to shut down your heart. R...efuse to make love the enemy. Please promise me to not allow the wrong ones make you lose your faith in love. Refuse to believe you are unworthy.
Fiercely refuse to let the wrong ones change the goodness of your heart. No matter what may have happened in your life, never allow an experience to change the way you love... the way you express, the way you care. Do not allow the world to convince you that you’re unworthy. It’s up to the us to make the world a better place, to give people the love they’re not used to, to be a breath of fresh air in this often jaded world..Sometimes it may take others a while to catch up with us, and they may even push us away because they don’t know what to do with hearts like ours but that shouldn’t stop you from being who you are or changing the way you love.
The world needs more vulnerable souls and honest give what you wish to receive — it is in the giving after all that we find true matter what the outcome. Be true. Be you. Be love 🙌

E R Y K A. S T A N T O N
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