Thank you so much for stopping by my page today. My name is Jennifer Baird. I have a husband, two step-sons, two daughters, dogs, cats, fish and a hedgehog. It's a good thing I am a full time work at home mom. I wasn't always.

In 2002, I was a single mom and desperately searching for a way to supplement my income. Even with a full time job back then, I was unable to make ends meet. I found this team and company in a four month long online search and everything changed.... The freedom and choices that building a reliable residual income brings is worth working for and anyone can do it.

Most of the people I help are interested only in our superior, wholesale priced, wellness products. I am a shopping coach and also a business coach to those who want to pursue the business and participate in the revenue sharing program we offer every single member.

This company is a blessing to anyone who is into living longer, healthier, and safer, and enjoys getting more for less and anyone who is dreaming and setting goals but has no viable way to reach those goals yet.

Jennifer Baird
Mobile 3615374478

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Lewis Thomas
· April 17, 2017
I'm so grateful to be able to have come in contact with such a wonderful, professional, and inspiring woman. It's great to know that there are still people out there who allow their actions to match t...heir words. If you are thinking of doing business with Jennifer, it will be one of the best choices you could possibly make. I know it was for me! See More
Mary Birk
· April 18, 2017
I love working with this company and the incredible group of people I have met through it. The products are amazing and the company is so good to us. I really wish that I had found out about this comp...any sooner but better late than never. See More
Amy Kehren Kavanagh
· June 6, 2017
I am so glad to have the opportunity to hear about how to work from home and to benefit as a consumer in my everyday items. Jen is an amazing example in leadership.�
Ashley Bertholomey Sibley
· April 17, 2017
So thankful to have found you and the tribe of hard-working individuals! You are a great source of encouragement and wisdom. I only wish I had found you all sooner!
Amy Sullivan Honer
· April 17, 2017
I love working with this team of ladies and gents... Seriously awesome people - great company, great products, I couldn't imagine shopping elsewhere!
Marylou Loya
· April 18, 2017
Jen is great to work with! She definitely knows how to treat her customers as well as her builders.
Lisa Schafer
· April 17, 2017
Never thought I could love working so much! Amazing team! Thanks for all you do, Lady! ❤️👍❤️
This has to be my most favorite product !!!
We have a winner!! Crystal Hisoneandonly Everington !!
I know we can do it!!! We will cross the 2 billion annual sales marker in a few days. It just makes sense to shop wholesale. Thousands switch every month. I switched 15 years ago.