Have you ever made an assumption about something or someone based on just what you have seen? How often were you wrong? In this video from our Easter Sonrise service, Molly Steiner talks about Mary Magdalene's assumption about Jesus, and what we might miss if we don't dig deeper. Read John 20: 1-2, 13-14 for more.
Judas’ betrayal of Jesus ultimately led to his death, but there are many smaller ways we can betray Jesus, and we don’t always recognize them. In this message from the Easter SonRise service, Aidan Kester talks about the ways temptation can lead us away from Jesus, and how we can overcome those temptations. Read Matthew 26: 1-5, 14-25, 47-50, 27: 1-5 for more on Judas.
Get that wall up. #missiontrip2017

Epworth's Mission Team's largest fundraiser, our Yard Sale, Bake Sale, and Silent Auction, is this Saturday, from 8am-12:30pm. Come help us get to our goal for this year's trip, as we return to Winthrop, ME.

We need donations for our Bake Sale. Anything is welcome! Please add a note about ingredients, and if possible, package them for individual sale. Baked items can be dropped off at the same time as the Yard Sale items.

We are still taking donations of items to sell at the... Yard Sale. If you've got some items (still usable and sellable) you have been wanting to get rid of, now is the time! We will be open for collection on Thursday from 1-8pm, and Friday from 10am-8pm in the Catacombs next to the church. You can also email if you need any large items picked up.

Thank you for supporting our mission team!

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We kicked off our new sermon series “Making Sense of the Bible” with Rev. Kate Payton’s sermon “Jesus is the Definitive, Unmitigated Word of God”, available here if you missed it:

This series will be the theme of our small groups for the next few weeks. You can find out more about our small groups at

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