The Great Retreat will end on 1st April. I will continue living in my cabine, but I will go to the public as well.

I will discontinue this FB page. Please, refer to my website in English, Spanish and German.

As well, you may contact me by email, what ever concerns you have.



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Eremit Br. Markus
Public Figure

I do not have webcams installed. But here are two cams in my area.

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Air Zermatt

The helicopter of Air Zermatt delivers material, parcels and fire wood.

Air Zermatt bringt und holt Pakete, Ware oder Material. Im Herbst wird Brennholz in Big-Bags (Unterlast) geflogen. – Transportation by helicopter.

Have a look at some photos from all seasons.

Fotos von der Einsiedelei und Air Zermatt. Etymologie «Eremo». Photos of the hermitage and the Swiss Mountains. Fotos del ermitaño y del helicóptero.

As seriouse as the spiritual life is, one never forgets to joke and smile and laught.

Witze über Buddhismus, Christentum und Religionen; Witze über Mönche. Jokes about Buddhisme, Christianity and religion; jokes about monks. Chistes sobre Budismo, Cristianismo y religiones; chistes sobre monjes.

The library is no longer a place in a monastery, but it is one on the harddisk, on the internet or in the virtual cloud.

eremoSpace – the Library of Die Wolke des Nichtwissens. Lichtnahrung, Michael Werner. Cave in the Snow, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo. Shivapuri Baba.

A warm thank-you to all who do support and have supported me; may be with donations, with other gifts or with personal efforts.

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Dominus Providebit – God Will Provide

When God provides then he looks ahead. When he looks ahead he will know even before we know.

Trust in God has nothing to do with believe or hope, and never with blind trust. Trust bases on knowledge and experience. A clear understanding is needed.

The Great Retreat
The day is filled by meditation and spiritual exercises.

The Great Retreat is known in the Tibetan Buddhism. It lasts 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. During this time one lives cut off from the world.

Since the beginning of man’s existence man has been questing for the ultimate Truth and for the Absolute Reality – or in religious terms : for God.

There are two forms to approach God as a monk/nun: to live in a monastery or as a hermit; both have in common the separation of oneself from worldly life.

„Give me the Definition for God !“

Thus, my Hindu teacher challenged me.
(Learn the christian and the hindu definition.)

Moses at the burning brier. אהיה אשר אהיה I am, because I am. What does "God" mean? – «Shema Yisrael, Yahweh eloheinu Yahweh echad»

Who are YOU ?

You are the underlying Absolute Principle – the True Self.

You have got a body and a mind. These are three authorities: body, mind and YOU. Who are YOU? You are the underlying Absolute Principle. The Divine Self.

Yoga can be also understood as a mental exercise to become mentally silent, and this in return as a prerequisite to the union of God (enlightenment). This exercise is also called meditation.

Yoga is a state of awareness, aware of God. Yoga also means to put a stop to the thoughts (yogash chitta vrittii nirodha). To exercise yoga is called meditation.

Get a proper understanding of yoga. Yoga is not doing handstand and waggle with the feet!

In Switzerland exists a lot of yoga schools and yoga courses. What is yoga in daily life? Yoga of action and yoga of knowledge. Karma-Yoga and Jnaana-Yoga.

The difference between prayer, contemplation and meditation.
Practice meditation!

The difference between prayer, contemplation and meditation. During meditation one does not think. The Truth or God cannot be understood with the mind.

To Live Right Life.

On the way to God one has to become spiritually competent and to acquire divine virtues.

The Bhagavad Gita gives a list of 39 Divine Virtues one has to adapt for becoming God aware.