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Can I show you a strategy that can get you 30-50 qualified leads every month on auto pilot?


Marketing on Facebook is effective, but it require interrupt marketing. People go to Google to search for what they want to buy. Both are good for effective marketing but it depends on your offer.
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Can I show you a strategy that can get you 30-50 qualified leads every month on auto pilot?

Can I show you a strategy that can get you 30-50 qualified leads every month on auto pilot?

Every time you talk to a client you get better and better, the more you present the more you sell.

What you focus on the most becomes you reality.

If you want to be successful in business; you have to help people solve problems, and innovate with solutions.

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We have to remember to work on our business not in it!

We have to remember to work on our business not in it!

My prayer tonight is:

"Lord, I want more love, more power, more of yo in my life."

What's your prayer to the Lord tonight?

What’s the best type of product to market online?

What are people looking for RIGHT NOW?

What could you offer for sale that people would want to buy from you

How could you create something that is UNIQUE to YOU, that takes advantage of what you know to make something new and valuable for your online business?

Here are the 3 steps that you have to get right in order to launch your business. This is true for any type of company:

1. Find your big idea
2. Turn your idea into a product
3. Turn your product into a business

Check this out and let’s take them one at a time.

How To Find Your Big Idea

Each of us has business ideas. You have had many ideas for starting a business, just like I have. The problem is that it’s hard to tell if one of your ideas is THE idea.

It’s hard to tell if your idea is a BIG idea. One that will become a great product or service, that people will want to line up to pay you for.

I believe that each of us has a big idea inside of us. One that is a perfect match for your unique personality and talents.

Once you find your big idea, then it’s time to translate it into a product that you can sell online. It’s critical that you create a product that has a particular quality: It’s something that people are ALREADY LOOKING FOR RIGHT NOW.

There are people all over the world, who are online right now, looking for the product that you are going to create for them. If it was ready, and available, they would be buying it from you, right now.

Once you have a product, then you can launch your business. No product, no business. It’s basically that simple.

I can remember when I created my first online product. It was an eBook. After writing it, I had to figure out how to put it online, and sell it as a product. In the process of doing this, I had to learn everything from scratch.

I was nervous uploading the book for my first time, and I kept watching to see if I had made any sales. I can still remember the thrill of seeing my first sales!

It was a huge ah-ha moment for me, when I saw that people in different parts of the world were buying my product, sending me payment, and having it all work like a machine online.

But once I figured out how it all worked, I was able to create more products, and launch them in many different niches. I also taught a lot of others how to do it, all over the world.

This has resulted in millions of dollars in sales for my company, and a lot more for my students.

As I did this, I built a set of tools and systems, to translate the process that I use into a step by step system that others can use. It’s really possible (and pretty easy) to identify a niche where people are searching for products online, to create a product of your own, and then to market it and build your business.

If you want to learn how to do this, I’ve set up an offer where you can get five of my videos, which will walk you through how to do this, where I also share my story of how I did it.

I’ll take you behind the scenes, and show you not only how I do it, but also how it has impacted my life and my family.

In the first video, you’ll get a great exercise to walk you step by step through how to find your own big idea.

In the second video, you’ll go through an exercise to design your own - your VERY OWN product, that you can sell online (my favorite type of product, one you can create quickly and without a lot of money)

In the third video, you’ll get dozens of tips for launching and growing your business online.

In the fourth video, you’ll learn more secrets for targeting a profitable online niche.

In the fifth video, we’ll bring it all together and show you how to do this yourself… and how to actually take the next steps to make it happen.

This page explains everything, and gives you more tips for finding your big idea, turning it into a product, and building your business:

How To Find Your Big Idea

It also shows you how to get my videos, and the exercises that go with them.

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If you’ve always wanted to find your “big idea” and turn it into a profitable online business, this can be a game-changer…