If you've enjoyed Philosophy Bakes Bread, check out this chance to think deeply on a July canoe trip in Maine... #Nice

Overview Join Anthony Cashio and Eric Thomas Weber, the hosts of the Philosophy Bakes Bread radio show and podcast, on a four-day immersion trip canoeing on the Upper West Branch of the Penobscot River, around 100 miles North of Bangor, Maine. On this trip Anthony and Eric will lead discussions bas

One of the most brilliant philosophers I know, Dr. Bertha Alvarez Manninen, just published this powerful essay in Civil American. #Share

Our latest piece is by Dr. Bertha Alvarez Manninen, on dehumanization & how philosophy can "re-humanize."

| By Bertha Alvarez Manninen | Theodor Seuss Geisel, known simply as Dr. Seuss, remains one of the most widely beloved children’s authors of all time. Yet not many know that his contributions consi…
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Folks in or near Tacoma, WA, check out the South Puget Sound SOPHIA chapter meeting on March 5th @7pm on Disagreement & how to talk across divides. Info here:

In Tacoma, WA, on March 5th, head to the South Puget Sound SOPHIA Chapter's meeting on Disagreement: Strategies for Talking Across Divides at 7pm in Anderson U Ctr rm 213!

Disagreement: Strategies for Talking Across Divides How can we have productive discussions when there is disagreement? Can tools from philosophy help in these discussions? Are there strategies to u…

This has to be one of the most absurd impediments to smart leadership about guns in the US.

A 1996 bill has had a chilling effect on the CDC’s ability to research firearms.

Thanks for sharing, Shane, not that I'm happy to see this.

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Our reporter built an untraceable semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, and skirted gun control laws to do it. It wasn't very hard.

Am I understanding correctly that anyone with a credit card can order this Glock assembly kit over the internet? Says it's not technically a firearm because it takes an hour to assemble. I know teens with credit cards... What the hell?

While this is good, it's not nearly enough. How many kids have to die?

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he has directed his attorney general to propose changes that would ban bump fire stocks, which make it easier to fire rounds more quickly. The move adds his voice to a process that began in December, two months after a gunman used the device in a shooting....

CNN has taken up the story featuring my sister-in-law & father-in-law & a crazy medical bill. With more info:

Urine testing for patients with chronic pain has grown explosively, costing billions of dollars annually and raising concerns that some labs and doctors run tests needlessly or charge exorbitant rates.

On some lawmakers' logic, arming each person there would make the President safer... Still #heartbroken.

Speaks for itself.

Trump will speak at the NRA's leadership forum in Atlanta Friday.

One modest measure worth trying, among other measures, I'd say, from the National Review.

To understand the American gun-control debate, you have to understand the fundamentally different starting positions of the two sides. Among conservatives, there is the broad belief that the right …

Thanks, Melvin, for pointing out this beautiful review essay on the Black Panther film. The richness of perspectives in it is profound.

The first real criticisms of Black Panther emerged even before the opening weekend was completed.

Somehow I find this distributing as well as a good idea.

How "active shooter" drills became normal for a generation of American schoolchildren.

Black Panther was easily the best Marvel movie to date. Awesomely fun and powerful. With a villain who's neither one dimensional nor wrong about the problem he fought over. #Damn

Some explicit language, but a thoughtful veteran's blog post. The thing I think everyone forgets about the Second Amendment is the "well REGULATED MILITIA" part. It's supposed to establish the point and parameters of the right. It's time we make that part of what the right means.

America, can we talk? Let’s just cut the shit for once and actually talk about what’s going on without blustering and pretending we’re actually doing a good job at adulting as a country right now. …

Put the Philosophy back into the doctor of Philosophy... (Check it out, Dominique Weber)

Many doctoral curricula aim to produce narrowly focused researchers rather than critical thinkers. That can and must change, says Gundula Bosch.

In this final episode of 2017, Dr. Annie Davis Weber talks about Buddhism in our first ep recorded live on the air. Listen & #share!

The last ep of 2017 was our 1st recorded live on air, featuring Dr. Annie Davis Weber, on learning from Buddhism. Enjoy & #share!

In this fifty-ninth episode of the Philosophy Bakes Bread radio show and podcast, we interview Dr. Annie Davis Weber yet again, this time on the subject of “Finding Peace” with Buddhism…

Holy smokes, yall. This story is unvelievable, except that it's on NPR & my sister-in-law...

A few months after surgery for a painful spinal disc, a woman's doctor asked her for a sample of urine during a follow-up visit. The routine request turned into a financial nightmare.