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How I avoid carbs: I own a cat who steals my pita bread when I'm not looking. #Sammy #asshole #cats #carbs #nocarbs #blackcat
#AssholeCat is gaining wisdom. He has discovered how to turn on the faucet and now is testing his powers on the ultimate challenge... The front door. #Frankie #cat #TuxedoCats

This dress has YOUR name on it... As part of my continued efforts to destroy cancer, I’m giving away this dress, which I wore to the New York City premiere of “The Iceman.” Whomever donates the most money between RIGHT NOW and Wednesday, Feb 21 at midnight PST to the link below will receive this dress (size SM) as well as a care package of autographed pics and a few other fun items from my SWAG stash. If you have already donated, but haven’t won, I’ll ADD your donation this w...eek to your previous donation and count them as one. 🙂 I’ll also be posting this on my Instagram @ErinLCummings. Congrats to Eric Chan, whose $250 donation won last week’s Cancer Fighting Care Package! Make sure to comment below so I know to look for your donation. 🙂 #cancer #cancerresearch #theiceman #premiere #charity #5k #donate #towercancerresearchfoundation #cancerfreegeneration Tower Cancer Research Foundation (TCRF) Cancer Free Generation

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On Sunday. March 11, 2018, Tower Cancer Research Foundation's Cancer Free Generation and Magnolia Council unite to create the inaugural Power of Tower 5k Run/Walk through the beautiful UCLA campus and will raise funds for innovative cancer research and vital patient support programs.

This year, we honor the life of Cindy Harris. Cindy was a loving wife, wonderful mother of two girls, and devoted daughter, sister, aunt and friend who touched the lives of everyone who knew her. She passed away in March 2017, at the young age of 40, after a courageous six year battle with metastatic breast cancer.

Sun 9:00 AM PDTUCLALos Angeles, CA

Do you like this dress? It can be YOURS! After a year and a half of cancer treatment, I’m raising money for cancer research so that one day, NO ONE will have to endure this dreaded disease. From right NOW, until Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at MIDNIGHT PST (California time), whoever donates the most money to the link below will get a package from me, INCLUDING THIS DRESS that I wore to the premiere of the film I starred in with Richard Dreyfuss, “Madoff.” The dress has only b...een worn once and is a size small. You’ll also receive a hand-written, personalize note from me as well as some autographed prints from various projects I have done over the years, including Spartacus: Blood and Sand. If you donate, please comment below so I can give you a shout out on Facebook. I’ll also be posting this on my Instagram, @ErinLCummings. Good luck and THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME FIGHT CANCER! Every dollar counts toward saving lives. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Erin Cummings attending a health seminar with Cancer Free Generation.

Cannabis is now legal in California! What does mean for medicinal use moving forward? This coming Wednesday, January 31, I will be moderating a panel on "Alternative Therapies" for cancer treatment. We will be talking to Tracy Ryan, Founder of CannaKids, and Dr. Arash Asher, from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. We will be discussing other treatments to help mitigate the effects of cancer and cancer treatment. I invite anyone in LA who has cancer, loves someone with cancer or just wants to be more informed to join us on Wednesday night at 6:30pm at Tower Cancer Research Foundation, 8767 Wilshire Blvd #401, Beverly Hills. RSVP to (and comment here if you can make it as well!)

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Take a break from the negativity and give yourself the gift of watching this. I just did and my heart is fueled. It is just breathtaking and soul-stirring.

A magical human that I dearly love is going through a life changing experience today. Any prayers or thoughts of healing and love sent to "M" in Portland are greatly appreciated. ❤️

Brand new, semi-custom invitations from @leahemoss. So excited for her! Get some gorgeous wedding stationery that feels unique at 15% off through Wednesday 11/29 with promo code FIRSTYEAR.

Think health insurance is too expensive? Or that you don't need it?

I was the healthiest person I knew before I was randomly diagnosed with breast cancer. ONE of my SIX chemo treatments would have been more than $25,000 if I didn't have health insurance. That doesn't include the cost of a double mastectomy, two nights in the hospital, six weeks of daily radiation, countless prescription medications, oxygen therapy for radiation burns, etc. If you are no longer covered on you...r parents health insurance (over 25) or if you are not covered through your work (self-employed or part-time), please visit to learn about how affordable your options can be.


Please share this and tell your loved ones.

#GetCovered #OpenEnrollment #IAmACA #Healthcare2018 #Healthcare #Coverage2Care #WhatAreTheOdds

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How to get Healthcare for 2018! You still have time to sign up for health insurance, via 90% of the advertising budget for the #ACA was cut, ...

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and yes, I'm aware of breast cancer. 😏 Ever wonder, with all the charities, which one to donate to? Where your money will REALLY go?

I am proud and honored to support the work of my Oncologist, the woman who helped to save my life, Dr Sara Hurvitz. Her mentor, Dr Dennis Slamon, discovered HER2+ breast cancer, the kind I have, and his subsequent research and treatment are the reason I'm alive right now. I can think of fe...w better places to donate money for breast cancer research than directly to the researchers who continue to raise the bar for how this bitch of a disease is beaten.

My dear friend, one of my "Breasties," who has inspired me through many a turn in this journey, is raising $25,000 for Dr Hurvitz's research and YOU CAN HELP SAVE LIVES by making a donation to her fundraiser. Here's a link from my friend Kaye, who just had surgery and is selflessly spending her recovery raising money to help others:

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On November 30, 2016, my world was shattered. At 39, I was diagnosed with aggressive type of breast cancer. I had recently given birth to our beautiful son, Eli. Our older kids, Molly and Nate, were in second grade and kindergarten. I was terrified that I was going to die, leaving my best friend and...

Me too.

I was a senior in college and had come to LA for two weeks to sleep on my friend's floor and to see if there was any weight to a few slight promises I'd received on a previous trip.
One promise was from a background casting director who worked for Central Casting. I'd met him through a new friend in LA who was trying to help me get a foot in the door. "If you ever make it out to LA, give me a call and I'll help you get your SAG card." I knew people who had tried for y...

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Congratulations, guys!

You can still get health insurance through the ACA!
The 2018 ACA (Affordable Care) enrollment period has been shortened to November 1 - December 15, 2017. You're probably not seeing a lot of advertising about the enrollment window online or on TV.


Fortunately, your friends (like me) are posting this and using the word congratulations so it gets posted more frequently in Newsfeed by FB algorithms.

Please copy and paste (don't share) on your own timeline, if you want to help spread the word. (link to open enrollment registration in the comments below!)

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We lit the tower @AmericanaBrand PINK last week in honor of #BreastCancerAwareness Month! I was honored to stand beside my friend and former Astronaut Wife, Odette Annable, whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and is now cancer free, thanks to early detection and successful treatment. Caruso generously donated $10,000 to the @AmericanCancerSociety in our names in honor of Odette's mother and me, for my ongoing fight against breast cancer. Thank you @AmericanaBrand and @AmericanCancerSociety for the awareness and dedication. 🎀
#breastcancer #pinktober #october #caruso

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To my friends, family and the many, many supporters who have known my passion for Mittens for Detroit, the non-profit I started many years ago... The time has come for me to say goodbye. Please read and feel free to forward....

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A personal letter from Mittens for Detroit Founder,
Erin Cummings:

To the friends and supporters of Mittens for Detroit,


It is with great honor that I have served this community for the past seven years. As with so many beautiful chapters of life, it is time for me to turn the page. I leave you with this gift, which I believe has the strength to survive beyond my leadership and to grow in new, exciting ways that my involvement may hinder.

Starting Mittens for Detroit was something that came organically - a fruit that fell from a tree of kindness that I happened to pass during my time here. My life has changed in so many ways since counting and sorting a mountain of gloves, one by one, in my little studio apartment in Royal Oak. I am no longer living in Michigan or able to fly back once a month to hand deliver boxes to local stores, greeting managers, staff and donors. I am no longer able to make deliveries to the hand picked organizations that I came to know so well over the years, greeting the Executive Directors with a hug and personally handing out mittens and gloves to the people we all served.

My greatest moments of joy came from teaching a young child where the “thumb hole” was on their first pair of mittens. Or sitting down with a group of homeless veterans after helping them find a pair of warm gloves and hearing about their days of service to our country. Or looking deep into the eyes of another human being, not so different from me, and saying, with love and honesty, “I know it’s not much, but it will help you have a warmer winter.” I relished my time with the people we served. It was the fuel that lit my fire and it changed me in profound ways, for which I will forever be grateful.

As other events of my life have changed - career advances, getting married and facing off against cancer this past year – I’ve had to be honest with how much of myself I am able to dedicate to Mittens for Detroit. I know that I cannot be, at this point, what I once was for this organization and I feel confident that I am leaving it in the capable hands of our Board of Directors. I will always be a friend and fan of Mittens for Detroit and I hope that your support will continue in my absence.

I am incredibly proud of the wonderful things that we have all achieved together. We have built a community of people who were able to feel the power of altruism during the worst financial time in recent memory. We were able to bring awareness to some of the small, but mighty, non-profits in Detroit, who are often overlooked. We brought a warmer winter to many thousands of people. But inside of all of that giving, we brought a sense of joy and fun to a volunteer-driven community initiative. From our custom, Detroit-made red and white collection and delivery boxes to our drag queen Christmas cabaret show, “12 Drags of Christmas,” to our annual comedy show, “A Night of Giggles & Gloves,” and the whimsical “Mittens for Detroit Fine Jewelry Collection,” made just down the road in Troy, Michigan… we made giving back easy and fun.

I thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart, for making Detroit a second home for me. I thank you for donating your time, your mittens, your money and your kindness. I chose the name, “Mittens for Detroit” instead of “The Erin Cummings Mitten Foundation" because that’s what it’s about – the people of Detroit (and because the latter is such an eye-roller, right?). The PEOPLE have made this organization what it is. The volunteers who, right from the beginning, stepped up and helped because it was the right thing to do and because no one else was doing it. I thank you for allowing me to be your conduit of good. For trusting in me and allowing me to take on this responsibility. This is not the end of my time in Detroit. I have made too many friends and found too many family members here to say good-bye for good.

Finally, I leave you with one of my favorite poems, which I think is an excellent way of looking at how we can all find our place in the world of giving:

by: Martha Postlewaite

Do not try to save the whole world
or do anything grandiose.
Instead, create a clearing
in the dense forest of your life.
And wait there, patiently,
until the song that is yours, alone, to sing
falls into your open, cupped hands.
And you recognize and greet it.
Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world,
so worthy of rescue.

I would love to stay in touch. You can find me on Facebook as Erin Cummings or on Instagram and Twitter as @ErinLCummings. Signing off for the final time…

Warming hearts, two hands at a time,

Erin Cummings
Founder, Mittens for Detroit

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Thank you to everyone who came out to Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle last night to support Mittens for Detroit. The night was a great success and we look forward to many more laughs with you in the future!

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Giggles and Gloves 2017 - Fund raiser for Mittens for Detroit #MittensforDetroit, #GigglesAndGloves

To the other women out there who are celebrating the mothers who raised them,but quietly mourning that another year has passed without getting to celebrate being a mom themselves,I see you.I haven't talked much publicly about it,but the pain of not being a mom right now is heavy on my heart.Tom and I were trying to get pregnant when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.We were planning to surprise our parents with cheesy "#1 Grandma and Grandpa" coffee mugs at Christmas.We had ...names for a girl and a boy and even had picked out nicknames.We told our friend's children that they would have a new #squad member in a year or so.We went house hunting and decided which room would be the nursery at every open house.On Sept 7,I was told that I would go through chemo. My period would stop.It might or might not come back.I would have to wait two years before I could even start trying again.My fertility had already dropped significantly in the two years since freezing my eggs,so two years was another guaranteed drop in our chances.We did a round of embryo freezing,which resulted in only one embryo.It's a sliver of hope,but still disappointing.While I cannot imagine how difficult this journey would be if I had children and I'm thankful that I wasn't pregnant when I was diagnosed,this has been the most emotionally crippling aspect of my cancer journey.I have had breakdowns that have lasted for days after the joyous news that someone we know is pregnant.I have hated myself for the envy I've felt when watching people with their babies.I've cried at Disneyworld,the grocery store,the doctors office and everywhere in between at the sight of a child who looks like me or Tom.I know that it's still possible.The possibility is very small that it would happen naturally.We are lucky to have one embryo on ice and eight eggs that I was smart enough to freeze before Tom and I started dating.And yes, adoption is a beautiful thing.However,I will not allow people to make me feel guilty for wanting to have the very human experience of being pregnant and giving birth to a child.So Happy Mother's Day to everyone who has battled with infertility.I see you. #Frankie #Quattro #2019 #HappyMothersDay

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