Looking for something to do this evening? Here you go: an entertaining remix of history plays! Last show tonight ✌🏼

【Huayi 华艺节 2018】

“’Blood & Rose Ensemble’ perhaps remains one of the most fun and accessible adaptations of Shakespeare’s history plays to date. By spinning the...m into a farcical and almost parodic adaptation, it is also one of the most brutally honest in exposing the War of the Roses as a glorified family soap opera, yet still feels strangely relevant in today’s unreliability of truth ... “ - Bakchormeeboy

Thank you for the review of 'Blood & Rose Ensemble'! Last show tonight at 8pm!

Details 详情: 23–25.02.2018 | Esplanade Theatre Studio 滨海艺术中心小剧场 |…/h…/2018/blood-and-rose-ensemble…

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The Taiwanese theatre group ramp up the soap opera potential in Shakespeare through their farcical and madcap adaptation of the Bard’s history plays. Think it’s hard keeping up with th…

#mydurian What's your story, Jay Nesh Isuran? The Vasantham star tells us how he got to where he is today, reveals a side of him that many of his friends can’t accept, and how Esplanade gives artists opportunities.

This video is part of our series of stories featuring artists and other familiar faces, about their lives, the arts and Esplanade. Stay tuned for more!


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#mydurian What’s your story, Joanna Dong?
Intimate Friends x Iman’s League
Fall in love...with Christ Botti
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Gladine Tan
· January 21, 2018
There was no proper relay of information to patrons who were in attendance of the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra that there was a designated standing area in front of the stage, nor provision of a seate...d-only space for those who wished to remain seated throughout the entire performance due to choice or need (injury, physical disabilities, age, etc.). Sadly, several elderly patrons left after a few minutes when they realised the ushers were not going to do anything about the people blocking their view. Perhaps better crowd management and early announcements of the sitting/standing arrangements could have been made in advance, for patrons to make an informed decision on which tickets to purchase or to avoid the performance altogether. It was disappointing to hear Esplanade putting the disarray and overall messiness of hosting a high-energy performance down to the genre of music. As patrons, we could have made the performance more enjoyable for everyone else if only there was a bit more guidance from Esplanade. Needless to say, without Esplanade seeing the need to make amendments to how they have hosted this performance, I will be advising my peers to avoid similar future performances held here until the management commits to making an improvement. See More
Indu Bhaskara Panicker
· November 20, 2017
Extremely welcoming ambience with its truly classy milieu one would love to be there time and again...warm and cozy, neat and tidy, pomp and posh, with courteous and friendly people around, it's a place to hang out.... in total, it's an embodiment of affluence. Esplanade is an amazingly written architectural poetry, an extension of the calm and quiet singapore river in it's backdrop...... See More
Matt Masson
· December 8, 2017
It was my first time at Esplanade with my wife. We attended the Nutcracker ballet tonight and almost 100 people were prevented from entering for 2nd act for 10 minutes . There was only a short notice ...from bells ringing to doors being closed. No warning from door staff either as we were standing nearby. I felt sorry for the girl on crutches who had no time to get downstairs to the doors with only 3 minutes notice. See More
IamAida Lizisme
· October 1, 2017
Discovered the PIP's playbox which is free for kids. Love the concept with great short activity for kids. Nice open rooftop overlooking the landscape all around. The area is well maintained. The room is clean and fragrant. Keep up to cleanliness and thumbs up for the service! See More
May Yim Schooling
· August 31, 2017
It was my first visit to the Esplanade Concourse. Very good area for concerts. Big enough but cozy. Acoustics not bad but they should allow the concerts to be longer. We were just enjoying it and it to end!! Art and music should not have time constraints. It is to be enjoyed to the fullest. Encores are part of appreciation of the artists! See More
Soumita Bhattacharya
· November 20, 2017
I am a regular at Esplanade... Both for paid and free events. I have been to all the programme locations but the oudoor theatre remains my all time favourite, especially in the evening.

But yesterda...y, the festival corner crafts fair disappointed me... There was nothing except the banners about Indian fabrics. See More
Glynnis C. Casiño
· November 12, 2017
Esplanade is exceptional! Definitely a place for everyone - people from all walks of life are able to watch shows comfortably either in the Concert Hall or Theatre with no prescribed attire and (even if gala,according to the staff). See More
Fad Faddy Seah
· January 21, 2018
Spacious and great ambience but the air con was rather warm.
During intermission, the queue for the ladies was long, so was the Harry's snacks bar so there wasn't enough time to get both .
Either you... get to relief yourself but can't get drinks and snacks or you get drinks and snacks but not relief yourself. See More
Priya Aditya
· November 26, 2017
It’s a surreal world by itself , theatres by the Bay. Art works on the walls, art shops, free shows now and then, the Esplanade open air stage with cruises gliding in the serene Bay waters, Marina Bay... Sands and other beautiful buildings in the backdrop ... Sheer Romance. Blissful. See More
Geoff Black
· November 18, 2017
I travel to Singapore three times a year and always try and catch a concert. It is a spectacular building inside and out, with the main concert hall itself being a world class venue as you would expec...t in this country. I am often puzzled by the fact that the classical concerts are not always a sell-out, despite the Singapore symphony orchestra being of the highest quality. At least that means I can get tickets even if booked last minute, but they really deserve a 100% attendance. See More
Nancy Kwek
· November 6, 2017
It’s a place for strollers,joggers & visitors to relax while entertaining by the music or show.A place with variety interesting events that capture hearts of all aged
Zachia Low
· August 9, 2017
Was back at Esplanade Theatre yesterday for the Forbidden City musical and was pleasantly surprised by extra warmth and courteous disposition of the ushers, complete with cheerful smiles and hearty gr...eetings. An extra bonus to theatre goers on a long and tiring weekday. Dispersal after the musical was also smooth and and efficient. Also love the linkway with thematic videos and pictures. The entire experience was refreshing. See More
Mariana Paulus
· February 4, 2018
First time I was here, everyone looks so elegant and the atmosphere is one I could never forget..if I were asked about things I admire from this must have been the nice durian shape
Rosalind Sock Hoon Sim
· October 26, 2017
They used to have Oriental Hotel offering 2 pieces of dim sum and a hot drink at a reasonable price but now it is mainly alcohol and cold drinks at exorbitant prices. Venue is great but it needs to with reasonably priced services that meet the needs of the patrons. See More
Leong Ys
· August 28, 2017
A good place to hang out, as one looks over the bay to Marina Bay Sand's 3 Towers and the Flyer. In the night, there is the musical fountain as well, as light changes to mesmerize. It is relaxing, not... to say romantic. There is food, song, musical, lighting to suit each and everyone. See More
Phaik Ai Choo
· October 8, 2017
Thank you @EsplanadeSG for an amazing #Octoburst, the Sunday concert was such an inclusive event - it’s my 2-yr-old first experience of a concert hall - and what a majestic experience to start with! T...hank you!! See More
Binoy Varghese
· August 28, 2017
It's a excellent venue for concerts, sound and lighting are too good. The only flip being the foyer leg room are quite crunched. Last time I saw people weren't allowed midway to enter and exit but thi...s time looks these conditions have been relaxed and it was bit of inconvenience too. See More
Liza Rahmat
· November 26, 2017
It’s been a while since I attended a performance at Esplanade and it’s great to be back again to watch Ninagawa Macbeth. Have many fond memories of performances watched at this venue. Hope to attend m...any more in the future. See More
Fairool Zain
· September 13, 2017
Lunch at Chef Wan Kitchen was good having to experience dining overlooking the sea. The high ceilings of the restaurant makes it look large and spacious with its mixture of asian and middle eastern de...licacies for us to enjoy. A breezy walk viewing the Merlion is much to look forward to after a good meal. See More
Kai Xin Guo Elaine
· December 2, 2017
Nice ambience and the staff are very friendly and helpful, The stage is great and the space is spacious. Thanks for all the hard work

"Nowadays, women are encouraged to become strong and independent, and yet men in Chinese societies are still stuck in very traditional modes. This comes across very clearly in films, TV shows, popular culture, political culture...I want to make an impact on the audience’s subconscious. As an artist, I analyse the ailments of modernity." Edward Lam. Find out more about the director who seeks out old stories and retells them to shed light on how we live now – or how we might live otherwise.

非常林奕華 Edward Lam Dance Theatre's Why We Chat? plays at Esplanade Theatre from 1 – 4 Mar as part of Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts 华艺节.

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Calling all jazz cats! The Mosaic Jazz Fellows mentorship programme is back. Registration opens TODAY. Learn from established jazz musicians and music educators in Singapore, and gain some live performance experience as this mentorship ends with a gig at our month-long celebration of jazz, Jazz in July.

Mosaic Jazz Fellows audition: 18 Mar 2018, Sun, 12pm, LASALLE College of the Arts

Register by 14 Mar, Wed, 5pm:

... See More
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What does it mean to make the arts accessible? We chat with founder and director of UK's Include Arts, Kirsty Hoyle. With Singapore Repertory Theatre, we're happy to be taking this step towards making the arts in Singapore more inclusive. Catch the Relaxed Performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time on 8 Apr, Sun, 2pm.

#mydurian #esplanadesg #curiousincidentsg #theatre

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Guess who dropped by the Rehearsal Studio today? Misty Copeland (sort of)! She'll really be here in Mar for American Ballet Theatre's Swan Lake at Esplanade Theatre. In the meantime, we're giving away this Barbie Collector Pink Label Collection Misty Copeland to anyone who's got a ticket to ABT's Swan Lake with your best Swan Lake pose (or snap a photo of a swan). PM us with a photo of your tickets with your swan/swan pose by 25 Feb, Sun.

da:ns festival

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You're enjoying a live performance in the theatre and your little one seems to be too. But nope, kids will be kids. He starts fidgeting (hungry? Needs the loo?) and the fussing doesn't end there. Soon, you're kicking yourself for bringing him out at all. So, we're here to help with some tips to stay on top of things (as far as possible) so that all the drama stays where it belongs.

Esplanade Presents: PIP's Club

#mydurian #esplanadesg #playtime

Easy tricks to keep any unplanned drama at bay.

Chinese New Year is in full swing but the REAL feasting hasn't even started. Some things we're looking forward to starting this Fri (finally): a new theatre work that explores what it means to be Chinese by 实践剧场 The Theatre Practice; 盧廣仲 (Crowd Lu's) World Tour; Why We Chat? by 非常林奕華 Edward Lam Dance Theatre; an encounter with Einstein in our B2 carpark by Emergency Stairs; a dance-theatre work by T.H.E Dance Company x 九年剧场 Nine Years Theatre and the list goes on.

Check out the entire menu! It's ok, we let go once a year for Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts 华艺节.

#mydurian #esplanadesg #huayi2018

A fabulous feast for your senses awaits. Eat your fill in theatre, dance and music at Huayi 2018.

He planned to sign on with the Singapore navy but gave that up for theatre. Read about how Nelson Chia came to be the director he is today, leading 九年剧场 Nine Years Theatre in expanding, and experimenting with, the classics.

#mydurian #esplanadelearn #esplanadesg

Crossing languages and cultures to reinvent classics. By Corrie Tan

🐕狗(gou)ng xi fa cai everybody! These dogs were part of artist Chua Boon Kee's In the Affair of Cats & Dogs ... (2012), which was exhibited at our Concourse in commemoration of our 10th anniversary (6 years ago!). Have a fantastic new year 🍊🍊

#mydurian #esplanadesg #cny

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Catching a show? Here’s how NOT to impress your date (let us esplanade to you).

#mydurian #esplanadesg #valentinesday

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There was a time when Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was convinced that the book was "unfilmable and unstageable". Playwright Simon Stephens came along and proved otherwise. Here's what they both have to say about bringing Curious from page to stage. Stay tuned for more facts about the production!

#mydurian #esplanadesg #curiousincidentsg

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The arts can transform lives, sometimes in small but significant ways. Here's something special we did last year, titled Theatre for Dreams. It's a drama and movement programme that we brought to Singapore Boys Home with Oniatta Effendi. We saw how it helped participants gain confidence and open up to their families, and that means the world to us.

#mydurian #artsforchange #esplanadesg #communityengagement

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This is pretty fascinating. Watch to find out how and where Nils Frahm makes his music. He set up an analogue acoustic studio (with reverb chambers) and sometimes records in a well (not kidding). We're sharing this because you can catch this accomplished composer, producer and performer here at Esplanade Concert Hall on 18 May with music from his latest album All Melody. Tickets from $45 on sale today.…/mosaic-music-series/…/nils-frahm

Esplanade Pr...esents: Mosaic

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The Vinyl Factory

Nils Frahm has transformed an East Berlin broadcast centre into a stunning analogue studio.