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The first chapter of the beta version of Eternity Explained: Synopsis is now posted. I started on audio but ran into a technical difficulty, so it is not posted yet.

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Working on a synopsis of the entire series. Hope to have it ready in days, not weeks. In the meantime, consider reading Antony Flew's "There is a God."

1) Everything (micro to galactic) in the universe always interacts.
2) All spiritual/personal interactions are motivated by faith, hope, and love (positive or negative).
3) Positive FHL exist only in response to predictable, progressive, profitable patterns.
4) Only people can make personal patterns.
5) We want to live happy ever after....
6) Therefore, we need an infinite good person to make eternal patterns for us.
You know where I explain this:

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Sometimes this world feels so dark,

so stressful, so pointless, so hard,

constantly trapped in non-stop battle.


We long for something better.

We long for everything and everyone to be good.

Then we look up from the darkness.

We look above and beyond.

Where else is there to look?


Eternity! Infinite time. Endless ages.

A sun always on the rise, never falling into dark.

Fountain of youth. Tree of life. Immortality.

Ever feeling fresh in the glory of unending morning.

Heaven. Nirvana. Paradise. Valhalla. Promised land.

Swords into plowshares. Lions lay down with lambs.

Peace. Contentment. Safety.

We want it. We yearn for it.

More than mere gazing at the stars,

we want to live among the galaxies

and pick flowers on other worlds.

We want to be one with the universe

and the universe to be one, forever.


With bright dreams for tomorrow

we are stuck in the darkness of today.

Good vs evil. God vs devil.

Person against person. Nation against nation.

Life and death. Suffering and joy.

Confusion. Contradiction. Depression.


Why is it like this?

How did it get this way?

How do we escape?

Will it ever end?

These are big questions

demanding big answers.

It will take time and thought,

but they will be rewarded.

Climbing the mountain of perspective

we will gain the insight of ages.

Understanding the years

gives meaning and value to our days.


In our efforts to understand,

to be good people,

and to live good lives,

we suffer abuse.

We are hated by the hypocrites.

We are accused by the self-righteous.

On the pathway of life

we are tripped by hurtful obstacles.


We are not alone.

There is a solution bigger than our problems.

There is peace greater than all the pain.

There is a future brighter and more real than today.

So why lose with the losers?

Why die with the killers?

Eternity really does exist.

We live it or leave it by choice.

That makes it worthy of consideration

and reconsideration.

Because forever can be understood,

perfect peace can be experienced,

and infinite confidence can be tasted

starting here and now

and on through endless ages

by all who keep their eyes toward heaven

and their hearts warm

with faith, hope, and love.


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Did you know that everybody is spiritual, even atheists?
From Zero to Infinity is the first book in the Eternity Explained series. It is written especially for atheists, who tend to have objections to anything "spiritual." The language and presentation is easy and practical, not an abstract argument on logical grounds. In fact, the main part of the book does not even use "God." A side effect of this unique approach is that all religious believers who read the book will their foundation in ways they have never done before.
The book starts with a universal observation that leads to the heart of who we are as people--beings of faith, hope, and love. Every decision we make, from the mundane to the important, involves all three. They can be positive or negative, self or other centered, but all three are always involved. The book then explores the causes of these motivations and what we need to keep them going for a happy and healthy life.
In a nutshell, that is how the series begins. Take a look at it and I think you will find it personally insightful as well as something easy to share with a friend who is struggling.

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Introducing, a free, online book series that is a work in progress. The first book, From Zero to Infinity, is done, and the second book, Beautiful Patterns, is half done.
Recent devastating events such as hurricanes and earthquakes and a mass shooting have raised an extraordinary number of questions in mass and social media, and rightly so. Our hearts go out to all those affected. I am sure that all of us have tried to help the victims of evil to the ext...ent of our resources and opportunities.
I am releasing Eternity Explained now in beta form because it gets down to the root nature of evil, and its causes and its final solution. While we deal with its effects, it seems wise to also find out how to solve the problem of evil itself once and for all, on both the personal and global levels. This requires an understanding of true goodness and its methods in the long, painful history of evil.
There is no easy, simplistic answer, but there unmistakable patterns that build confidence and consistency.
I invite you to read, ask questions, and share your insights.

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